The Round Up – Layoffs at CNN, Political Consultant Swine, more

The Round Up

This Round Up brings us, Sean Payton and two teams, QB Chad Kelly thinks comeback, layoffs are coming to CNN and the Republican Party, and political consultants.


Report: Sean Payton eyeing 2 potential NFL head coach jobs (

This was always Sean Payton’s plan, and he won’t coach without an elite quarterback. He’s been in the league long enough to know even the best coach, regardless of what generation will fail to be consistent or a dynasty competing yearly without an elite QB.

As soon as Brees retired, he knew the New Orleans Saints would lose. Sure, Peyton has a ring, but is he that great? If not, why resign when your greatest challenge awaits? By quitting, he no longer risks a firing for a poor season – see the Saints today. He knew what was happening with this team now was inevitable, so he bailed by stating he was retiring.

Chad Kelly Makes Bold Claim About Starting QBs As He Eyes NFL Return (

The question is, “has he matured,” to the point he can handle the pressure of a return?

The talent is there, but his personality must turn people off. Combine that with his history, and that’s likely why he’s not in the NFL. Can he change for the better?


Phillies share notable Bryce Harper injury update (

We live in an era those in the past would say is run by magic. Technology is king because of advances that make a former career-ending surgery into a shortened process.

First, it was a career-ender, then a couple of years of recovery on average, then a year, and now it seems we’re hitting less than a year. This is reminiscent of an ACL tear in the shortened healing process.

Politically speaking, sadly, we’re becoming more and more authoritarian with a demand for “equity equality,” meaning there’s no meritocracy. Culture, gender, and skin color come first. Call it what you want but in every non-meritocracy scenario, technology, and medical advancements slow to a crawl. America’s becoming this world – there’s never an exception of mediocrity when meritocracy is taken away.

Blue Jays ace Alek Manoah accuses Yankees’ Gerrit Cole of being ‘worst cheater in history of MLB’ (Daily Mail Online)

You can’t argue what Aleke Manoah says when you look at Gerrit Cole’s career, but it doesn’t explain his outstanding 2022 season. These are the things that make you go, hmmm!

Maybe having to focus on his talent to elevate his skill set was more mental than physical. You do what they do long enough, and laziness and bad habits come into play. Was that it? Who knows, but 2023 will tell us more.


Big Questions with Big John – Bob Zadek, Libertarian Host (

In this episode, Sports Grumblings’ founder, John T. Georgopoulos, welcomes back libertarian radio host Bob Zadek to discuss the liberty perspective on sports-related issues. It’s another must-listen-to episode!


CNN’s pending layoffs, holes in primetime causing consternation under new CEO (Fox News)

To overcome its current stench, Chris Licht must remove all on-air personalities from its past. Then rebrand the network. We’d suggest going back to a style of campaign that highlights what put them on top – war coverage and then get back to that. Establish that, then get new personalities that are fresh unknown faces, not retreads.

Build and create what you once had because CNN made stars. Granted, once they went left, that star faded, but something can only reignite with a complete cleanse.

Will Bob Iger’s Return as Disney CEO Mean a Return to Family Content? (

So, the stock value for Disney went down approximately 36% this year! Look toward CEO Bob Chapek and his horrific “woke” decisions that weren’t even his! He caved to the “woke”; thus, his lack of spine and big-picture business acumen brought his reign to an end. 😳

It’s easy to understand why he they let him go. Lightyear should’ve been a massive hit, and it wasn’t because of him. The newly “woke” made it a controversial movie that didn’t even center on Buzz, the main character. Instead, it was a movie used to promote LGBTQ to a family audience, specifically their kids. We call that indoctrination. It failed, and to make it worse, Lightyear wasn’t a terrible movie, but it was done not to focus on Lightyear.

A decision of not acknowledging your company’s base and their want to see family value-themed movies is a career-ender. Forcing indoctrination will not work because we tell kids they must attend a school, not a movie. Chapek allowed an authoritarian movement supported by a corrupt government to end his career. It’s easy to see why Disney let the leftist swine go.


The GOP’s Political Consultant Problem (

Victoria Marshall nails it. Our resident Latino, the Brown Grumbler, sees these issues firsthand in California. The problem is that consultants continue to use “failed” strategies for one reason to maximize their profits.

No matter how bad it is, they will keep doing this, and it’s up to the candidates to go in a different direction. Political consultants are in bed with Republican Party leaders.

Our own Brown Grumbler states it’s blatant and affects every race at the city council, board of supervisors, and state races, so it’s ingrained in the Republican Party from top to bottom. The California Republican Party (CAGOP) is as corrupt as possible, and her points are why the GOP loses.

The GOP Needs a Florida Takeover › American Greatness (

This is well worth a read by every conservative in America fed up with the Republican Party. First, let’s start with the two worst culprits, Californian conservatives in District 23 and conservatives in Kentucky. You are ultimately responsible for this garbage by continually re-electing the two most corrupt Republicans in the nation. That’s where it starts and ends. We can be our own worst enemies, no different from Libertarians’ philosophizing from their toilet thrones as they attempt to preach their utopian fantasies. Until we get involved and hold our representatives accountable, we’re doomed.

That said, politics is about winning, and that’s the end goal. The article explains why we lose, and maybe those two constituent bases can read and learn. The Republican Party is becoming so corrupt that many believe we have no party. In contrast, the Libertarian Party is simply struggling to exist.

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