The Round Up: Vajayjay Aikman, Elon Musk, Ukraine, and Hate!

The Round Up

The Round Up exposes Troy Aikman as a vajayjay, Ukraine spits on Elon Musk, a former collegiate star Art Schlichter arrested again, Bailey Zappe, the Patriots’ potential future, and much more.


Former Packers tight end Tyrone Davis dead at 50 (

This is incredibly sad. RIP, Tyrone Davis. We all look to make our mark in life, yet it’s funny how we remember individuals. I remember having Tyrone Davis on my fantasy team during desperate times.

He entertained us as a player and in fantasy while living his dream. RIP Tyrone, RIP.

Brett Favre blasts the media and proclaims his innocence (

There are leftist sports reporters, race hustlers, and sheep, oops, fans’ heads exploding right now. It appears Favre made some unethical decisions, but did he break any laws? The irony of life. Those who represent us break the law, enrich themselves, then tell us they take responsibility, knowing we’ll never hold them accountable. For the rest of us, hell has no fury like a leftist media making an example of someone.

Guilty or not, our justice system protects the elites.

Why Patriots should play it safe with Mac Jones-Bailey Zappe situation (NBC Sports Boston)

Shades of Drew Bledsoe and Tom Brady! You never know where the elite star will break out because developmental skills for every athlete are different. There’s no denying Brady wasn’t elite in college, but the professional game? His development and ability to pick up the speed immediately is a generational type of talent.

Where does Bailey Zappe fall? Or is he a complete fluke? Let’s give Mac Jones all the time to heal and go from there. For now, Zappe has the Patriots winning with confidence again.

Ex-Ohio State QB Art Schlichter faces felony cocaine charge (

Many thought he was dead. He’s still hanging around and still addicted. What a waste, and this is what you call pathetic. To have it all and throw it away. That is the story of Art Schlichter – on top of the world, only to crash hard because of drugs and gambling. It’s a hell of a story if you ever want to read up on how we can be our own worst enemies. 🤦🏽‍♂️

Schlichter could’ve been a superstar but succumbed to every weakness superstar athletes are told to avoid.

Troy Aikman responds to ‘take the dresses off’ controversy (

What a vajayjay Aikman is and has always been. What sticks in the craw of those who study the game? Aikman was merely a game manager with one of the best offensive lines of his generation. It’s how Emmitt Smith, a running back with a limited skill set yet a heart of a giant, broke so many records. Back to Aikman. He’s rarely ever stood his ground with controversy. This is no exception.

Stick to your guns, pajama boy. We know what you meant, and that comment harmed no one. Grow a pair! Sadly, this is merely the continuation of the emasculation of men. 🤦🏽‍♂️

Sports Grumblings Spotlight

Points on the Board- NFL & Taxes, Constantine Sequel (Ep 45) (

The conservative Latino and our preeminent Libertarian, two fantasy football pioneers, talk Tyreek Hill, Keanu Reeves, Deshaun Watson, and more.


Boston Dynamics and five other tech firms pledge not to weaponize their robots (NPR)

Hello, Mr. Robotics company and big tech. This won’t happen. Big-money investors, if not the government subsidized most of these programs. Eventually, these companies get bought or grow enough to become part of the conglomerate world and corrupt. Whether leased or sold, the military will have a hand in helping to design robotics into new weapons of war, pledge or not.

In addition, many of these same companies, regardless of what they state, will have investors or shareholders demanding to sell to the highest bidder. You can bet, the military will be competing to be the highest bidder.

These are either foolish people or flat-out liars, controlling a narrative of so-called peace, knowing these will eventually become weapons of war! 🤦🏽‍♂️

CNN Anchors Stunned By New Poll Showing Republican Strength: ‘This is a huge gap’ (DC Enquirer)

The gap should be much larger, and most of these close contests shouldn’t be close. That’s because the Republican Party has given up all rights to foundational campaigning (walking districts) and now relies on tech and consultants who don’t care about winning but maximizing their fees. The belief that the GOP will “snatch defeat from the jaws of victory” looms large.

Can they hunker down and create a narrative of truths about the economy rather than a losing social issue? It sounds like common sense but since when do politics make sense?

Democrat Says Chula Vista Mayor Hopeful McCann Broke Campaign Finance Laws in Campa-Najjar Probe (Times of San Diego)

This is a classic leftist Democrat tactic. The Democrat candidate, Ammar Campa-Najjar, does not live in the city he’s running for mayor – a prerequisite. This isn’t new to Campa-Najjar, who’s been part of too many controversies locally in San Diego to list.

To counter the truth, a Democrat files a false claim and has the help of the local mainstream media to make accusations at the Republican candidate to control the narrative and keep the truth from constituents.

GOP candidates leading among independent voters in the key midterm state, poll shows (Fox News)

Democrat candidates are now lying about previous statements where they either said directly to defund the police or said it in politically correct terms. Regardless, they said it but have embarked on a new narrative: lying blatantly despite thousands of videos. Why? They see the 2022 midterms slipping away.

You see actual polls tightening up as we get closer to election day. Why? Pollsters don’t want to be wrong, so when an election gets closer, their polls are more accurate because they follow the rules of statistical polling. Until then, they play the role of leftist and Democrat allies.

Elon Musk Sends Dire Warning About Russia-Ukraine War (TheStreet)

Many believe Starlink saved Ukraine by providing an avenue to communicate that the Russians couldn’t counter. Yet, the corrupt Ukraine government, led by Volodymyr Zelenskyy, had his cronies spit on him via Twitter when he began talking about what peace could look like. Why would they do this?

As stated, the Ukrainian leaders are corrupt and likely pocketing millions of dollars of the money we’re sending. We’ve sent billions with no chain of custody demanded in knowing where it’s being spent and how. Ukrainian officials don’t want the spigot shut off.

Sadly, most Americans have no clue about Ukraine’s recent history. Most don’t even know where it is on the world map. Yet, they proudly fly the Ukrainian flag on their social media profiles, pretending to care and playing the role of sheep as neocons in both parties want them to.

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