The Round Up: Race Hoax Prevails, Fire on the Abraham!

The Round Up

In this sports-heavy Round Up, we tackle a race-hustling Stephen A. Smith; the BYU race hoax lie prevails again, the leftist media attacking the First Amendment again and World Cup history.


World Cup Winners List: Which Teams Have Won Each Year? (Times of San Diego)

We are and will be inundated with a lot of garbage we don’t want or like because of technology today. That said, the World Cup is the sport for the world but not America.

This is cool and gives us a bit of history. We noticed one thing – there is no dominance within one nation. Sure, Brazil’s won five World Cups, but the World Cup’s have been going on for decades.

Hence, this is a must-read article If you’re a soccer fan.

Insider Shuts Down Rumor Mark Davis Doesn’t Have Money (

This is among the best takes on the #Raiders vs. armchair QBs demanding the Raiders fire Josh McDaniels. One score loss = 1-6. They’re close versus a disaster like the Texans (1-10-1) and are now 5-7. Thus, we assume they’re finally gelling and developing some chemistry with the playbook.

Further, the real question is if Josh Jacobs can do this consistently with his massive power rushing attack, or is he simply playing for a contract? His past couple of seasons has been nothing to write home about.

3 Teams Emerge As Potential Landing Spots For Jimmy Garoppolo In 2023 (

First, Jimmy G must now deal with a broken foot which is debilitating for his worth because he’s now out for the season! That said, he wants to go somewhere he can compete to start in 2023.

Even though we still have one-third of a season left or close to it, the 2023 NFL season talk is already underway! 😳


Breaking News – NBA star LeBron James SLAMS Media Bias! (

King James speaks about meeting MLK and Malcolm X and talking about the importance of character, being black, LGBT, and more! This is the King at his finest, remembering, teaching, and demanding.


The headers state it all. Regardless, this article is sports-heavy. However, we know Sports Grumblings exists because of the intersection of politics and sports.

9 Sailors Suffer Minor Injuries Fighting Fire as USS Abraham Lincoln Cruises Off Coast (Times of San Diego)

We re-activated Sports Grumblings to fight and push back against the authoritarian push from the Democrat Party to determine how we live our lives. Conservatives and Libertarians will oppose any form of authoritarianism. Primarily when they use tribalism as their weapon of choice.

In the era of tribalism, one situation will destroy it. Hence, a fire putting your life on the line. Contrary to the mainstream media and politicians, most have never served; the military is the best form of integration because if you don’t do your job, people die.

This is the case here. In addition, we at Sports Grumblings have nothing but best wishes for a quick recovery of these sailors.

Vanderbilt Assistant Dan Jackson to ‘Step Back’ Amid Kanye Defense Controversy (

Dan Jackson needs a civil rights lawyer to protect his First Amendment rights. He didn’t agree with Kanye but criticizing the mainstream media attack mob. Indeed, he believes that Ye (Kanye) has the right to speak, regardless of whether we agree.

Thus, the mainstream media has a job to report news, not create a narrative based on their opinions, precisely, their political ideology.


Stephen A. Smith calls out columnist’s exchange with Lovie Smith (

Everyone knows Lovie Smith is qualified, but his hire was a reaction to Josh McCown. Nevertheless, Stephen A. Smith creates tribalism by lying to create headlines. Race hustlers got to hustle. 🤦🏽‍♂️

There have always been irate exchanges when a team loses since the media started doing these decades ago. Head coaches and players have walked off stage, and the media has also seen its share of embarrassing moments too.

Accordingly, to make this claim is just another example of where our society is going today. Before anything is even determined, the first issue leftists look at is minority victimization. Fair or not, that’s our world today, and the hustlers know this. They also know it’s as much click bait to humans as catnip is to cats.

BYU Women’s Volleyball Opponent Cancels Game Over Debunked ‘Racist and Hostile’ Environment (OutKick)

We must ask if Brigham Young University can sue? To start, they should sue Duke and the race-hustling volleyball player, Rachel Richardson, who made the false accusations better known as a “race hoax.” The debunked story became the basis for Rachel Richardson’s godmother, Lesa Pamplin, a documented race-hustler, to continue the false narrative.

We know Pamplin for her racist rhetoric; she took advantage of this in her run for a circuit court judge in Fort Worth, Texas, however, she lost. Despite this, the mainstream media did not follow up on this story. These are the things that make you go, hmmm.

Although, one must wonder if this is a potential lost revenue for BYU. Then again, it’s a female sport subsidized by male sports – college football and basketball. Maybe they saved money. 🤣

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