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Points on the Board
Points on the Board - NFL, Minimum Wage, Queen Elizabeth

This episode: the guys break down the NFL season opener, wax poetic about Johnny Unitas, discuss the legacy of Queen Elizabeth, and explain why minimum wage laws are a miserable failure.

Pioneers of the fantasy sports industry William Del Pilar and Big John team up to bring you Points on the Board, a show blending sports, politics and pop culture that’ll make you think deeply and laugh out loud.

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00:00 Opening
01:30 NFL Kickoff
06:00 Jalen Ramsey is NOT a top corner anymore; Cooper Kupp is still the man
16:00 Matt Stafford’s arm is fine
19:00 Johnny Unitas and the two-minute drill
23:00 Fantasy Football is a change agent for the NFL
27:00 RIP Queen Elizabeth
38:15 Inside the Minimum Wage failure
51:15 Are libertarians selfish ghouls?
57:15 Shameless Plugs

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