Hottest Women in the World – Stand-Up Comedians

Who are the hottest women in the world? In this article, we’ll look at the stand-ups who make us laugh and catch our eye.

  • Published on 1 year ago

Who are the hottest women in the world? In this article, we’ll look at the stand-ups who make us laugh and catch our eye.

Hottest Women in the World – Aisha Tyler,
Anjelah Johnson-Reyes

Hottest Women in the World - Stand-ups Aisha Tyler

Aisha Tyler is an American actress, comedian, director, and talk show host. Many people know her from her movies and TV shows, as well as the voice of Lana on the animated series Archer. Although she rarely performs stand-up today, she definitely got her start on stage. Besides her comedic talent, check out this six-footer’s sexy legs!

Anjelah Johnson

Anjelah Johnson is a stand-up veteran who also appeared as a cast member on MADtv. Additionally, her hotness is validated by her experience as a former cheerleader for the Oakland Raiders.

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Hottest Women in the World – Christina Pazsitzky,
Iliza Shlesinger

Christina Pazsitzky

Christina Pazsitzky, or Christina P to her fans, is a talented stand-up comic and popular podcast host. Additionally, she’s a hot MILF who’s married to headlining comedian Tom Segura.

Iliza Shlesinger

Iliza Shlesinger is a stand-up, actress and host who was the 2008 winner of NBC’s Last Comic Standing. Additionally, she might be the first name that comes to mind when people are asked to name the sexiest female stand-up.

Hottest Women in the World – Kate Quigley,
Nikki Glaser

Kate Quigley

Kate Quigley is an incredibly hot stand-up comedian who has hosted the AVN Awards. Additionally, she tours as a headlining comedian. She is a regular at the Improv, Laugh Factory, Comedy Store, and Haha Comedy Club in Hollywood.


Nikki Glaser is an American stand-up comedian, actress, podcaster, radio and television host. Also, she hosted the television series Not Safe with Nikki Glaser. But without a doubt, we love to ogle this beautiful woman while she makes us laugh!

Hottest Women in the World – Rachel Feinstein,
Sarah Silverman

Rachel Feinstein

Rachel Feinstein is an actress and stand-up comedian. Feinstein was a finalist on Season 7 of Last Comic Standing. Regardless, if your taste runs to full-figured, curvy hotties with a New York sense of humor, Feinstein is your type of comic!

Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman stand-up comedian, actress, and writer. Despite doing less stand-up these days, the sexy Silverman will always be known as a classic stand-up comedian.

Hottest Women in the World – Taylor Tomlinson,
Whitney Cummings

Taylor Tomlinson

Taylor Tomlinson has released two Netflix stand-up specials called Quarter-Life Crisis and Look At You. Additionally, she is a touring headliner on the club circuit. We just can’t enough of the wholesomely hot Tomlinson!

Whitney Cummings

Whitney Cummings  is a successful stand-up comedian, actress, writer, director, producer, and podcaster. While certainly a talented and funny lady,Cummings isn’t hurt by her appearance. Wow!

Wrapping Up

Women can’t be funny and sexy at the same time? In spite of that negative stereotype, the women above prove the exact opposite! Are there any hot ladies of comedy that we’ve missed?

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