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The Round Up - Lunatic Beetle Juice Strikes, A Miracle, Dead Island 2 Lives, and More!

The Round Up brings us a Lunatic Beetle Juice, aka Mayor Lightfoot lashing out, it's a miracle, the once-dead, Dead Island 2 lives and fantasy football returns!
Published on September 9, 2022

The Round Up

The Round Up brings us a Lunatic Beetle Juice, aka Mayor Lightfoot, lashing out, it’s a miracle, as the once-dead, Dead Island 2 lives, and fantasy football returns!


Lamar Jackson Announces Deadline for Contract Extension Discussions (Sports Illustrated)

According to reports, Lamar Jackson wants a fully guaranteed contract. They’re unlikely to give a quarterback whose fame relies more on his legs than his arm.

  • Nevertheless, he’s becoming an excellent quarterback because he’s growing and improving.

However, running quarterbacks’ shelf lives are a concern. It remains to be seen how this one plays out.

  • Despite what other quarterbacks think, Deshaun Watson’s fully guaranteed deal will not become the norm. They will try for one but not succeed.

Start ‘Em, Sit ‘Em Running Backs Fantasy Football Week 1: Rashaad Penny to Dominate (Sports Illustrated)

Michael Fabiano is a dinosaur in the industry still thriving. It’s a compliment.

A little-known fact is the Brown Grumbler and his former partner was the NFL Network’s first fantasy analysts. Fabiano took over and built it into the juggernaut it’s become.

Rory McIlroy claims he no longer has relationship with Ryder Cup LIV rebels (The Guardian)

LIV Golf and Rory McIlroy don’t have a relationship because he denigrates LIV Golf in the mainstream media.

  • To show LIV Golf’s ties to Saudi Arabia, they have made it tribal through politics. While ignoring the billions of dollars, their sponsors have with Saudi Arabia.

Hence, it’s called “fake news media.” Sad but true.

The 10 most important people of the upcoming NFL season (The Guardian)

Good read on the NFL from across the pond. The article has solid analysis, too, covering major players and league issues.

  • You’ll see what players like Trey Lance, Patrick Mahomes, and Germany – yes, Germany – face.

Yankees president calls Aaron Judge ‘an all-time Yankee’ (Yardbarker)

Aaron Judge is in line for a huge deal. He is setting a new baseline for players with superstar production, regardless of his contract issues.

Shohei Ohtani of the Angels comes to mind. Full-time pitcher and a position player.

  • Aaron Judge will likely lay the groundwork for Ohtani’s future contract.


Fired up! – George Gascon Recall Flop, Reasons for Failure (

Despite polls showing this was an easily winnable recall. How did the CAGOP snatch defeat from the jaws of victory? Marc Ang and Karen Roseberry speak passionately to the Conservative Latino William Del Pilar about CAGOP elitists who failed to submit enough signatures to recall Gascon.


Latina Republicans running in Texas border districts blast Democrats’ treatment of Hispanic voters (Fox News)

Latinos are treated as Black-Lite by Democrats. Even so, we are arguably the most diverse culture in America, with a wide range of political and cultural beliefs. This is why we are fleeing the party.

  • We’re just a growing minority base Democrats own on the Democrat Plantation.

How to fight back against vicious Leftist attacks on social media (

In contrast to most California Republican Party members (CAGOP), Arthur Schaper will fight back.

Neither leftists nor CAGOP party leaders like him because of his fundamentalism and grassroots activism. Democrats hate him specifically for his ability to fight back and win.

  • Whatever your opinion, he’s a fighter, and we need more warriors.

Fetterman says he will debate Oz ahead of Pennsylvania Senate election after refusing to accept invitation (Fox News)

The backlash forced John Fetterman into a debate he didn’t want. Truth be told, his stroke left him in terrible shape. Sometimes he can’t hear or speak coherently.

Campaigning and skipping debates were his attempts to have it all.

  • Any candidate from any party who refuses to debate does not deserve our vote.

Chicago reporter sues Mayor Lori Lightfoot as city pulls his press credentials following combative exchanges (Fox News)

Again, the tolerant left is not tolerant. Whenever a reporter asks tough questions of Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot, aka “Beetle Juice,” they get ignored. As we now see, their credentials are revoked.

Like former and current presidents Barrack Hussein Obama and Dementia Joe, Lightfoot lies blatantly.

  • With a straight face, they’ll tell you that Trump is causing the sky to fall. That’s how bad the lies have gotten under Beetle Juice.

Will it change? As a deeply, deeply, profoundly blue city, unlikely. What’s worse? She has a legitimate shot at being re-elected.

Dead Island 2 preview: It’s actually really good (

Is this really happening? Dead Island changed our view of zombies and how we played.

  • Since then, it’s been in development hell, with the original creators going on to massive success with “Dying Light.”

The story has been repeated over and over that it’s coming. Now it seems real, and a date has been given too – 2023.

Robert Telles arrested in killing of reporter Jeff German (

A so-called tolerant Democrat. What an evil person! Despite this, Democrats accuse Republicans of violence.

  • Even though BLM, a racist group, and ANTIFA, a fascist group, have murdered and destroyed billions in properties.

Sadly, Mr. German reported the stories he has now become a victim of.

  • It’s macabre because of Sin City and Germany’s history that chronicles it. RIP, Mr. German.