The Round Up – The Enigmatic Trey Lance, Foxx the Hypocrite, and Stelter Cancelled!

The Round Up

The Round Up talks 49ers QB Trey Lance and inconsistency, while Jamie Foxx, a hypocrite reaps what he sows, and a very creepy Brian Stelter is finally canceled!


Trey Lance Struggling At Times In Practice – OutKick

  • As we’ve read and heard so much about Lance, both good and bad, we’re taking a wait-and-see approach.
  • However, when Patrick Mahomes was sitting behind Alex Smith all you heard was how great he is. Not just his supporters.
  • In terms of Lance, we don’t hear that, so take the Mahomes comparison lightly.
  • Fantasy football? You take him.
    • Those legs are gold, baby!

Deshaun Watson Was Asked Whether He Maintains His Innocence – Sports Illustrated

  • Yesterday’s “Round Up” discussed this. There is no doubt he will do it again. A given.
  • No remorse and only an apology for negotiation purposes. Just that shows who he is.
  • Another predictable and pathetic tale.



NCAA asks member schools to help with NIL violation investigations (

  • I guess you weren’t the brightest bulb in the shed if you thought payouts, bribing players to go to certain schools, and living large were bad before the NIL.
  • As boosters open their wallets, this will only get worse.

Brian Stelter Out at CNN as Network Cancels His Show ‘Reliable Sources’ (

  • He was a political shock jock who lied and then saw his lies repeated.
  • Despite his minimal audience, CNN kept him on air due to his loyalty as a goon.
    • Understand, no one watched it.
  • He’ll get a new job because leftists tend to retread in politics.
    • However, his name does not draw many people.

Jamie Foxx Will Release Movie When ‘People Go Back to Laughing’ (

  • Foxx supported BLM violence, billions in property destruction, and even murder on account of skin color.
  • When Michael Jackson died, he made racist comments.
  • Now that his personal projects are suffering, he has issues. Predictable and pathetic!

Biden unable to shake Trump as midterm election picture gets murkier | Washington Examiner

  • Leftists, Democrats, NeverTrumpers, RINOs, the establishment, elitists and the mainstream media are doing everything they can to stop President Trump from running for president again. 🤦🏽‍♂️
  • Trump’s base is growing despite all that.
    • Latinos and blacks are growing his base. It’s crazy.
  • Although it’s easy to say the left doesn’t see the obvious, they do and that’s why they’re freaking out!
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