The Round Up – Latest Reboot: Frasier, Tulsi Gabbard, a Socialist, Brendan Fraser the Mummy!

The Round Up

The Round Up chats up a Frasier reboot; we remind you Tulsi Gabbard is still a socialist, Brendan Fraser may reprise the Mummy, and Josh Allen is better than Patrick Mahomes per some analysts and more.


Dolphins listed as a potential fit for Commanders CB William Jackson III (

There were other suitors then, but the Cincinnati Bengals were smart enough to let him go. The Dolphins overpaid and learned what happens when players who can only play specific schemes don’t work out.

They’re throwing away money because teams must learn to adjust to new systems, and if you have a player who can’t, they’ll eventually burn a team.

Early truths of the 2022 NFL season: Josh Allen is better than Patrick Mahomes; Tom Brady is human (

 This is a solid read. A few days old but still worth checking out. You don’t have to agree with it all, but it is logical and well thought out. However, until he and the Buffalo Bills win a ring, Allen can’t be seen as better.

Cam Akers Rumors: ‘All Options Are on the Table’ for Rams RB amid Trade Buzz | News, Scores, Highlights, Stats, and Rumors (Bleacher Report)

The Rams won’t receive much outside a late-round pick, compensated with a higher selection if he produces. It would not be shocking if they kept him. The team is struggling, and he won’t be part of any blockbuster trade; thus, holding onto him may be their best option. Maybe hope it works out.

Simplicity not so simple: Matt LaFleur, Aaron Rodgers, seek answers to Packers’ offensive woes (

Let’s be honest here. Big salaries create cap issues. Most don’t realize this comes in depth or a lack of it. Play calling is part of the issues, but this is a veteran team outside a few positions, including wideouts. However, this isn’t an intricate playbook, considering the West Coast offense is now about 40 years old!

It’s also possible the Aaron Rodgers-led Packers peaked in the past couple of years, and we’re seeing what they really are. This could be a long year, but the caveat is that they’ve been in this position before, so never say never.

Media member shoved by Davante Adams files police report (

Look, the NFL should fine him and move on. The Las Vegas Police should turn this over to the league as it’s not a serious issue like the so-called victim will probably claim.

Then again, maybe the NFL will pile on top of what happens to him criminally. If so, it’d be ironic, considering the thug Mike Evans, who attacks players from the back multiple times, only got one game after his latest attack. The hypocrisy would be overwhelming.

As far as the local photographer? “Cha-ching” is what he’s hearing.

Sports Grumblings Spotlight

The Round Up: Vajayjay Aikman, Elon Musk, Ukraine, and Hate! (

The conservative Latino and our preeminent Libertarian, two fantasy football pioneers, talk Tyreek Hill, Keanu Reeves, Deshaun Watson, and more.


Brendan Fraser Returning To His Best Role? (

Now a beloved figure, Brendan Fraser would have to lose weight, and his back would have health concerns. He’s had multiple surgeries on it; don’t forget, “The Mummy” is an action role.

That said, it’d be great to see. What greater comeback could he have than to return to his roots with a reboot of a substantial financial franchise? He’s become a darling in Hollywood for being truthful, then blackballed but never giving up. The American Dream!

The Frasier Reboot Will Change The Series In A Huge Way (

Frasier” is a fan favorite that saw monster ratings become a cult favorite on streaming services. It will be a different show with its reboot. Will it work?

It makes sense, as the original took Kelsey Grammer and his character, Frasier, from a bar in Boston to a disc jockey booth in Seattle. Playing the disc jockey again allows the same formula to be used. The real question is if the fans will accept a new show with the same main character but the lovable supporting cast gone or only making guest appearances.

Another floundering turnout for CNN with Jake Tapper’s primetime show debut (Washington Examiner)

It’s Tapper’s betrayal of journalism itself that’s destroyed any legitimacy he pretends to have. He used to be respected amongst some ignorant conservatives, like Mark Levin. Yes, Levin was ignorant and didn’t see him for what he was – a progressive.

Ignorant because most of us saw him for what he was. While he’d say something conservative, he would knowingly spread a leftist lie a minute later. Tapper destroyed any hope of bringing conservatives to his CNN audience before the ink on the contract even dried.

It’s time for CNN to “reboot” with new personalities.

Romney acts wrongly with his inaction in the Utah Senate race (Washington Examiner)

It’s a general election, not a primary. Senators no longer represent their states but their party and the ideology they want. Of course, we’re implying this isn’t good because neither the people nor the state are appropriately served this way.

Romney’s an elite and part of the good old boys (including women) club in D.C. He’s betrayed the people too many times to count, but now the party too. He may think of retirement, but he should face a primary this coming cycle.

She’s right about Democrats, but Tulsi Gabbard is no conservative (Washington Examiner)

For conservatives, the reality of what this woman is has always been apparent. She’s a socialist. Our problem is that when someone denounces something leftist or from the Democrat Party, we welcome them with open arms. It’s wrong. She’s not conservative, never has been, nor will be.

She deserves no platform, although many conservatives ignorantly give her that and stupidly praise her because of one or two statements. It’s like being right once out of a hundred times and ignoring the 99 times she’s been wrong. Sheer stupidity.

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