The Round Up: Secret Service Screws America, Amsterdam Tanks, more!

The Round Up

The Round Up chats Joe Biden and Secret Service lies, Amsterdam and Bros both bomb, Sean Payton and the Panthers, and another woke Dr. Who is coming, plus more.


Video emerges of Draymond Green’s Warriors sucker punch on Jordan Poole (

Damn! Poole looks as if he is suffering from “gross motor instability.” For those wondering, that’s the NFL’s new buzzword of the year in how “concussions” will likely be described in trying to figure out if a player is concussed or not.

That said, Poole’s knees buckled faster than Lebron James’ for his China masters. This will possibly create locker room issues.

‘Concussion’ doctor urges Tua Tagovailoa to retire (Yardbarker)

Well, this doc claims he loves Tua as in brotherly love from one human to another. That sounds nice and compassionate, but will he give Tua the millions he’d lose if he retired today? Not likely. 🤦🏽‍♂️

This doctor is doing nothing but pandering to his social media audience. He doesn’t give a flip about Tua as much as reminding people who he is.

Mets to keep Showalter, Eppler after collapse (Yardbarker)

Let’s be honest; a baseball manager is instrumental in managing a game, specifically, pitcher matchups and pitting his defense in the right formation to offset a team’s bats. However, this collapse is a combination of coaching and fat contracts not showing up when they’re supposed to. That’s what happened here.

Here’s hoping Hubie Brown keeps broadcasting as long as he wants (

The Brown Grumbler told us he had no idea Hubie Brown was still with us. He remembers Brown as a head coach and tells us he’s magical as an analyst, not so much as a head coach. Although he was solid, he never had the group of players that Pat Riley and Phil Jackson had. It’s ironic because Riley and Jackson are not as good as history portrays them. The same can be said of Bill Belichick. Regardless, that’s life, and it’s not fair.

God Bless you, Hubie Brown, and keep doing what you do best. Being you!

Sean Payton At Top Of Panthers List For Next Head Coach (

This was and is easily predictable. The truth is, the New Orleans Saints were a failing franchise under Sean Peyton the past few years. Failing in terms of expectations, terrible playoff play, especially by QB Drew Brees and a host of other issues to the point he saw the only way out being, to retire. With the plan to come back. Most pundits think he wants the #Cowboys’ head coaching position. Whoever hires him will likely have to send a first-round pick for his rights


Points on the Board Ep 45 – NFL, Taxes, and Constantine Sequel (

The conservative Latino and our preeminent Libertarian, two fantasy football pioneers, talk Tyreek Hill, Keanu Reeves, Deshaun Watson, and more.


New York teens shot outside GOP candidate Lee Zeldin’s home identified, no arrests made: report (Fox News)

Every time a generation goes through a crime wave in the city closest to them, it’ll spread into the suburbs and even rural areas if left unchecked. The Democrats’ “defund the police” mantra turned into law in many areas gave us what we’re seeing happen. It’s still going strong if you live outside the major metropolitan areas. New York City, Chicago, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, and other cities.

The irony is that leftist politicians are now blatantly lying by denying they ever wanted to defund the police. Never forget people, never ignore them, or it’ll happen again. That means more and more needless murders.

The Power of The Doctor Trailer is Here!! (

Go woke, go broke is the belief that proves itself true for the most part. It likely pertains to Dr. Who. The ratings have been declining since Peter Capaldi took over. That was way back in 2013. Hundreds of thousands stopped watching on BBC America, and it’s now millions since. You can’t shove faux equity and hate toward people who want to get away from life for an hour. They’ll turn the channel, and we did.

Although the Brown Grumbler tells us he tried because he grew up loving Dr. Who. His favorite was the colorful Tom Baker, but who can argue with the darker portrayals of Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant!

‘Smile’ Still No. 1 at Box Office With $17.6 Million Weekend as ‘Amsterdam’ Bombs (

Right now, it took the faux pandemic of COVID to make Hollywood realize this, but they’re in transition. Society is fragmented in our viewing and listening tastes. These massive contracts given to actors will come to an end. Let’s be honest, do we watch Daniel Craig for Daniel Craig? No, his blockbusters were James Bond flicks. The kid who played Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody, Rami Malek, had one massive blockbuster. While he helped make it a blockbuster, we didn’t go because of him but because it was Queen and a great movie.

When you see a film like Amsterdam bomb, odds are salaries played a massive role in the movie’s failure. Sometimes great flicks bomb because they’re made too expensively, not because it was a bad story. This transition will directly impact the costs of movies in the future, precisely salaries.

Secret Service claims no records exist of Biden’s Delaware visitors, report says (Fox News)

This is beyond maddening as it shows how authoritarian (including socialist and communist countries) governments work. They don’t when you think of the people, but the elites love it. They do everything they tell us not to or face the consequences. In this case, there’s a procedure to protect the country by letting us know who the President is seeing and dealing with daily.

This was purposely ignored and likely for nefarious reasons, including seeing representatives of bad-actor countries and political allies they don’t want us to know are visiting. Such as BLM, a group now exposed for what it is – racists filled with grifters. Leftist media are another group they’d not like us to know they’re in bed with.

‘Bros’ Bombs at Box Office (Hollywood in Toto)

This was a highly anticipated LGBTQ movie that tanked. First, the gay scene in America makes up only about four percent of the country at best. Thus, the audience is small. No, don’t believe the transgender numbers. Like COVID deaths where you died of passing gas, only to be marked as covid. The same is valid with transgender people, especially when they add in kids they confuse into believing they’re transgender.

The bottom line is that when one side tries to normalize grooming for pedophilia purposes, anything LGBT will suffer. It really is that simple. Once again, woke Hollywood living in a bubble or anal gland.

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