The Round Up – Surprise Hit Bear, Papelbon vs Tatis, and Vajayjay Leguizamo!

The Round Up discusses Jonathan Papelbon wanting to drill Fernando Tatis Jr., the massive FX summer hit, “Bear,” and John Leguizamo, poster child for vajayjays.

  • Published on 2 years ago
The Round Up

The Round Up discusses Jonathan Papelbon wanting to drill Fernando Tatis Jr., the massive FX summer hit, “Bear,” and John Leguizamo, the poster child for vajayjays.


‘You Can’t Convince Them:’ U.S. Team Captains Fighting the Tide of PGA Tour Defectors (

  • There is nothing wrong with competition, and this article is lying about the money pot.
    • Due to LIV Golf, the PGA has already raised some of its prize winnings.
    • It’s really about the PGA keeping its hold on professional golf as close as possible.
  • Saudi Arabia funds LIV Golf, so that’s their attack mode.
    • Yet, the PGA’s own sponsors have about $45B worth of Saudi Arabian ties. Hypocrisy abounds!

Former MLB pitcher says he’d repeatedly drill Fernando Tatis Jr. (

  • How many of Jonathan Papelbon’s hits came from PED users?
  • Tatis’ numbers likely led him to believe he obtained this type of generational money through steroids.
    • Like Alex Rodriguez.
    • He sees a cheater.
  • Retired, he’s voicing what has always enraged him.
    • Can you blame him?

Len Dawson, MVP of Chiefs’ first Super Bowl win, in hospice (

  • In that Super Bowl, the American Football League (AFL) came to an end. He fought adversity and won the championship.
  • He became even more famous as a co-host of “Inside the NFL” in year two.
    • During his 23-year tenure, he established the show as the “it” NFL show.
    • Currently, it is just a caricature of its former glory.
  • We, Grumblers, salute you, sir, as you prepare for your next journey.

ESPN Report: Unlikely Saints RB Alvin Kamara will be suspended in 2022 (

  • Don’t count chickens before they hatch. It may be delayed, but it may not.
  • We, Grumblers, question the idea we’re only looking at six games.
    • This brutality alone warrants much more punishment.

ESPN is bringing back its entire Sunday NFL Countdown lineup for the 2022 season (

  • The Jayvee squad for cool kids. The focus is more on garnering attention than doing analysis.
  • It’s why Tom Jackson and Chris Berman can’t be replaced. This dynamic duo brought out the best in their teammates and elevated the show.
    • Compared to the original, the current show is subpar.


The Way I See It- Origins, Deion Sanders Rant, Tatis Tattooed

  • A pioneer in fantasy sports, two degrees, computer entrepreneur, actor, writer, producer, and Wall Street young gun, Big John Georgopoulos shares his wisdom on sports, pop culture, and politics.


How ‘The Bear’ Became The Surprise Hit Of The Summer (Decider)

  • Featuring eight episodes, it is riveting and fast-paced.
    • Only four hours long, but well worth it.
    • Restaurants and fast-food workers will relate.
  • Acting is top-notch throughout.
    • This show demonstrates strength in character development by seeing both the good and the bad in a story.
    • Someone will likely reflect your personality in one of the characters, so you’ll gravitate toward them but not fully support them.
    • A stellar series should do that.

John Leguizamo clarifies criticism of James Franco playing Fidel Castro (

  • Our resident Brown Grumbler tells us Leguizamo is a Latinx vajayjay. Pajama boy is too masculine for him.
    • Spain primarily conquered the Americas and Caribbean.
    • Hispanics and Latinos have European blood.
  • The Castro’s were Spaniards.
    • Castro is European by blood.
  • The hire is actually appropriate.
    • A hateful idiot like Leguizamo refuses to acknowledge this. 🤦🏽‍♂️

Biden Sees Stunning Loss of Support Among Asian Americans (

  • Blacks, Latinos, and now Asians.
    • Dementia Joe sheds minorities who finally see the truth.
  • That’s why leftists want Internet control.
    • They want to control the narrative but can’t.
  • After Jimmy Carter, then Barrack Hussein Obama, we thought it couldn’t get worse.
    • Joe says, “hold my beer!”

Sony Worries Players Could Jump To Xbox If Microsoft Owns Call Of Duty (GameSpot)

  • Acquiring companies is Sony’s life, and they complain about Microsoft acquiring Activision.
    • This is Sony’s attempt to make waves to get the FTC to kill this deal.
  • First, it shouldn’t happen, but government treats tech giants differently than brick-and-mortar giants when building oligopolies.
    • Look at Sony’s acquisitions since the 1980s.
  • How about Sony’s Bungie purchase?
    • Was it they who made HALO? 🤦🏽‍♂️
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