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Free for All - The Morality of Reparations

In this Free for All episode, Bob and Big John welcome Ian V. Rowe to discuss the morality of reparations, and whether or not they are a good idea in our polarized society.

Join legendary libertarian broadcaster Bob Zadek and pioneering podcaster Big John as they plot to take over the world, then leave you the Hell alone!

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00:00 Opening
01:30 Ian V. Rowe of the American Enterprise Institute
03:30 What are reparations?
07:30 Does data support the need for reparations?
10:15 Viewing humans as single-trait beings
13:45 Black families in the U.S. were better off prior to federal programs being enacted to help them
17:00 History has seen reparations paid directly to actual victims
20:30 Critical Race Theory as a foundational underpinning for Reparations
24:00 There is power in being a victim
29:15 Evaluating the level of remedies in reparations
33:30 How much of the reparation movement is tied to paternalism?
42:30 Is there a sinister plot behind reparations?
47:00 “White Behaviors”
49:30 Systemic barriers to Ian Rowe’s “Success Sequences”
56:00 Wrapping Up

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