The Round Up: Jones Dominates, Playing with Fire, Praising Jesus!

The Round Up

This Round Up chats about Giants QB Daniel Jones dominating, western nations wanting to manipulate Russian oil, an athlete daring to praise Jesus, and the Packers may be done, plus more.


Packers lose to Commanders: What went right, what went wrong (

Let’s bottom line this. The Green Bay Packers’ schemes aren’t any different from last season. The players may be different, but for QB Aaron Rodgers to keep chastising the play calling and blaming others is hypocrisy.

Their lack of depth at every position is partly because of his massive salary. Most people refuse to understand that. You can play the salary cap game and win with starting players, but no team ever wins that battle with depth. It’s why the NFL is a game of attrition. Those who stay the healthiest or have managed the cap best and can accommodate injuries win Super Bowls.

The Packers have minimal depth, and the wide receiver unit is paying the price for letting Davante Adams walk.

Giants report card: Daniel Jones was dominant vs. Jaguars (

This happens when a coaching staff knows what it’s doing, and the QB gets decent protection. Before Brian Daboll, the Buffalo Bills’ stud QB Josh Allen was a mess. Many stated he was a bust, an overreach, and his play would never reach his talent on the field. We now know those critics are wrong.

Giants’ management set this team and QB Daniel Jones back before hiring Daboll as head coach. Now Daboll is bringing Jones along slowly and correctly, and you’re seeing the results.

Todd Bowles Says Tom Brady, Buccaneers Are in a ‘Dark Place’ After Loss to Panthers (Bleacher Report)

There are many reasons for this, with injuries playing a big part and free agency in the offseason causing some players to move on. However, they are supposedly a Super Bowl-ready team.

The questions surrounding them are legitimate. Maybe they’re not that good this year? Did anyone think of that? Maybe Tom Brady’s lost a step? Perhaps Todd Bowles isn’t an excellent coach versus Bruce Arians?

Regardless, suppose the season continues to go south. In that case, it’ll be a black eye for Tom Brady’s legacy, Bowles turning his coaching career around, and everything in-between.

Nick Saban’s explanation of Jermaine Burton incident sets bad precedent (

Eventually, lawyers will begin circling once the woman attacked by Jermaine Burton gets a lawyer. That’s not good for Burton, Alabama head coach Nick Saban, or the University of Alabama. The payout could be absurd, especially with Saban’s lie as an excuse. 🤦🏽‍♂️

Burton was never nor did he feel he was in danger, as Saban claims. The proof is in the video. To make a blatant lie like that speaks volumes. It shows how Alabama football gets away with lying to sweep issues like this under the rug. Not just Alabama, but almost every major college football and basketball program.

Dustin Hopkins Thanks Jesus After Beating The Broncos (OutKick)

This is old, but nothing’s happened to the Los Angeles Chargers’ placekicker. Nor will anything happen. God-fearing Christians are afraid to speak their beliefs for fear of leftist retaliation or being canceled.

That’s because we’ve allowed our representatives to stop defending our own rights. It’s ok to believe and praise Jesus, despite fearing leftists, stupidity, and retaliation. We must ensure elected officials protect our rights instead of protecting made-up rights by leftists.


Breaking News – Ye (Kanye West) Speaks Out – (

In this exclusive Sports Grumblings press conference, billionaire genius and landmark innovator Ye speaks out on the controversy surrounding his recent comments. Thus, look to the West for answers!


The Economics Of A Russian Oil Price Cap (

To Forbes: First, a price cap will probably backfire, as there are too many issues no one can predict. That happens in every situation in life like this.

To your writer: politicians should care more about gas prices and their constituency than the Ukraine War.

A war that’s become a grift for corrupt Ukrainian elites and our own military-industrial complex, yet our representatives continue to let it happen. 🤦🏽‍♂️

John Fetterman’s wife slams NBC reporter as “ableist,” wants network apology after husband’s disastrous interview (

This harlot’s remarks (Gisele Barreto Fetterman) show she believes in authoritarianism and that the media should practice it on their own based on ideological beliefs. She wants to control what the media can report. 

Because the NBC reporter, Dasha Burns, spoke the truth, she got angry. That’s where authoritarianism comes in. Unless the reporter reports positives about her corrupt husband, John Fetterman, she shouldn’t say anything is Mrs. Fetterman’s belief. Since she did, Mrs. Fetterman wants her punished. This extends to a big-brother government of authoritarianism.

Chula Vista Mayor Candidate McCann Off the Hook with FPPC; City Probe Persists (Times of San Diego)

The Republican candidate, John McCann, had to spend time to prove his innocence because of a Democrat lie. This is how Democrats fight. Their bogus issues cost you time and money.

They created this lie to change the narrative because Democrat candidate Ammar Campa-Najjar doesn’t live in the city, which is a prerequisite. McCann and the California Republican Party need to start immediately the legal process. That drains Campa-Najjar’s war chest and brings it front and center to the public – if the CAGOP can learn to message. That’s how you defeat tactics of lies.

Opinion: Who’s to Blame for California’s High Gas Prices? It’s Complicated. (Times of San Diego)

Elites and elected wannabe elites, starting with Governor Gavin Newsom but going back to Jerry Brown, are responsible! California imposes different mixtures of gas depending on the season. You have refinery recipe costs and everything that goes into creating those different blends – labor, shipping, manufacture, etc. Then there are state, local, and federal gas taxes too. Many will tell you this is the cost of doing business, but this is bad business.

It’s a business built on ideological beliefs and not toward bringing constituents the best and lowest prices possible. Never forget and realize your elected officials are to blame. The truth is simplistic: taking away all the fees, taxes, and gas would be affordable.

East County PAC Agrees to Quit Sending Mailers Decried by Dems as Misleading (Times of San Diego)

This is outstanding! This is what Democrats have done for years. They send out mailers that lie. The irony is that Republicans did exactly what Democrats do and Democrats were quick to react. The next lesson is for the Republican Party throughout the nation to follow the Democrat lead here and fight back immediately. If “activist” judges don’t do their jobs, as is usually the case, then work towards their impeachment.

Regardless, Democrats got a taste of their medicine, which likely affects how voters think and will vote. This is the only way to stop this in the future. Eventually, both parties will come to terms, and neutrality in not using these tactics will emerge. Never forget until leftists feel their own pain brought on by using their own tactics against them; nothing will change.

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