The Round Up – Shohei Ohtani, LIV Golf, SCOTUS Terms Limits

The Round Up Shohei Ohtani LIV Golf SCOTUS Term Limits

In this Round Up, we cover Shohei Ohtani trade rumors, the upstart LIV Golf battle against the PGA Tour, SCOTUS term limits, and the NFL Police blotter rears its head again!

Sports Round Up

Angels listening to offers for Ohtani, trade ‘unlikely’ | Yardbarker

  • Some may argue, and rightly so that Shohei Ohtani is better than the “once in a lifetime generational player” because he is both a pitcher and a slugger.
    • After generations and generations of baseball, there is no two-way star like him in modern-day baseball. When was the last time Babe Ruth played? Another two-way star.
  • Ohtani stands out as an anomaly. He can pay massive dividends in a playoff game.
    • There isn’t enough to trade for him! The man is that good!

Davis Love III dishes on LIV Golf and a potential Tour boycott (

  • Only one lie exists, and that’s the PGA’s ignoring that their sponsors have billions tied to Saudi Arabia.
  • You cannot play Saudi Arabia with “human rights violations” and not see the hypocrisy.
    • Furthermore, courts disapprove of companies preventing individuals from earning a living.
  • Even though the average Joe isn’t a golfer, this story deserves popcorn memes. It’s only just beginning.

Former Cowboys linebacker arrested again in Alabama (

  • What a waste! The depressing part is to have God-given talent and waste it as he has, but it illustrates the power of addiction.
    • The stories of repeat offenders are sad because we statistically know how most of them will end.
  • He may be a bad guy, but we don’t know his story. Maybe he’s had a bad break? Who knows since every story is different.
    • We hope he can still turn things around and lead a productive life.

Stephen A. Smith breaks First Take hiatus for Deshaun Watson news (

  • Smith’s wrong here. The NFL is not trying to be the police force. Their history shows the opposite, as they used to act more like George Gascon (Los Angeles), Alvin Bragg (New York City), and other George Soros-backed district attorneys.
    • In other words, there are no crimes worth jailing someone for, and that’s how the NFL used to penalize its players.
  • Public outcry now drives the NFL, as Ray Rice proved. He’s either foolish or deliberately creating clickbait by acting like the NFL wants to be the police.

Sports Grumblings Spotlight!


  • Talking with gun rights activist and advocate Craig DeLuz are William Del Pilar and Karen Roseberry.
    • In this episode, they discuss the CA Data Breach and whether it was intentionally released; revisiting the NYSRPA v Bruen SCOTUS decision and its effects; the new California law (AB1594) allows frivolous lawsuits against gun manufacturers and sellers.

Politics, Pop Culture and Entertainment

Democrats introduce bill to enact term limits for Supreme Court justices | The Hill

  • The constitution lays out the requirements for ‘good behavior,’ and English common law gives people lifetime appointments for it.
    • They can only attempt to make this happen by passing a constitutional amendment, but the odds are astronomical.
  • It’s important to remember that the Republican Party will use anything leftists do today in the future. We apply their own rules against them once they change them.
    • How do you think we wound up with three conservative-to-moderate justices?
  • Essentially, this bill exposes “butt-hurt leftists,” as this Grumbler’s nephew would say. 🤦🏽‍♂️

California Can’t Impose ‘Sprawling’ Environmental Regulations on Tribes’ Casino Plans – Times of San Diego

  • The state negotiated in bad faith with the tribes over the renewal of a contract that allowed them to operate “Las Vegas-style” casinos. To renew, they forced tribes to follow the state’s environmental regulations.
    • Courts ruled that gambling activities had no direct connection to the state’s environmental demands.
  • This negotiation is what you would call legal blackmail if Gavin Newsom and the rest of the corrupt negotiators had won.
    • California is arguably one of the most corrupt states in the union, rivaling even Washington, D.C.

Voters of color are backing the GOP at historic levels – CNNPolitics

  • There is only one reason for this. It’s the Internet. Our own, the “Brown Grumbler,” as he calls himself, tells us over and over again that those who control communication control the country.
    • It’s about controlling the narrative.
  • This political switch explains why leftists and democrats want to control and dictate Internet communication. For this reason, they allegedly conspired with the tech giants during the last election.
    • Hunter Biden’s laptop is the most effective and easiest way to demonstrate this.
    • As a result, leftist policies and a failing economy expose truths to minorities who’ve been lied to for a long time.
    • The left and mainstream media are losing the ability to lie by controlling the narrative.
  • Never forget: a controlled narrative equals a controlled country.  
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