Never Forget the Covid Double-Standards, and the Covid Vaccine Lies!

Covid and Covid Vaccine Lies

When Covid began sweeping the nation, first in China, then through Europe, and finally in America, the government stated 15-days to “stop the spread.” I knew it wouldn’t without herd immunity or a legitimate covid vaccine. A pandemic is a worldwide event, and stopping the spread would never happen in a two-week period. Combine that with human nature at its worst behavior and we all should’ve known the 15-day “stop the spread” was an impossibility. That was just the beginning of the lies!

The government, politicians, the mainstream media and our leading medical authority, Dr. Anthony Fauci became pathological liars and began censoring those speaking truths or questioning the lies. Hence, we all should’ve known the worst was yet to come.

Never Forget COVID-19 Lies

  • Never forget, they told us COVID and the Wuhan lab was a conspiracy theory. They lied.
  • Never forget financial incentives for hospitals to report covid deaths made misreporting them purposeful.
  • Never forget, they told us masks would prevent transmission. They lied.
  • Never forget, they told us the jab would prevent us from catching Covid. They lied.
  • Never forget how state governments tricked many into taking the vaccine by offering cash prizes.

Never Forget COVID-19 Double Standards

  • Never forget that school lockdowns set our children back while the political elite’s kids were in private schools that didn’t shut down.
  • Never forget that the politicians unmasked while forcing help to wear masks.
  • Never forget that politicians forced mom-and-pop business owners to shut down while allowing conglomerates who were donors to these same politicians to remain open.
  • Never forget how they locked us down while allowing racist and fascist groups in BLM and ANTIFA to roam unfettered, destroying billions in property and murdering individuals.

Never Forget the COVID Vaccine Lies

  • Never forget, they told us the boosters would reduce deaths, especially among the young. They lied.
  • Never forget, it went from one vaccine to a booster, another booster, and another, and another.
  • Never forget, they didn’t tell us or lied about the adverse effects taking the jab could cause.
  • Never forget, they told us myocarditis and blood clots are more apt to happen from infection than the vaccine. They lied.

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Never Forget Taking Our Freedom of Choice Away

  • Never forget how they forced too many to quit or get fired from jobs because they refused to take an “Emergency Use Authorization” drug (unapproved Covid vaccines) in their bodies.
  • Never forget the proposals some vaccinated wanted to see happen to those who didn’t take the vaccine.
    • Proposals they did not carry out, because the truth came out before they could consider implementing them!

Never Forget, Because They’ll Try Again

  • We must never forget the lies we were told to get us to take a drug that doesn’t work. Use this as a warning for the next time elitists, governments worldwide, the establishment, the swamp, or whatever you want to call it. Try this again.
    • Authoritarians will never stop in attempts to control us and consolidate their power while enriching themselves at our expense.

Never Forget Education – We Must Teach Critical Thinking

  • This happened because our public school systems have stopped teaching “critical thinking,” which frees us to seek truths versus indoctrination, which tells us what to believe.
    • Vile and evil authoritarians use indoctrination to manipulate and maintain control of societies.

Never Forget, It’s Not for Our Own Good!

  • May God instill in us the courage to stand up to those who would force authoritarianism on us with the lie, “It’s for our own good.”

Never Forget, The Most Important Lesson – Love, Not Hate

  • Never forget those who took it – it was their choice but don’t denigrate them. Most are friends and family. Parents, siblings, cousins, and children. They knew no better. Forgive the anger and hate they harbored towards we, the unvaccinated.
  • Show them love and support because many now live in fear.
    • They must now live with the repercussions, and potential of a life-threatening adverse effect, they were never told could happen, that may now happen.
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