The Round Up – Francesa Destroys Smug Costas, Legalizing Child Abuse

The Round Up

The Round Up talks about Joe O’Dea, a RINO, California legalizing child abuse, little-man Bob Costas preaching, again, LIV Golf and Phil Mickelson, Jerry Jones and Daniel Snyder, and more.


Anthony Davis on playing center: ‘I trust coach’s decision’ (Yardbarker)

The Lakers are in search of a new identity that can win. Sure, they’re trying to create schemes to get them over last year’s hump, but you can’t stray from your natural strengths. Between this, a potential Russell Westbrook trade, LeBron James’ age, and there’s no guarantee the Lakers can turn it around this season.

That’s not just bad for Laker fans but for the NBA that would love to see a New York Knicks and Los Angeles Lakers finals every year.

Mike Francesa blasts Bob Costas over ALDS broadcasts (Yardbarker)

Costas views himself as more significant than he is and feels his intellectualism must teach us history. Never mind, he’s an elitist and wants to teach revisionist history; the reality is that he’s an overpaid buffoon! The Brown Grumbler tells us if “white privilege” existed – which it doesn’t – Costas could be the poster child for it. Well past his prime, it’s time to move on from the little man.

Jerry Jones Reacts to Appearance in Latest Dan Snyder Report (Sports Illustrated)

These owners likely have dirt on one another. Let’s not forget the Dallas Cowboys had a powerful story buried with minimal coverage. It came and went in the news cycle. A $2.4 million settlement because of accusations of cheerleaders against their Senior Vice President of Public Relations. He may or may not have recorded them changing in the locker room and may have been in the room as they changed.

This is just the tip of the iceberg of what seedy tales are happening to every team. These are elites, and elites play by their own rules. Snyder will not sell the Washington Commanders simply because leftist reporters and fans want it.

Phil Mickelson takes his strongest stand in favor of LIV Golf (Sports Illustrated)

The PGA has a problem because we play golf around the world. While they may dominate the European and USA tours, golf is a rich man’s sport, with too many countries willing to host a tournament. LIV Golf has the world as its playground right now. When your pockets are as deep as theirs, that could eventually force the PGA Tour to come to terms.

Will they ever work together? Probably if LIV Golf lasts and their backers in Saudi Arabia continue to push as firmly as they have.

Sports Grumblings Spotlight

Points on the Board – NFL & Taxes, Constantine Sequel (Ep 45) (

The conservative Latino and our preeminent Libertarian, two fantasy football pioneers, talk Tyreek Hill, Keanu Reeves, Deshaun Watson, and more.


California becomes the first sanctuary state for child exploitation (

Think about this. Kids can now come to California and transition without their parent’s knowledge! Another step the Democrats are taking is to indoctrinate and groom kids for pedophilia. Don’t believe us? Well, check it out. The mutilation of children is next. However, it won’t be shocking if the mutilation of a social service worker, government official, or politician happens. If the state follows through with this – messing with a parent’s kid without their knowledge – logical thinking isn’t part of the equation.

Children have underdeveloped brains, so making choices that can’t be reversed is beyond comprehension and is being done for political purposes.

NBC Announce Plans to Extend ‘Quantum Leap Revival’ by 6 Episodes (Trill Mag)

This show is one of the network’s lowest-rated shows. Maybe one show is above it, yet it’s getting more episodes? It’s no secret that networks will lose money to showcase their progressive ideological beliefs. Still, most are now feeling the wrath of lost profits, shareholder demands, and getting back to the business at hand. Turning a profit.

Why they would do this has to be coming from a power player making the final call and not common sense. The Quantum Leap reboot has been an utter failure to recapture the original’s magic.

Christian childcare teacher who refused to read LGBT books to kids sues after being fired: ‘Blatantly illegal’ (Fox News)

Any business should have the right to run its business as they see fit. That’s the ideological Libertarian belief which sadly doesn’t exist as there are laws that put specific rules in place to let someone go. They let this teacher go because of her religious beliefs. She should take them to court. No one wants regulation, but being canceled, i.e., fired for being a conservative or Christian, is wrong.

It’s happening increasingly, and the Republican Party is doing nothing to protect its constituency and Americans.

Trump takes aim at GOP candidate Joe O’Dea in the final stretch of Colorado Senate race (Washington Examiner)

Let’s be clear. The paper is wrong in claiming Joe O’Dea is moderate. He’s not. He’s a RINO and we must see him as a RINO. No conservative in Colorado should vote for him.

After the Mitt Romney debacle, the Brown Grumbler told us he no longer votes for any Republican. If they’re not conservative, he leaves it blank. The belief in the lesser of two evils is essential sometimes, but not every time.

If conservative, don’t vote for a RINO because that’s why our country is in this mess. When conservatives needed a champion in government, the RINOs sided with the other elites to do nothing, regardless of whether they were Democrats or Republicans.

Republicans, Aiming To Win the House, Ready a Strategy To Put Democrats on the Spot Over the Budget (

This is a good read explaining government shutdowns in black and white and how they’ve become so politically toxic to the Republican Party.

They shouldn’t be, but that’s what happens when a party make up of men and women with no cojones or backbone is at its heart. It’s a big reason we’re now in this debacle of an economic mess and a dystopian future.

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