The Round Up – Passan Ratioed, New Lee Death Determined!

The Round Up

This Round Up brings you, ESPN MLB analyst Jeff Passan getting ratioed, a new Bruce Lee death theory, the New York Jets bench Zach Wilson, World Cup Soccer hate, Cristiano Ronaldo fired and much more!



‘He needs a reset’: Former BYU QB Zach Wilson benched, needs to get back to what made him successful in college (

Most NFL fans believe the New York Jets are quarterback killers, but do you really think the team will give up on Zach Wilson so soon? Come on, now!

This is his long-term gig to lose, and yes, he has “mucho” growing up to do. That’s what their head coach, Robert Saleh, is trying to instill here. Humility and shame will accelerate his growth process.

Wilson must become the team and locker room leader because he and the team will fail if he doesn’t. That simple.

Jets players deny ‘liking’ anti-Zach Wilson tweets (😳

“RUT ROH!” Shades of MSNBC race-hustling host Joy Ann Reid!

The truth is simple. These players got away with everything up through their college days. Now they don’t realize they’re under a microscope.

As for who is Joy Ann Reid? Reid is homophobic to the point she hates gays, and her own blog with her own words was the proof. She denies this, stating that hackers did it, despite the fact they didn’t hack her written work and change it. MSNBC said it would investigate. That was in 2018, and we’re still waiting for the results. They likely never did an investigation or buried it because hackers did not hack her.

Her denial is likely no different from these players. 🤣


Grant Wahl detained ahead of a World Cup match over a rainbow shirt (

People who have never traveled, including journalists, are clueless. It’s not our country. Period. Ironically, left-wing activists demand that the United States respect foreign laws and governments and stay out of other countries’ affairs. It’s not about disagreeing with what the protests are about.

They tell us to stay out of trying to bring democracy back into the fold while they do just that. In most cases, they play the victim by ignoring the country’s laws, but in this high-tech world, that’s not flying as well as it used to. It’s elitism. They know better or don’t care – see Brittney Greer!

Gotham FC fined over Kelley O’Hara signing announcement (

We assume sports executives to be the most skilled but sometimes stupid rules. Our two working-class owners worked on Wall Street, and the other served on boards with Ivy League intellectuals. The two of them will tell you there are just as many idiots on boards and in charge of sports organizations.

A stupid stunt backfired. In Indianapolis, stupid is Jim Irsay; here – well, honestly, who watches women’s soccer? Just kidding, people. 🤣 The person who gave approval is the stupid one. 🤦🏽‍♂️

Cristiano Ronaldo Suspended For Breaking Fan’s Phone… In April (

Let’s pretend we’re punishing a superstar who messed up. That’s the message being sent. For those unaware of corruption and sports: some of the world’s most corrupt organizations are in fútbol and amateur sports. See FIFA, the Olympic committee, and NCAA. The bribery and breaking of rules are off the charts!


Big Questions with Big John – Bob Zadek, Libertarian Host (

In this episode, Sports Grumblings’ founder, John T. Georgopoulos, welcomes back libertarian radio host Bob Zadek to discuss the liberty perspective on sports-related issues. It’s another must-listen-to episode!


49 years later, legendary Bruce Lee’s mysterious death may finally be solved (

Bruce Lee and what triggered his death are unknown. His death has sparked conspiracy theories and legitimate scientific explanations.

It’s educated guessing, but does this qualify as “clickbait” today? Perhaps, but reading and remembrance of greatness are always fun.

The Walking Dead Series Finale Review – A Bittersweet Ending Marks A New Beginning (GameSpot)

It’s impossible to predict what shows will become pop culture icons. Nobody ever thought zombies, vampires, the supernatural, etc., would dominate prime time.

With video games and books making them more popular and advances in CGI easier to adapt, they’ve become part of our culture.

How long does it take to binge-watch 176 episodes?

SCOTUS Justice Alito Drops Major Announcement After Leak Allegation Investigation (The Republic Brief)

Shades of SCOTUS Justice Brett Kavanaugh. We easily saw the lies in Brett Kavanaugh’s attempted lynching. The lies never stop from progressive, leftist, socialist, and authoritarian swine. It truly is that simple. 🤦🏽‍♂️

These leftists sow will see a SCOTUS Justice murdered by sending rabid sheep to their homes. What makes you think lying, already proven as part of their repertoire, won’t happen? Only a fool would think that!

CA Elementary School Hosts “After School Satan Club” (

Take a stand. All violent religions hate Christianity. Ironically, its own flock demands equality for all religions, but not Christianity.

Violence is essential to evil, and Satan is its embodiment. Clubs like this will probably give you your next “mass-school shooting” suspect. 🤦🏽‍♂️

We have someone fighting for our right to educate properly our children rather than indoctrinating them. School choice advocate Corey DeAngelis is making inroads!


‘Toxic Twitter’ activists ramp up pressure on brands after Trump account reinstated (Reuters)

As Twitter evolves, its advertisers will grow. Most conservatives know how “real life” works much better than most liberals. So, conservatives will probably buy more. Advertisers will return because there’s no loyalty among leftists. That they say they won’t buy a brand doesn’t mean they will.

Authoritarian leftists tried to cancel Rush Limbaugh but failed. He showed the con – a few individuals funded by leftist forces lead the hate against conservative businesses.

Twitter will survive this and thrive.

Twitter employees leave in droves after Elon Musk’s ‘hardcore’ ultimatum (

People who’ve built nothing, never been in upper management, or owned a business are clueless. There’s a business logic behind Elon Musk doing this. He’s getting rid of the dead weight by letting them decide to leave themselves. Offer them the severance package now, so they don’t thwart or create chaos down the road.

This isn’t rocket science, people. This is good business, and it’s why the sheep will always be… sheep!

Jeff Passan gets ratio’d for breaking trade news on his Instagram (

While we follow Jeff Passan, we don’t care for him. Truth is, he’s the epitome of a “pajama boy” whose ignorance of the natural world is clouded by those he surrounds himself with and a “want” to be liked.

That said, ignore the trolls, brother. If you don’t like Twitter, leave, but you will lose much of your value to ESPN. However, that move to grow your Instagram account is brilliant.

For the record, we see ESPN themselves putting a kibosh on his move to leave Twitter if that’s what he’s trying to do.

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