The Round Up: NBA Hypocrisy, Kyrie Irving the Antisemitic, and Demanding Free Speech While Taking it Away!

The Round Up

The Round Up talks about NBA hypocrisy toward Kyrie Irving, who is an antisemitic bigot, leftist bigots demanding the removal of “free speech” for conservatives and Justice Amy Coney Barrett, and, much more!


Tell us, where did it all go wrong for the Bucs in 2022? (

This team had a magical run over the past two years. Few felt they were as good as they played, yet they won. Now? They’re struggling and losing. They’re not what they were. The new head coach? Is age finally catching up to quarterback Tom Brady?

In a losing season, what happens? Do you clean house? Fire the head coach? It’s going to get ugly, especially politically, with leftist beat reporters regarding the head coach.

DJ Moore Ruins What Should’ve Been Game-Winning Touchdown With a Dumb Penalty (

A little old, but this is a microcosm of our country right now. Lack of discipline. Not doing what you’re taught.

Last week, the Falcons let the Panthers’ top wideout get past them for a Hail Mary. This is one of the worst ways to help your team lose a game. Yet, what did the Panthers do? Moore said, hold my beer! 🤦🏽‍♂️

Bills Inquired About Alvin Kamara, Exploring RB Help Before Trade Deadline (

This move makes sense in what the Bills are looking for offensively. However, it came out of nowhere, and most couldn’t see it happening, i.e., this was merely news fodder for a 24-hour news cycle. They should’ve secured Christian McCaffrey if they really wanted to make a splash. That fit would’ve cemented the statistical odds of making it to the Super Bowl.

Jake Paul beats Anderson Silva, and now both want to take on Dana White (

This fight came and went. One would think this would’ve seen more extensive coverage, but Jake Paul winning seems to be a norm, and the leftist media that hate him are tired of covering it.

Paul’s a hell of a promoter, but is Jake Paul Mania ending? Not if he convinces Conor McGregor to fight!

‘I won’t stand down’: Nets’ Kyrie Irving defends post about the antisemitic film (The Guardian)

Kyrie Irving won’t stand down but is now suspended, and well-deserved. There’s a “cult” of non-believers regarding the Holocaust. The Brown Grumbler tells us there are idiots on every side, regardless of color, race, religion, or gender. He refers to this type of antisemitism as a classic case. The Holocaust happened despite the deniers. Which begs the question, how does hate as stupid and ignorant as this exist?

Will we ever have a conversation on race? Every leftist says they want it but really want a one-way exchange of accusations based on hate and lies while ignoring the data and actual events.

The question now dominating this country is if whites and Jews are targets of race hustlers, leftists, and Democrats, simply for being a specific color and religion. Antisemitism is rising, and there are too many race hoaxes exposed for the question to be ignored.


Fired Up: Conservative v. Libertarian, Mises Takeover (

The Conservative Latino, William Del Pilar, and our Libertarian founder, John T. Georgopoulos discuss the differences between a conservative and a libertarian, the dysfunction of the Libertarian Party, the Mises Caucus takeover, and the Libertarian endorsement of a Republican Senate candidate in Arizona – Blake Masters.


Angry literary figures demand Amy Coney Barrett book deal shut down in an open letter to the publisher (Fox News)

These are all worthless excuses for human beings as they talk about the importance of free speech, yet their hatred of anything different demands the abolishment of it. 🤦🏽‍♂️

At what point does a business stand its ground? It’s happening in some “woke” companies, notably Netflix, which is still led by progressives, and Twitter, led by what you would call a “blue-dog Democrat.” Warner Brothers is another one as shareholders and the reason a company exists – to make a profit.

Jerry Lee Lewis Dead At 87 (

RIP, Jerry Lee. A controversial and wild figure, you lived on your terms with happiness and regret. You became an icon, fell from grace, and enjoyed redemption. Much love as you begin your next journey.

Playboy Model Catches Heat for Twerking At A Cemetery In A Halloween Costume (OutKick)

The Brown Grumbler couldn’t stop raving at how good this costume reminded him of the busty pin-up girls from the 1950s and every teen fantasy. His point: they’re dead people; get over it. They don’t care.

Did she destroy, spit, p***, or s*** on anything or anyone? No, she’s a brand, marketing and promoting what she does. No one has issues when a company with actors goes to a cemetery to film a video or movie, but when we express individuality and entrepreneurship. Look out. People complain about the dumbest things! 🤦🏽‍♂️

Border Crisis: Biden Pressured Oscar Leeser Not to Declare State of Emergency over Illegal Immigration (National Review)

Ideology over everything means Democrats don’t care who they put in danger when creating a narrative lie. They want to keep power and maintain an authoritarian grip on this nation of rising crime, high inflation, and losing our constitutional rights. However, never forget every party does this to maintain power. Always look at your individual representative and listen to their message. If they lie or keep a situation that hurts you, never forget; you can vote them out!

RNC Sues Pennsylvania for Plan to Accept Illegally Mail-In Ballots with Missing Dates (

This is how Democrats win elections by stating we must always break the law and allow corruption for the greater good! We must count illegal ballots out of the goodness of our hearts.

However, when there is no chain of custody, that opens the door to voter fraud. Democrats know this, and it’s why they keep pushing the envelope. We’re at this point because the Republican Party never fought back. They’re fighting back now. The days of newly discovered ballots in a parking lot, including undated ballots, must stop to keep integrity within our elections.

We’re told there’s no voter fraud – a statistical impossibility – and have no reason to worry about the integrity of our elections. Do you think we’re a “banana republic?” 🤦🏽‍♂️

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