The Round Up – Fantasy Football, Mickelson Sues, RIP Vin Scully, CNN Ratings, and Road House

Today’s Round Up, we focus on Phil Mickelson suing the PGA Tour, RIP Vin Scully, CNN Ratings disaster, a Road House reboot and more.

  • Published on 2 years ago
The Round Up

In this Round UP, it is August which means, fantasy football is here, Phil Mickelson sues the PGA Tour, RIP Vin Scully, a true patriot, and a Road House reboot?

Sports Round Up

Phil Mickelson Among 11 LIV Golf Players to File Lawsuit Against PGA Tour for Antitrust Violations –

  • This was expected and long overdue. In a nutshell:
    • The PGA is blacklisting golfers who join LIV Golf, a new league backed by Saudi Arabian money.
    • As part of its own hypocrisy, the PGA Tour’s sponsors are supposedly tied to Saudi Arabia to the tune of $45 billion.
  • In the past, courts have not sided with companies that prevent people from earning a living.
    • There are hits and misses depending on the judge and state, but this is a truth that is evident in many decisions.
  • People, grab your popcorn because this one is about to get ugly!

Key 2022 fantasy football QB projections: Is there any reason to doubt Jalen Hurts? (

  • Now that training camps are underway, you must update your cheat sheets multiple times weekly to remain competitive on draft day.
    • What if the source you use does not? It’s time to dump them!

Remembering Vin Scully: Late sports broadcast legend slammed socialism during 2016 MLB game | Fox News

  • The American Dream was lived by Scully! Everyone can learn from him. Baseball and the Dodgers were not his only passions, but also America.
  • In addition to opposing socialism and other progressive ideologies that threaten our nation, he also served when his country called on him to do so.
    • Vin, you were the embodiment of a true Patriot.
    • We thank you for serving and speaking truths.
    • A true loss, RIP.
  • People, grab your popcorn because this one is about to get ugly!

Sports Grumblings Spotlight – Breaking News Reports

Breaking News – Deshaun Watson, Cleveland Browns QB

  • Deshaun Watson responds to his “happy endings” allegations.
    • We hope you enjoy our satire because in the end, “laughter is still the best medicine,” and we need to laugh.
  • In the early days of fantasy sports, we were part of a core group of organizations pioneering and commercializing the industry.
    • Now, our company is one of a few conservative sports companies fighting a woke media.
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Politics, Pop Culture and Entertainment

A ‘Road House’ remake is on its way with Jake Gyllenhaal as the leading man | Fox News

  • The original is a cult classic. Over time, becoming more popular with new generations than some other blockbusters by Patrick Swayze
    • Amazon Studios: this isn’t a nod to fans. It’s a blatant rip-off of the name to make money and tell a different story.
    • You don’t need to take other people’s creations and make a buck from them?
    • You might remember 2006’s “Road House 2: Last Call.”🤦🏽‍♂️

REPORT: CNN Loses Substantial Sum Of Money As Ratings Plummet | The Daily Caller

  • CNN’s viewers have reacted by abandoning it for what it has become: a lying bastion of leftist hatred. Despite being obvious to everyone, they continue to claim to be objective.
    • According to them, there is no bias. It’s basically a lie!
  • Their brand is so well-known that they can recover. Yet, the only way for recovery to take place at this point is through unbiased reporting.
    • At the moment, they don’t have the culture or staff in place to make that work.

White House faces disaster with young voters | The Hill

  • It was a disaster with Latinos earlier.
  • Then there was the black voter disaster.
  • It’s now a disaster with young voters.
  • Look, the “Red Wave” is coming, but it has nothing to do with the Republican Party exposing its values to Latinos, blacks, and youth.
    • It’s the two-party system we have.
  • In the name of all people, the new Democratic Party wants to replace capitalism with socialism led by authoritarians.
    • Everyone is fleeing because they’re experiencing the consequences.
  • The Democrats are now the party of socialism and authoritarianism. That’s good news for the GOP, but it’s a hollow, temporary victory since their leaders don’t care.
    • As voters shift based on failures but never hold those responsible for failures accountable, politics becomes cyclical.
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