The Round Up – Big Plans for Barkley, “The Gray Man” is Hot, Assassin Talib!

The Round Up

The Round Up reports on Saquon Barkley and a potentially huge fantasy football season, “The Gray Man” is the best Netflix movie in years, and Aqib Talib is judge, jury, and executioner!


Report: Giants Have Big Plans for Saquon Barkley This Season – (Sports Illustrated News)

  • Let’s hope he stays healthy. Young men’s bodies (bones, muscles, etc.) continue to grow until their late 20s.
    • Fantasy football owners still have risk with Barkley at 25.
  • You add his body fat percentage; lack of it hurts a player during recovery and healing.
    • People, body fat, protects our bodies.

The golf world reacts to Donald Trump’s family involvement with LIV Golf (

  • LIV Golf wants to stream or televise its tournaments. Only a matter of time.
  • The PGA doesn’t want that. Period.
  • The PGA Tour wants all professional golf earnings to be its property.
  • That said, Saudi Arabia has money they can’t match. As a result, LIV Golf will grow.
  • It’s only a matter of time before they land a deal to get their tournaments aired with so many streaming services looking for exclusive content.
  • Regarding President Trump? He should have done what?
    • To destroy him, the PGA jumped on the mainstream and Democrat Plantation bandwagon. Then they canceled and took their tournaments elsewhere.

New Video Shows Aqib Talib Near Gunman During Fatal Youth Football Shooting (

  • The fact that Amazon hired him and still did this shows his arrogance and lack of respect.
    • Aqib could’ve stopped it before it began.
    • Some reports suggest he started it.
  • Is it possible he didn’t know his brother had a gun?
    • Slim to none. 🤦🏽‍♂️
  • How likely is it he will keep his Thursday Night Football gig?
    • Nobody knows since Amazon’s as leftist as anyone else.



Twitter Has to Give Musk Only One Bot Checker’s Data: Its Ex-Product Head (

  • The battle continues, despite fewer headlines and a calming down of media reporting.
  • Musk wants to discover how severe Twitter’s “bot” problem is.
    • However, Twitter saw a reprieve by only turning over data from one individual.
    • What the data shows may determine whether Musk can pull out of the deal.
  • Bring on the popcorn!

Former Acting DHS Secretary: DHS Flew Migrants to NYC for Months; Mayor Adams Didn’t Care Until He Saw Them Getting Off Buses (CNSNews)

  • Washington, D.C., and New York City are experiencing what Texas sees exponentially every day. Result?
    • Both mayors are whining and crying foul. However, the federal government does this.
    • It dumps illegal aliens across the country, mostly in red states.
  • Stopping this invasion requires giving blue states and their large cities a taste of their own medicine.
    • We won’t see results immediately, but eventually, the illegals will strain and drain city services.
    • At that point, people may turn on politicians.

“The Gray Man” Cracks Netflix’s Top 5 All-Time Movies List (

  • The streaming services are filled with garbage, including “woke” crap that’s deliberately derogatory to certain cultures and races.
    • Netflix tops them all.
  • However, this Netflix gem is better than anything else.
    • It’s nonstop action with phenomenal fight choreography.
  • Comparing “The Gray Man” to anything on Netflix currently would be like comparing “Star Wars to Plan Nine from Outer space”!

Former U.S. ambassador honest about Brittney Griner timeline (

  • When you get caught bringing illegal drugs into a country, you are not “wrongfully detained.” 🤦🏽‍♂️
    • It’s a problem that leftists, race-hustlers, and Democrats try to whitewash with that lie.
  • They should not swap Griner for an arms dealer who will go back out and be responsible for thousands more deaths.
  • But they value their ideology more than innocent lives.
    • In addition, liberals will use her to mobilize LGBT, black, and trans voters.
    • They embody here the belief of never letting a crisis go to waste.

Harrison Ford And Anne Heche’s Pay Gap In Six Days Seven Nights Is A Problem Fans Want Out of Hollywood (

  • Anne Heche was not a big star then and isn’t today either (RIP).
    • She was the blonde flavor of the week and never made it as a consistent leading lady after a shot here and there.
  • In contrast, Harrison Ford was and is a superstar.
    • When you review their resumes, treating them as professional equals is absurd.
    • Leftists are prone to revisionist history.
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