The Round Up: Watson Marriage Vows, Scorsese Elitism, Lying Tapper!

The Round Up

The Round Up talks Cowboys running backs and bad decisions, Tom Watson and his three-month marriage vows, Martin Scorsese and his elitism, Jake Tapper lying, and the Brooklyn Nets Kyrie Irving is still an antisemite plus more!


Tony Pollard makes a big statement that he should be Cowboys’ top running back (Yardbarker)

Talk about Ezekiel Elliott’s unearned money with a massive contract. These types of deals hurt any team’s ability to build depth. There’s a reason the running back position doesn’t carry as much value as it used to: the sophistication of offenses today. Still, their ability to play at such a high-level long term rarely happens.

Long-term deals for that position eventually come back and hurt the team. The problem for the Dallas Cowboys is that poor deals that hurt the team are the norm with an incompetent front office led by the owner’s son.

Primo Waived from Spurs for Allegedly Exposing Himself to Women, per Report (Sports Illustrated)

The most surprising here is how the leftist mainstream media ignored this story. We can see many ideas as a reason, but the question remains, why?

Josh Primo admits to showing his junk. He claims to be seeking help but deserves to lose his job. Yet, he addresses it and himself as a victim would,”… with previous trauma I suffered.” 🤦🏽‍♂️

We live in a new world where being a victim is foremost, regardless of if you’re part of the guilty party.

Bill Belichick Passes George Halas for No. 2 on All-Time Coaching Wins List (Sports Illustrated)

The actual issue with New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick is his losing record without Tom Brady. He is 72-82 without Brady (will change depending on when you read this).

How can he be the GOAT (greatest of all time) with that record? Suppose he wins a Super Bowl without Brady. In that case, that will resolve the issue, but getting there seems to be a near impossibility!

Tom Watson, 73, Is BACK On the Market After 3 Months Of Marriage (

Three months! WOW! We’re not sure what vows they took, but we’ve never heard of the “I take you as my wife until you get sick” vows. 🤦🏽‍♂️

Watson’s a beloved professional athlete but sounds like a heel of a husband.

NBA world reacts to puzzling Kyrie Irving decision (

Brooklyn Nets anti-Semite Kyrie Irving deserves his suspension. However, when this occurred, the Nets or NBA would not do anything. They felt cutting him off from the media would make this go away.

Obviously, it didn’t, and this controversy of hate and bigotry grew. This move was a basic preemptive move to keep Irving from doing pressers. If he doesn’t talk to the media, he won’t incriminate himself more with his antisemitism. 🤦🏽‍♂️


Fired Up: Conservative v. Libertarian, Mises Takeover (

The Conservative Latino, William Del Pilar, and our Libertarian founder, John T. Georgopoulos, discuss the differences between a conservative and a libertarian, the dysfunction of the Libertarian Party, the Mises Caucus takeover, and the Libertarian endorsement of a Republican Senate candidate in Arizona – Blake Masters.


Chris Wallace’s Ratings Plummet On CNN (

Who knew Chris Wallace was on the air? The last we saw, CNN+ never got off the ground, but it makes sense. They gave him an undeserved big fat contract, so they had to put him somewhere.

However, this was predictable – low ratings and driving down the time slot sound like the typical Wallace career numbers for any network he’s been at. This is beyond bad and merely validates Wallace is a man who got ahead because of daddy’s name (60 Minutes – Mike Wallace). 🤦🏽‍♂️

Netflix With Ads Launches November 3 with Limited Features And Missing Titles (GameSpot)

Streaming has brought back “commercials” because we don’t have the option to record and fast forward as TIVO once gave us. This is a natural move for Netflix.

However, streaming services like theirs wouldn’t have to go this route if they would create the programming, we want instead of being “woke” and giving us garbage. Why do you ask? Their numbers wouldn’t fall as they have the past few years because of “woke” programming.

Thus, they wouldn’t need to create additional revenue streams. This move seems like an eventual logical conclusion when it looks at and analyzes the competitive landscape.

Regardless, a few years ago, Netflix never considered this.

CNN’s Jake Tapper hit for wondering why there wasn’t a ‘national conversation’ on school closures (Fox News)

The problem here is Jake Tapper is lying, as usual. Tapper was part of the mainstream media that refused to discuss the school closures because he was on his knees for the Democrat party.

People forget he’s a former leftist operative. Now he purposely pretends to play dumb about it? He must truly believe most Americans are idiots. 🤦🏽‍♂️

Martin Scorsese Says Hollywood’s Obsession with Box Office Numbers Is “Repulsive” (GameSpot)

The problem with people like Martin Scorsese is he’s a hypocrite. You know, good and well, he would use his own movie numbers to increase his salary.

People who make it or are on top make stupid statements like this. Viewers wholly built Hollywood on revenue through a simple formula. The more viewers, the more revenue. 🤦🏽‍♂️

 His comments are repulsive because they’re elitist.

Ammar Campa-Najjar Violates Gift Limits, and Reporting Requirements Evidence Continues to Mount… (San Diego News Desk)

Ammar Campa-Najjar is desperately trying to salvage his political career. This is likely his last shot as a former “rising” star whose shine is now dull. It’s to the point he now blatantly lies to gain support.

He still can redeem himself and salvage his career. In California, anything is possible for a socialist-Democrat candidate.

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