The Way I See It – USMNT, Stephen A. Smith, Deshaun Watson

The Way I See It - USMNT, Stephen A. Smith, Deshaun Watson

The Way I See It

In this The Way I See It, the USMNT advances in the World Cup, Deshaun Watson finally makes his debut for the Browns, Stephen A. Smith displays ignorance, and farewell to a radio legend.

USMNT “Advances”

Apparently, the U.S. men’s soccer team has done well enough during the World Cup to advance to the “Knockout Round”. I can only assume that’s it’s called the “Knockout Round” because the level of play is such that it knocks you senseless from boredom.

I don’t like soccer. It is nothing more than a gateway sport to socialism and a peace offering to feminists who think women make for good athletes. Newsflash: they don’t. The next time you hear a woman complain that female athletes get paid less than the real athletes, remind her of the reason why: women’s sports stink. The only thing they do better than their male counterparts is make the world’s most boring sport even more boring.

Two things I’d like to see regarding the World Cup. First: stop referring to the men’s national team as “USMNT”. It’s just the “national team”. When you need to refer to the taxi squad, then you can say USWNT. Second: eliminate the World Cup. As I said earlier, soccer is not a sport, there’s no need to have a special event every four years to reinforce the concept.

Finally, Deshaun Watson

After months of waiting, Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson will make his regular season debut. That’s right: after handing out the worst contract in the history of the NFL, the Browns finally will see a return on their investment.

Of course, the return comes with the team sitting at 4-7 and virtually no hope of getting to the playoffs. Which means that Watson is already shaping up to be a bad trade for the Browns. But fear not, Dawg Pound! Win or lose, at least Watson has a proven track record of knowing how to relieve stress that he’s willing to share with his new teammates.

Shut Up, Stephen A. Smith

ESPN is unwatchable, has been for several decades. Some people attribute that to the network’s leftist world view, but I don’t. ESPN is no more leftist than most TV networks. No, their problem is that they continue to employ horrendous analysts and commentators.

The worst of the bunch is probably Stephen A. Smith. While Smith seems to know the NBA beat, he knows next to anything about anything else. Combined with a loud personality and an insatiable need to come across as “street”, Smith is unwatchable. For example, watch this recent segment in which the ESPN crew debates the impact of Von Miller’s injury to the Bills. Both Keyshawn Johnson and Herman Edwards are trying to make a point or two, while Smith feels the need to scream over both of them, all the while doing his best “angry black man” routine.

ESPN should do the world a favor and just limit Smith to NBA coverage. And perhaps pay for Smith to get lessons on how to speak intelligibly.

RIP Pat From Moonachie

Not too many people have heard about Patrick Philbin, aka “Pat from Moonachie”. During the height of the Opie and Anthony radio show, Pat was a listener who began calling into the show. He slowly worked his way to making in-studio appearances. Always quick with a pun or self-deprecating quip, Pat was the rare case of a listener who was genuinely entertaining. Pat was also a “competitive eater” (which seems like an excuse for being fat) who placed second at the Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating contest in 2009.

But without a doubt, Pat might be best remembered for his role in the infamous “Baby Bird” incident, which included Joe Rogan and Bill Burr. Warning: this is graphically funny.

Only got to briefly meet Pat once during my time at SXM, but he certainly was one of the more entertaining “amateurs” from the golden age of O&A.

RIP Pat from Moonachie.

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