The Round Up – Fantasy Football Playoffs, Leftists and Free Speech, Democrats Push School Mask Mandates!

The Round Up

This Round Up brings us fantasy football, leftists hating Twitter free speech while demanding school mask mandates return, the Twitter Files continue, and more.

As we face vital issues in America, the Round Up is your answer for a world that moves fast. Having legitimate news stories as opposed to the mainstream media narrative is extremely important in understanding the truth.

These are stories that affect us and make us think and laugh too! There are also stories of poignancy, remembrance, and good old fun, because “laughter is still the best medicine!”

We aggregate from thousands of sources. Enjoy, enlighten, and educate yourselves about the reality of today’s America and the New World Order, or as one of our owners would say, “Live and learn.”


Vikings stun Colts: Matt Ryan has now been on the losing end of these four biggest blown leads in NFL history (

It turns out Matt Ryan’s a quarterback that puckers up and can’t win when the pressure is on. Regardless, it looks like the Atlanta Falcons were okay with that. However, the Indianapolis Colts learned the hard way.

Everyone felt bad for him once, but it’s now apparent, under pressure, who and what he is. Let’s be honest; it’s the only takeaway that makes sense.

Apple has reportedly backed out of NFL Sunday Ticket negotiations (

Being pragmatic, as viewers fragment what the winner ultimately pays with, they’ll likely never be recouped. Hell, it may not even be a great loss leader anymore. The truth is the “Red Zone,” and its various iterations are the most popular format fans watch. Hence, outside of hardcore fans of a team or the obvious great matchups, red-zone plays rule the day.

Currently, Amazon and Google are acting like desperate women, wrongly thinking this will help them. On the flip side, those championing the “branding” message are willing to overpay to create a mentality of either Amazon or Google as part of the NFL. Kind of like what DirecTV did, but our viewing options weren’t as fragmented as they are now.

  • Update: Google won the bidding war for $2 billion a year. DirecTV used the “Sunday Ticket” to build itself. Still, it was never profitable and was no longer a critical part of their service.

Thus, the legitimate question to ask. So, why would these big tech companies be willing to hemorrhage billions for a service that’s not in demand as it once was in a more fragmented entertainment world?


2022 NFL season, Week 15: What We Learned from Saturday triple-header on NFL Network

The Baltimore Ravens vs. the Cleveland Browns revealed nothing but that even the great place kicker Justin Tucker can have a bad day. Nevertheless, technically speaking, the other lesson is that teams now have enough film on Ravens backup quarterback Tyler Huntley. Thus, surprising defenses, as he did last season, isn’t happening this season while filling in for Lamar Jackson.

The other two games gave us one team answering the call and being persistent in wanting a win. The losers? We call that incompetence, especially the Las Vegas Raiders, win over the New England Patriots! 

2022 NFL season, Week 15: What We Learned from Sunday’s games

While Sunday gave us some solid matchups, it was a junior varsity day of NFL football when you compared it to Saturday’s triple-header.

Although the 2023 NFL season started with a whimper and weeks of bad luck, hence with, the NFL is roaring back. After some weeks of dud games and blowouts, we’ve had enough magic to compare to the past two seasons. Thus, despite not matching up to Saturday’s fun, it was another great football day.

2022 NFL season, Week 15: Notable injuries, news from Sunday’s games

Let’s hope this column sees updates. That’s because fantasy football owners and DFS (daily fantasy sports) players are always keeping an extra eye on the injury report this time of the year. Mainly because it’s the fantasy football playoff portion of the season, and injuries are going to wreak havoc with DFS picks and fantasy picks, so you must be vigilant.

This is the one week you’re likely to see activity in every fantasy football league!


Points on the Board Expert Fantasy Football Pundit JC Blanco (

Juan Carlos Blanco and fantasy sports pioneer William Del Pilar discuss quarterbacks – Garner Minshew, Malik Willis, Brock Purdy, and others. We break down today’s “West Coast” prototypical running back, such as Christian McCaffrey, along with injuries to J.K. Robbins and others. As always, we discuss sleepers, sports bets, and much more. Please, tune in, and share.


Supreme Court takes up another clash over Biden’s student debt relief plan (The Hill)

Both Republican and Democrat Party presidents try to usurp power for authoritarian gain. For the most part, it works because we have an impotent Congress. Moreover, the morality our leadership continues to display continues to spiral us downward as a nation.

We lose if we hold no one accountable! Hence, this is a direct reflection of the morality of constituents. Further embarrassment reveals itself because they can tell us the size of Kim Kardashian’s tush but not how their representatives have bent us over. Hence, the irony is too rich!

McCarthy’s race for speaker risks upending House on Day One (

Kevin McCarthy, Mitch McConnell, and Ronna Romney, oops, Ronna McDaniel directly cost us the Red Wave. Sadly, McConnell is still a leader. Despite having a challenger, he mopped up the floor with him to continue leading us into hell!

Ronna is likely to remain. That leaves McCarthy as our only shot to make a statement and elect someone else as house leader.

For conservatives that voted for any representative that backs McCarthy, you’re the culprit here if you chose not to challenge your representative. We keep losing because you’re too stupid or ignorant to want to see the truth!


Philadelphia Schools Bringing Back Masks, Which Do Nothing At All (

This is surprising to who? We see this from blue cities and states. San Diego County parents banded together as well as in L.A. County and got it squashed.

Let’s hope we can do the same nationwide because our kids’ health and education suffer. Leftists know this but don’t care. Why? Their job is to enrich the teachers’ unions and the administrative personnel.

Judge rules against L.A. Unified’s vaccine mandate, which remains on pause (EdSource)

Conservative parents are still fighting for their children. They brought more cases to court in the past year than the Republican Party has in the past four years. What makes this sickening isn’t leftist swine still attempting to control our lives but the GOP. GOP leadership tried to co-opt education and use everything conservative parents fought for and won as part of their resume. With the elections over and the “Red Wave” never coming about because of GOP leadership, they no longer care, despite stating they do!

Now, both parties, and their candidates, regardless if Republican or Libertarian, slither into the bung holes they came from without a care in the world to help parents keep fighting! Shocker! 🤦🏽‍♂️


Musk: Taylor Lorenz Suspended from Twitter Due to ‘Prior Doxxing Action’ (

To win the battle, you must adapt. Hence, by adapting, you win the war. Democrats have taken Republicans to the woodshed since they tried to stop the Civil Rights movement and then completely co-opted it. They fight dirty and are more than willing to lie. Moreover, they understand their two greatest weapons. Using emotion and not fact and hate to drive voters to keep them in power.

It’s time for race-hustling, racist bigots like Taylor Lorenz to get a taste of their own medicine. Leftist mainstream media, aka the fake news media, broke the rules on Twitter, knowing nothing would happen. Therefore, they believe that should remain but no more, and we applaud the pushback by the new owner of Twitter.

Twitter files: CNN, ABC, NBC, and CBS blackout coverage of Elon Musk leaks (Fox News)

This is seeing minimal if any coverage in the mainstream media. Thus why, they deserve the moniker “fake news media.” Yet, the Republican Party won’t force a discussion on this during television interviews they agree to.

The sad, ugly truth is that they don’t care as long as they keep power. Who’s at fault? Again, the sheep who keep re-electing them!

The Round Up - Fantasy Football, Free Speech, Mask Mandates!
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