The Round Up – Rocky vs Drago, Cousins career year, and Ron DeSantis attacks!

Today’s Round Up, we focus on the Rocky vs. Drago drama, Kirk Cousins’ potential career year and Ron DeSantis pushes back.

  • Published on 2 years ago
The Round Up

In this Round Up we cover Rocky vs Drago miscommunication, a potential career year for Kirk Cousins, and Ron DeSantis fights back, exposing the View’s hypocrisy.

Sports Round Up

Judge Boots Suit Accusing Chargers Owner of Breaking Word by Moving Team to L.A. – Times of San Diego

  • It was bound to be thrown out. Most of these lawsuits fail and are simply a nuisance.
  • We have a Grumbler here who despises the Chargers for leaving San Diego. Spanos’s family history has been revealed to him, and it’s not pretty.
    • In this case, however, the judge made the right decision. It’s a straightforward, quick read.

Tiger Woods, other golfers reject LIV Golf offers (

  • What was the first thing Grumblers saw in this article? Through omission, there is a very leftist slant. The article rightfully outlines the PGA’s concerns with LIV Golf.
  • However, the reporter fails to mention the obvious hypocrisy of the PGA’s own sponsors having about $45 billion tied to Saudi Arabia. No mention is made of the PGA blackballing its members from earning a living.
    • For this reason, many of us view it as hypocrisy and “fake news.” It’s done to control the narrative.
    • Controlling this narrative serves to hide the PGA’s own hypocrisy.

Exclusive: Allison Williams Joins Fox Sports – OutKick

  • Maintain faith when a door closes unjustly due to leftist bigotry, racism, race hustlers, and other negative issues at conglomerates like ESPN.
  • Working hard and having faith are the building blocks of the American Dream. Unlike anywhere else in the world, you can bounce back with equal and greater success.

Buccaneers Head Coach Todd Bowles Gives Update on Ryan Jensen – Sports Illustrated

  • Success becomes sweeter as you overcome adversity. As long as they have Tom Brady, the GOAT, the Buccaneers can look forward to that.
  • Brady, however, will be without his center for the foreseeable future. Due to his limited mobility, losing a player who plays a less heralded but critical position may be disastrous in the long run.

Dalvin Cook seeing an even better version of Kirk Cousins in 2022 (

  • The Grumblers’ Points on the Board podcast discussed Cousins’ confidence now versus a previous regime with a defensive head coach who did not like him.
  • With a newly installed regime that emphasizes offense, they may tell him, “Throw it, we’ve got your back.” It’s a great way to create a better quarterback and more wins.
    • As it turns out, Zimmer was a much poorer leader than many thought.

Sports Grumblings Spotlight

Points on the Board – Football, Juan Carlos Blanco (Ep 38)

  • Fantasy sports pioneers William Del Pilar and Big John are teaming up to bring you Points on the Board, a show blending sports, politics, and pop culture that will make you laugh and think.
    • On this episode, Del Pilar and Juan Carlos Blanco debate the FSGA Champions league fantasy football draft, talk draft strategy, discuss sleepers and busts, and tell tales of yesteryear.

Politics, Pop Culture and Entertainment

‘The View’: Here’s how Ron DeSantis’ political team responded to invite from ABC talk show | Fox News

  • Those on the left would kill Ron DeSantis violently and brutally if they had their way. The reason? Defending the truth is how DeSantis defeats his enemies.
    • Refusing to back down or compromise, he forcefully attacks them using facts and data, he challenges their lies to prove why his policies and beliefs work and theirs don’t.
    • He then flips the story, forcing them to defend their failures.
    • That’s why they loathe him.
  • The View saved themselves from embarrassment.

Vegan Florida mother convicted of starving toddler to death with strict raw fruits, vegetables diet | Fox News

  • A senseless act. In this case, two parents (the father is being tried for the same charges) went so far as to murder their children because they refused to acknowledge that their beliefs had gone too far. 🤦🏽‍♂️
    • Both of them deserve life in prison, followed by a kitchen detail cutting meat!

Dolph Lundgren ‘in Touch’ with Sylvester Stallone After Criticism (

  • Hollywood brags about tolerance and doing right by others. However, they still take control of all creations from their owners, as their peers did in the music and comic book industries. Without regard to creators.
    • This isn’t black and white, but instead of working together, we have a feudal system that benefits the studios, not the creators.
  • A little-known law to most, the “Copyright Act of 1976” has helped comic creators regain their rights to their creations but we’re not sure how this applies elsewhere.
    • Despite the fact we’ve stayed at a Holiday Inn!
  • If you try to fight? It’s no secret that Hollywood is run by Weinstein elitists.
    • These people screw you over, but they’ll also blackball you if you challenge them regardless of if they’re in the wrong.

The ‘pro-democracy’ press push isn’t about democracy — it’s about justifying liberal bias | Washington Examiner

  • The Roe versus Wade decision was not settled law. When leftists mention “settled law” and precedent, bring up “Dred Scott decision” because it was once considered settled law and precedent.
    • There is no question that it was a racist decision that helped spark the Civil War, but it was also a law.
    • It is imperative to remember that as times and people change, no law is absolute. Now we see Dred Scott for what it is – an act against humanity to keep women and men as property.
  • Democracy? In every state, the people will decide what type of #abortion laws they can tolerate. That’s democracy!
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