The Round Up – Deshaun Watson Tugging, Westbrick on the Block!

The Round Up gives a hand to Deshaun Watson and another woman coming forward, Russell Westbrook on the trade block, new Cardinals WR Robbie Anderson, plus more.

  • Published on 1 year ago
The Round Up

The Round Up talks Deshaun Watson and another woman coming forward, Los Angeles Lakers PG Russell Westbrook is on the trade block, new Arizona Cardinals WR Robbie Anderson may be low-risk but also a problem child, and much more.


Deshaun Watson facing 26th civil lawsuit: Plaintiff’s lawyer speaks out; NFL says QB’s status ‘unchanged’ (

The “communication” the plaintiffs’ lawyer states they have could be nothing but could change the landscape if it is taped audio.

Never forget former Baltimore Ravens RB Ray Rice. It was an incident that was going to be swept under the table until the video came out. His career was over the moment that the video went public.

If it’s a nothing burger, this is merely another payout and his official situation per the NFL is not changing.

Report: Lakers to resume Westbrook trade talks (Yardbarker)

This isn’t surprising but rather, expected. Look, everyone now knows Westbrook’s not a great fit and not the player the Lakers thought he could be with Lebron James. To make it worse, James convinced the Lakers to overpay for him.

Like it or not, the Lakers want to rid themselves of Westbrick but will not find many suitors at the moment.

Logan Brown booted from Wisconsin football after striking a teammate (

These players are ticking time bombs because they’re rarely if ever told “no” once their talents are discovered.

We could be wrong and should take a wait-and-see position, but he’s been thrown off the team so it’s likely not the first time. A potential “police blotter” player down the road.

Mike Tomlin Addresses Rumored Steelers ‘Locker Room Confrontation’ (

This team’s issues aren’t just quarterback related. There are many issues, from an offensive line to inconsistent receivers, and rushing attack, to a lackadaisical attitude at the moment. This isn’t the type of team Mike Tomlin produces.

The question no one is asking, but we will, “Is it possible Tomlin’s wearing thin and has lost at least some of the locker room?”

Robbie Anderson a Low-Risk Lotto Ticket for Arizona Cardinals (Sports Illustrated)

This is true but the issue is that Robbie Anderson’s a troublemaker with no discipline going to an already dysfunctional team. He’ll add to that.

The truth is this Arizona Cardinals coaching staff is losing this team and Anderson’s not likely to help them come together in the locker room.

While the Cardinals desperately needed to upgrade the wide receiver position, this is a slight risk

Sports Grumblings Spotlight

The Round Up: Vajayjay Aikman, Elon Musk, Ukraine, and Hate! (

The conservative Latino and our preeminent Libertarian, two fantasy football pioneers, talk Tyreek Hill, Keanu Reeves, Deshaun Watson, and more.


Official: Biden to ‘Revisit’ Relationship with Saudis after OPEC Decision (

This is what we would call “coach speak,” in sports. Dementia Joe, aka Joe Biden, is stating this, but won’t follow through.

An easy example is President Trump. Before every election, every presidential candidate would state they are going to move the embassy back to Jerusalem but none did until Trump came to office. These are flat-out lies politicians always make and we don’t hold them accountable.

Biden will do nothing with Saudi Arabia. They are one of the few countries not in turmoil in the Middle East and one of our few allies. They keep Iran in check and our government knows this and our relationship with them will not change. Even though aspects of it should.

At least 269 K-12 educators arrested on child sex crimes in first 9 months of this year (Fox News)

There is no doubt anymore. The Democrat Party and pedophiles are openly grooming children in schools. They’re moving past this battle – an obvious mistake – in the hopes they can claim victory and move to the next phase: normalizing pedophilia by calling it something else.

Make no mistake, they want to normalize the molestation of children.

Ukraine Bit the Hand that Fed It Starlink, and Elon Musk’s Response Is One for the Books (RedState)

Ukraine doesn’t want Elon Musk talking about peace. They want the dollars to keep coming in as they take from it to enrich themselves. That’s not unique to Ukraine but to every corrupt country.

Make no doubt, Ukraine is a corrupt nation. When they spit on Elon Musk, Musk took action and that action is in the form of Starlink and threatening to remove it as part of Ukraine’s strategy in combatting Russia. Don’t piss Elon off!

Israeli NGO gets US Supreme Court nod in bid to hold social media accountable for terror (

Big Tech, such as Facebook, Twitter, and others, condoned and allowed the proliferation of terrorism on their platforms. Yet, they would remove a conservative without a second thought. The irony is that they treat a conservative as a domestic terrorist while allowing terrorist nations to freely use big tech platforms to plan and wage terrorism against the west. It’s about time they get taken to task.

Reassuring, timeless, safe: how Angela Lansbury set the style for female TV sleuths | Angela Lansbury (The Guardian)

RIP Angela Lansbury. You carved your own niche in an industry that sexualizes women first. Not only that, you were extremely successful as a leading lady with a career most can only dream of. “Bedknobs and Broomsticks” put you on the map with every age group conceivable and is a testament to your skills as an actress and business decisions. You are the role model no woman wanted yet needed. RIP.

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