Sports Grumblings: BIG JOHN IS BACK!

The prodigal son returns home!

  • Published on 2 years ago
Sports Grumblings  - "Big John" Georgopoulos

John T. Georgopoulos (aka “JTG”) is back with Sports Grumblings, about 10 years after selling all of the Sports Grumblings properties to me. For those who don’t know, my name is William Del Pilar, and I used to co-own with a former partner. KFFL no longer exists– we sold it– and USA Today killed it. Go figure. Maybe that’s one reason they’re struggling – terrible business decisions. That’s a story for another day. I went into politics and have lived in that corrupt-ego-driven world for years now. I did not quite do what I wanted, realizing sports and politics drove me. I always recognized the intersectionality (old definition) of sports and politics. However, my company was purely sports and fantasy sports, and I refused to combine the two with politics and sports. Yet, deep down, that was my love as an American citizen born and raised in Panama who understands how exceptional America is when compared to the rest of the world.

Frankly, KFFL owned the market. We provided player news and fantasy sports content to every major player, whether Yahoo! Sports, CBS Sports, FOX Sports, the NFL, and every mid-tier company of note. We also were the NFL Network’s first fantasy football analysts on the Total Access show with Rich Eisen. Obviously, being one of the first, we helped pioneer and commercialize the fantasy sports market.

Big John was part of that too. I always had a soft spot for JTG because he was as good as we were, but did not reach our heights. Thus, proving there’s always some luck involved in every success story.

I pride myself on reading people, and not only did I read him to be knowledgeable, witty, and spot-on with an unbiased ability to analyze sports, more importantly, I came to realize he’s a kind man who will stand on principle before caving in and abandoning his beliefs. That’s unique in our world, and fantasy sports are no different. We both know many that have left their beliefs at the door for riches and fame. I immediately got along with John. Politically, John is a libertarian, while I am more conservative with a touch of libertarianism here and there, especially regarding our individual rights; I call myself a “conservatarian”.

John and I differ in many ways, and he’s educated me in a way that made me think and realize, “by God, he’s right!” with no malice or anger at being corrected. Something you rarely see today. From a sailor’s perspective, Big John can b**** slap you without you realizing it, thus understanding and accepting a different train of thought. A remarkable trait in helping others see a different point of view.

I’ve wanted to work with JTG for a while now. I approached him earlier, and it wasn’t the right time, but now it is. We’re ramping up and starting out with podcasts as we get this website going. We’re also working on my own… excuse me, our other site, The Daily Fantasy site will aggregate the best content in DFS, fantasy sports, sports betting, and politics, so you won’t have to. It will be a one-stop-shop for the fantasy sports player, with Sports Grumbling focusing on our own original works. That’ll include podcasts, video, content, and data. What’s a fantasy site without data?

We’re back. Back to help trail blaze politics and sports from a conservative (William) and libertarian (John) perspective. My particular emphasis is identity politics. As a conservative Latino, I’m tired of the stereotypes the Left teaches that are the furthest from the truth, including policies that have been detrimental to minorities, people of color, whites, Asians, etc. – the working-class.  We welcome you back on board, and Big John is back home where he belongs!

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