The Round Up – No Shame Tatis Feels Bad, Disgraced Griner Begs for Mercy, Amazing Pushaw Readies for War, and Mean Girl Transgenders!

The Round Up

This Round Up, we chat about Fernando Tatis Jr., and his so-called remorse, Brittney Griner begs for mercy, Christina Pushaw readies for war, savage cheerleader transgenders, and much more!


Padres manager Melvin says Tatis’ remorseful’ about PED ban – NBC Sports

  • What else can he say? Actions prove otherwise, and his teammates know it.
  • You can say he got his generational-big-money contract and no longer cares.
    • Tatis is all he cares about.
    • This is damage control.

Brittney Griner’s Lawyers File Appeal of Conviction in Russia – Sports Illustrated

  • As a convicted criminal in Russia, the verdict remains uncontested.
    • It’s the length of her incarceration she’s appealing. Whether it will work or not, Griner is stuck.
  • This is a rallying cry for Democrats in the midterms.
    • In addition, the “Dementia Joe” regime saw pushback when it announced its willingness to trade in an arms dealer.
    • Griner isn’t a high-priority candidate to give someone like that back to Russia because he’ll be responsible for thousands more deaths.
  • Her basketball career there, worth millions versus six figures in the US, is likely over.

Fantasy Football Nuggets From 2022 Preseason Week 1 – Underdog Network

  • Knowledge is king. These types of articles are how you get ahead of your competitors.
  • Make sure you’re not a laughing stock. You get the picture.
    • People always dislike 1-3 owners who don’t listen, don’t pay attention, or miss entering lineups.
    • People, don’t be a KAREN!

Ex-NFL star Aqib Talib’s brother wanted in Texas youth coach death –

  • This is ugly and could haunt Aquib.
  • Amazon just hired him to work Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime.
    • Amazon will dump him if he’s involved.
  • He coaches a team with his brother. It’s hard not to believe he knew nothing.


Breaking News – Lebron James comments on Brittney Griner

King James demands his subjects bring his princess, or is it prince, home.


Pushaw Leaves State Office for DeSantis Re-Election Campaign –

  • It’s wartime for Christina Pushaw!
    • One of the few conservatives who hits back as hard as leftists and the mainstream media.
    • Taking no prisoners, she exposes leftist Twitter lies with facts and then pounces on them.
  • We need more Pushaws in the GOP!
  • Cristina, good luck.

Google execs threaten workers with layoffs: ‘There will be blood on the streets’ –

  • This morbid economy is fueled by Facebook and Google.
    • Anyone who spoke the truth about Joe Biden, his racism, Hunter Biden’s laptop, and everything else was censored, blocked, and suspended.
  • Now they’re hurting from their own economy. We at Sports Grumblings wish no ill will on anyone.
    • However, it’s difficult for us to feel anything for people who believe brown and black Americans are too stupid to think for themselves.
  • They love canceling people; maybe it’s karma.

Transgender Cheerleader Reportedly Chokes Female Cheer Camp Attendee – OutKick

  • Of course, transgender men pretending to be women get violent and triggered.
    • They know the Democrat Party and mainstream media will defend them.
    • Science tells us there are two sexes, and they’ll praise and blame conservatives for pointing it out!

Amazon Prime Members Can Snag 6 Free Games Right Now – GameSpot

  • ‘BidenFlation’ has hit us hard and continues to do so. This is despite his lie about 0% inflation.
    • Fear not, parents. A monthly giveaway from Amazon Games can save you a few bucks.
    • Although they have some good games, Epic Games is better.
    • Based on their giveaways, Amazon’s target market is preteens and below, but they do offer some mature games as well.
    • Worth a look.
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