Round Up – Freaky Ezra Miller, Griner the Crook, more!

Round Up - Freaky Ezra Miller, Brittney Griner the Crook, plus more!

In this Round Up, we discuss Ezra Miller, his arrests, and being a potential groomer, and because he’s “queer” still receives support while WNBA superstar Brittney Griner is still a crook, still in prison and much more! 


Brittney Griner’s Russian detention reaches grim milestone (

Many innocent Americans have been jailed overseas for much longer than Brittney Griner. Griner admitted to bringing illegal drugs into Russia. Neither questionable nor debatable.

Let’s get them all home and prioritize those who have been there the longest and are innocent. The Biden regime wants Griner home, but not at the proposed price – an arms dealer responsible for thousands of deaths.

Never forget Griner is not a hill to die on!

NFL should stop underestimating Jalen Hurts (OutKick)

It’s a do-or-die year for Jalen Hurts. It’s been a bumpy career for him; he’s been villainized, seen as a savior, and the debate around him has become tribal. However, nothing matters now.

This will be his last season as a Philadelphia Eagle, or he proves himself. Remember, the city of brotherly love hasn’t lived up to its name in football.

Cam Newton Accused by Ex-Wife Of Not Paying Absurd Utility Bill (

Courts aren’t kind to ex-athletes with no monster paychecks. Situations like this usually end badly. Yet, the “ex” likely wants to ride the money train until Cam’s broke. Unless it’s an amicable divorce, they won’t care.

NFL power rankings: Bills, Packers in top spots ahead of Week 1 (Sports Illustrated)

These early articles are crapshoots. We read clickbait like this because of our curiosity. Fans can enjoy it, especially if they follow their favorite teams.


Big Questions with Big John – Naresh Vissa, Author TRUMPBOOK (

Big John and Vissa discuss his #1 bestselling book, TRUMPBOOK: How Digital Liberals Silenced a Nation into Making America Hate Again


Ezra Miller Gets New Accusations as Warner Bros. CEO Says He’s Excited For The Flash (

A conservative actor wouldn’t survive allegations like Ezra Miller’s. You’ll find restraining orders against Miller and other arrest issues against the alleged groomer who attacked a woman.

Many leftists talk about white male privilege but are silent about Hunter Biden, Miller, and others.

Unless he gets help, he’ll do worse, including violence you can’t reverse. They will indulge and make excuses about him until he’s dead and then move on to the next person they’ll defend as that person destroys themselves.

He’s beyond the point of salvation.

How Jimmy Fallon Sunk Johnny Carson’s ‘Tonight Show’ (OutKick)

The writer nails it. Network television is dying when 2.5 million viewers can earn late-night hosts’ massive salaries. In leftist logic, it also reveals racism’s true face. When leftists, idiots, and politicians pushed for people of color to be hired, these three white men were employed.

What do they do? Jump on the leftist bandwagon of the same mantra. When it came to their high-profile positions, the networks ignored that mantra.

If white privilege ever existed, here it is. The true faces of white elitism

So, why do we think Cam’s going broke one day? Not just this, but his own excesses. His dressing style alone isn’t cheap.

School complains that Project Veritas expose was done without woke racist teacher’s permission (The Post Millennial)

It wasn’t a problem when 60 Minutes did it. This is legal journalism at its best. There’s anger among leftists because they’re being caught.

Where is the Republican Party to support Project Veritas and work with them as leftist groups do with the Democrat Party? Nowhere to be found!

However, they will use Project Veritas to promote their campaigns. It’s why Republicans lose.

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