Del Pilar’s Diatribe: Week Three NFL Power Rankings Broken Down

NFL Power Rankings

The NFL Power Rankings are three weeks in, and we’re finally seeing some separation in teams and what we expect this season. We’re learning the Miami Dolphins are elite; the Indianapolis Colts and Arizona Cardinals are nowhere near competing for a Super Bowl but are playing lights out for their rookie head coaches. The Cleveland Browns defense is elite; the Jacksonville Jaguars, Dallas Cowboys, and Baltimore Ravens aren’t where fans and analysts thought. The Atlanta Falcons and Washington Redskins are pretenders. Finally, one coach escaped firing (Brandon Staley), and one is likely on the hot seat (Kevin O’Connell). This analyst’s take on that? Neither should be a head coach – they aren’t ready. Let’s get to it, people.

Note: Numbers in parentheses by team name note their ranking last week.

The Elites

  1. Kansas City Chiefs (1) Record: 2-1 – the team took care of business against a flailing Chicago Bears running out of excuses regarding Justin Fields and the “bust” term. Between passing, rushing, and scoring, the Chiefs looked like the team that’s won it all twice in the past three years. However, the defense’s dominance was impressive, and many may say it’s the Bears, and they’re right. However, the defense did what the defense is supposed to do. Shut down poor teams. The Chiefs deserve to maintain their top-dog status!
  2. San Francisco 49ers (2) Record: 3-0 – despite a stout defense and offense that reeled off 30 points for the third straight week, the team didn’t look pretty this week and missed some plays, but eventually, their talent took over and destroyed the New York Giants. The team must work on their blitz pickup as quarterback Brock Purdy sometimes ran for his life with a Giant in his face and their red zone offense because, against the elite teams, that will come back to haunt them. Then again, we’re only entering Week 4, so they can figure it out. Three straight weeks with 30 points and a stout defense; while not perfect, this team continues its dominance.
  3. Philadelphia Eagles (3) Record: 3-0 – what can you say about the Eagles? Well, they’re rounding into Super Bowl form with that rushing attack. There’s a lot more film on QB Jalen Hurts; thus, adding a robust rushing attack will help offset the pressure he will see now that D’Andre Swift has broken out with 305 rushing yards in the past two weeks. The defense continued to play at a high level, and while their opponent, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, hung around, never truly out of it, the Eagles completely controlled the game and were dominant. The outcome was never in doubt, and the Eagles continue to play elite football. Barring injury, they’re one of the top three in the league, and now, with the rushing attack, a complete offensive powerhouse.
  4. Miami Dolphins (6) Record: 3-0 – look, every time former head coach Brian Flores whines about how good he is and why he doesn’t have a job, look at the Dolphins head coach Mike McDaniel. Tua Tagovailoa played lights out with a career day, so good; fantasy football owners are still orgasming! My God, 70 points? Flores not only held Tua back, but the team. McDaniel validates my belief. Last week, I stated this team ranked No. 6 because of coaching. The unit itself is showing why it’s elite now with its consistent high-powered offensive play. The Broncos are a joke, but they have talent, and to blow them out as they did proved two things. One that the Dolphins are elite and the Broncos will need all season to build a foundation. The Dolphins know how to win and understand how to take care of business against inferior teams. They haven’t hit their trap game and appear to be a team on a mission! Finally, WR D. Achane – fantasy waiver wire anyone or one-week-wonder?
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Elitism is on their Radar

  1. Buffalo Bills (5) Record: 2-1 – with another dominating win against a team they should dominate (Washington Commanders), the Bills were methodical. They took advantage of a Commanders team that kept turning the ball over. The defense didn’t allow them to get anything going consistently. While many won’t admit it, the loss to the New York Jets without Aaron Rodgers behind center was an embarrassment and a wake up call. They needed the loss – especially this early in the season versus deep in or an early playoff game. They’re still the favorites to take their division by oddsmakers, but the Dolphins could upend them.
  2. Cincinnati Bengals (10) Record: 1-2 – the Bengals were 0-2, but we all knew they would eventually turn it around. They played this week against the better-than-expected Los Angeles Rams. It was a Super Bowl rematch, but the Bengals couldn’t play the refs who gave the Rams their rings. I digress. We saw a glimpse of the Bengals from the last two seasons, but with a new wrinkle. QB Joe Burrows showed an ability to get rid of the ball quickly. Adding screens, short throws, etc., opens the offense even more, especially in short-yardage situations or against teams that favor the blitz. This move, granted, came about because of Burrows’ calf injury, but it worked and added another phase of growth for the offense. Burrows must get 100 percent to take the Bengals to the promised land because the team relies too much on him. When you get into the playoffs, your rushing attack must make an impact, and we’ve not seen much on that front. That’s on the play caller, head coach Zac Taylor. I guarantee you that will come back to haunt them at a crucial time, as it did in their Super Bowl loss.

Better than Average but Still has Kinks to Work Out

  1. Dallas Cowboys (4) Record: 2-1 – last week, I said the Boys were playing elite football but not quite at the level of the top dogs, and we needed to see more. Well, this week, we saw more, including poor coaching. You can blame “trap games” on the players, but it’s the coaches’ job to ensure they are up for the game. A defense as highly touted as this unit has become over the last two weeks cannot give up 222 rushing yards to no-names, have wide-open receivers scoring against you, and still be elite. You also can’t have a defense where players don’t know where to line up, and the opposing offense can trick you by putting players out of position only to score on the plays. Where was this defense? Cornerback Trevon Diggs (ACL), out for the season, wasn’t the reason for this beat down. We already know a Mike McCarthy offense can look mind-blowing, with players creating magic out of his play calling. Still, it can also look anemic with predictable calls, and when losing or under pressure, head coach McCarthy can struggle to get the offense back in sync. We saw that this week as well. It was a colossal blow to a team caught in a “trap game” but also a wake up call. Thus, they’re not on the level of the Chiefs, 49ers, or Eagles.
  2. Detroit Lions (7) Record: 2-1 – the Lions are still learning how to win, but learning how to win is also learning how to bounce back from a loss. After being upset by the Seattle Seahawks last week, they returned to hold the 2-0 Atlanta Falcons to six points. While the offense will get the kudos it should, this week showed a defense that can play at an elite level. They have young players on both sides of the ball, and they’re winning going back to last season. As the season progresses, these youngsters will continue to gel and could push the Lions deep into the playoffs. They’re a team to watch with QB Jared Goff understanding his role, becoming a leader, and making the tough throws. You combine that with a young defense that can get to the quarterback with an even-keeled head coach, and the Lions can become a team no one wants to face, including the Eagles, Cowboys, and Niners. As it stands, they’re already a top-10 team in our power rankings.
  3. Cleveland Browns (13) Record: 2-1 – so far this season, this defense is carrying this team and showing consistency. They came in, put the team on their shoulders, and shut down the vaunted Titans’ rushing attack. Once done, it was nothing but a tee-off on Titans QB Ryan Tannehill. The offense continues to improve, and barring injury, this team should compete for a playoff spot late in the season. They are competing despite losing RB Nick Chubb (knee), and a running back by committee may compensate for that loss. We’ll see, but they’re a team on the rise, and as much as QB Deshaun Watson haters want them to lose, he finally had a solid game, and it could be the turning point for him.
  4. Baltimore Ravens (8) Record: 2-1 – this analyst took heat on his placement of the Ravens last week, and those critics should eat their words. The header for their ranking the previous week read, “Better than Average but Still has Kinks to Work Out.” Right on the money! They should’ve taken care of business against the Indianapolis Colts and a new head coach, offense, and second-string quarterback. This loss shows why they’re nowhere near being elite. They’re still learning a new offense and, ironically, the Colts, a dome team, played better in bad weather. The Ravens also saw too many unforced errors. QB Lamar Jackson is a stud but sometimes refuses to take what the defense gives him. In the playoffs, that is always dooming him. However, in the regular season, he can get away with it, but with a new offense, you shouldn’t be greedy too soon. Learn the offense, then use your talent to expand it with your legs and arm. In their defense, this team has a slew of injuries, but that’s no excuse not to take the Colts out. To blame lousy communication between the return team regarding clock management is legitimate, but the Ravens should never have allowed the Colts to be in the game. They must get healthy, as right now, they’re losing the game of attrition in health.

Pretenders or Contenders?

  1. Seattle Seahawks (14) Record: 2-1 – the Seahawks should’ve handled the Carolina Panthers much easier than they did, but they did show moxie against an upstart team this week and took care of business. Their rushing attack looks potent with Kenneth Walker, but the Panthers are a team they should easily take care of, so knowing how good the Seahawks are is still up in the air.
  2. Pittsburgh Steelers (15) Record: 2-1 – this team has a history of improving as the season progresses, and we’re seeing that with the defense leading in that. However, the talk of the run defense getting on track is inconclusive as Oakland Raiders RB Josh Jacobs is out of shape after holding out in training camp. Still, the defense hounded Raiders QB Jimmy Garoppolo and forced him into some poor throws. The offense played well enough but would sputter. Regardless, those are the trials and tribulations of every team, every week, especially with a second-year quarterback. Overall, the Steelers won a game they were supposed to win. They took care of business.
  3. Jacksonville Jaguars (11) Record: 1-2 – this week against the Houston Texans, the Jaguars were facing a “trap game,” and they fell into it, hook, line, and sinker. Last week, I stated they must learn to win the games they’re supposed to and learn to beat elite units. Test one equals a fail against the Houston Texans. This loss is on head coach Doug Pederson and his staff as much as the players! Miscues were also an issue, and we’re not seeing leadership ability from QB Trevor Lawrence. We also need to see Lawrence step up and show some of the elite talent many believe he has. This team needs to figure out its defense as well. The Texans were out most of their offensive line, with a rookie quarterback sacked 11 times already. The Jaguars came up with a goose egg, and rookie QB C.J. Stroud looked like a Pro Bowl veteran. If they can’t improve the pass rush, this team will be a middle-of-the-road, underachieving unit. That falls on the front office that didn’t upgrade the pass rush this offseason.

The Rest of the Best or Pretenders who are Winning?

  1. Los Angeles Rams (23) Record: 1-2 – the Rams were facing an outstanding 0-2 team fighting not to lose the season three weeks in, and the Rams hung tough. QB Matthew Stafford hung tough despite six sacks but couldn’t overcome a team that had to have that win more than the Rams. Add the magic wearing off WR Puka Nacua, and Stafford’s play was not memorable, but his toughness shows this team still wants to compete. The Rams must get healthy, or Stafford won’t make it through the season. Inconsistency allowed the Bengals to make big plays, costing them the win, but they held them in check for much of the game. The Rams are a wait-and-see team trying to figure them out. They can compete against anyone when in the groove, but can they get back to their Super Bowl season form as they play with no discipline? They fell to 1-2, and we’re still not sure what type of team they have overall.
  2. New Orleans Saints (9) Record: 2-1 – where did the vaunted Saints “D” go? It’s not “Who Dat?” Instead, it’s “Where Dat “D” Go?” The Saints were in control with a 17-0 lead entering the second half, and then QB David Carr (shoulder) went down with an AC sprain. The backup, Jameis Winston, came in cold, but he’s a grizzled veteran who should’ve been able to move the chains outside the final drive. Rookie or not, a placekicker should not be missing a 46-yard field goal. No one’s perfect, but they pay those players to make those kicks. That stated, this isn’t on the placekicker. Instead, it’s on an offense trying to find itself before Carr went down, then taking ten steps back with Winston. That put too much pressure on the vaunted Saints’ defense, and they faltered and failed. However, this loss is on them, as they’re supposed to be elite and the key to making a playoff run. It’ll be surprising to see Carr return next week, as AC sprains take time to heal. It’s a minor type of injury but with great pain and many setbacks if the individual doesn’t refrain from movement. Luckily, the team will get Alvin Kamara back, but in the bigger picture, they need Carr to make a deep run because Winston’s too erratic. The one saving grace is Winston’s multi-game play a few years ago, where he showed an even keel as a game manager and big throws when needed. They’ll need that Winston moving forward. That said, next week’s game is one to watch as he faces his former team, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.
  3. Green Bay Packers (20) Record: 2-1 – a win is a win, but this win came because the New Orleans Saints starting quarterback, David Carr (shoulder), went down with a shoulder injury. Down 17-0, the odds of a comeback with Carr were unlikely, but with an erratic, streaky Jameis Winston, we’re talking about a different team – one unable to move the ball, allowing the Packers to steal a win. Give credit to the perseverance of the Pack and QB Jordan Love, who never quit. They lacked a rushing attack again with RB Aaron Jones (hamstring) out; thus, this win was a steal. Give credit to the defense that made Winston show his streakiness and being erratic. They harried and hurried Winston (Carr, too), allowing Love to stage the comeback. This win is a huge morale builder for the players and a positive step for the team moving forward. While the Saints aren’t elite, the Pack showed they won’t quit and will persevere. It’s a pivotal trait to make a playoff run.
  4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (17) Record: 2-1 – the Buccaneers held their own against the Eagles. While they were never in the game, they were never out of it. When inferior teams play elite teams, the game plan usually tries to contain, hang in, and pull out the upset in the final few minutes. Stay close; hopefully, a big play will put you in the driver’s seat. Well, they tried but failed. Part of that is on the offense. While the Eagles marched up and down the field, the defense held and even came up with turnovers to keep them in it. They were overwhelmed and dominated in the trenches this week, which meant a big night for the Eagles’ rushing attack. The offense must find a rushing attack to help take pressure off Baker Mayfield. Until they do, this team is unpredictable. They won’t beat the better teams, and we don’t know if they’re a mediocre or above-average team yet. Middling is where expectations should be without a rushing attack, but never say never; it’s too early to tell with this squad.
  5. Tennessee Titans (16) Record: 1-2 – talk about a slap in the face. Last week, we talked about how this team takes on the persona of their head coach, which is nothing but toughness and perseverance. This week? Boom, the Browns take them out in dominant fashion. The Browns’ defense, on paper, is always elite but hasn’t shown that consistently. Well, they’ve been showing up this season and took out All-Pro RB Derrick Henry and shut the passing game down. The truth is you take out the rushing attack, and you’re two-thirds of the way to victory, as Ryan Tannehill is not a quarterback who can carry the team. Let’s not forget their top dog at wide receiver, DeAndre Hopkins, is on the wrong side of 30. They also showed no discipline with penalties. Despite the beatdown, they’ll learn from this, but we must ask one question. It’s one thing to run all over average teams, but the Titans need Henry to do that to elite defenses, too. If not, this will be a long season, and can Henry be a consistent cowbell against elite defenses. The great ones can run against any defense, but Father Time waits for no one, and is he nipping Henry’s heels?
  6. Los Angeles Chargers (24) Record: 1-2 – if this team had lost this game the way they should have, head coach Brandon Staley would already be gone. This team has inept coaching despite the talent on both sides of the ball. It bears repeating, but the only reason Staley is still the head coach is that ownership didn’t want to pay him and a new coach. Yes, the Chargers are that cheap. This win is clearly on the shoulders of QB Justin Herbert, as he could quickly read the blitzes defensive coordinator Brian Flores was calling. Why there was no shift from the Vikings is beyond words, but we’re talking about Flores here, a coach who refuses to budge at times with philosophy even when it’s not working. The defense also made plays when it had to. Despite this must-win, it was a devasting loss as well. WR Mike Williams (ACL) is out with a torn ACL for the rest of the season. Tidbit for fantasy football owners: look for Quentin Johnston to see reps now on game day. This win saved Staley’s job, but it’s only a matter of time before he loses another couple of games as he did in Weeks 1-2, and ownership lets him go. He’s this team’s Achilles heel.

Get it Together or Else and Overachievers

  1. New York Jets (12) Record: 1-2 – what can you say about this team that most aren’t already stating? The Jets have an issue with their quarterback position as starter Zach Wilson’s mental game is so low he may be unable to recover. You can see it in his play. He reminds me of Marc Wilson of the Oakland Raiders decades ago. He had all the physical talent but mentally never got it together. That’s Wilson, and part of that comes from being a New York Jet. Their history of an inability to develop quarterbacks is well known. It’s where quarterbacks go to die. Their only hope this season is for Wilson, offensive coordinator Nathanial Hackett, and Aaron Rodgers to over-school the kid to the point he gets the offense. From there, rally the team to support him. Why this route? No quarterback on a current team or the free agent market can come in and replace Rodgers. No matter how good this defense is, you must post more than 10 points weekly to win in the NFL. The days of elite defenses are over, as the league has continually tweaked the rules to favor the offense. The Jets will only become competitive with an all-out team effort to support Wilson and hope his play can improve.
  2. Indianapolis Colts (28) Record: 2-1 – what a victory. Playing with a second-string quarterback in 1970s porn retro look Gardner Minshew, this team came out and smashed the Baltimore in the mouth to upset the Ravens. This win is a product of great coaching by head coach Shane Steichen and continued intelligent play at quarterback, regardless of the quarterback. Minshew is the better quarterback right now, but only because he has NFL experience. He lacks the dynamic talent of Anthony Richardson; thus, it’s incumbent to keep Richardson the starter as this is a rebuilding year, whether the fans or the drunk excuse for an owner want to believe that or not. For now, this is an immense building block in taking out a team many believe can vie for a Super Bowl. The play calling wasn’t perfect, but PK Matt Gay came up clutch, going 5-for-5 with four over 50 yards. The Colts take what opponents give them, stay close, and try to pull off the upset at the end. Mission accomplished.
  3. New England Patriots (25) Record: 1-2 – this team isn’t as far off as most think. There is a lot of hatred from the mainstream media toward the Patriots; thus, slanted articles are always a given. However, much of it they deserve since the Tom Brady era ended. This team looks like a throwback team, and they didn’t look great this week again but managed to eke out a victory. The offense moved the ball up and down the field but struggled in the “red zone.” That’s common with teams learning a new offense. The final piece for the offense is red zone chemistry and timing. Despite being 1-2, they’re at least steady. If offensive coordinator Bill O’Brien continues his work, this team will be a given battle for any opponent as the season progresses, especially with home games as the weather worsens. That gives the Patriots offense a significant edge heading into the winter if they can continue to improve. Let the rushing attack move the offense as it did this week, and let QB Mac Jones continue to learn the nuances of O’Brien’s schemes. Defensively, they’re a much better unit, which will keep them in games this year.
  4. Atlanta Falcons (19) Record: 2-1 – again, last week, the Grumblings Media staff criticized me for having some 2-0 teams ranked lower than some 1-1 teams. Context is everything, and that’s why I’m successful, and others are not. For example, the Washington Commanders are a very soft 2-0 team and are now 2-1 because the Bills showed who they really are with a beatdown. The Falcons are no different. They’ve been playing above their weight class the past two weeks and are now facing a team with a deep playoff and a potential Super Bowl run on their minds. The Detroit Lions are a team on the upswing, whereas the Falcons are where the Lions were at least one year ago if not two. This loss is more of a learning curve in experience. The Lions defense completely dominated the offense. Once RB Bijan Robinson was shut down (10-33-0), QB Desmond Ridder couldn’t carry the team, with the Lions taking him down for seven sacks. He’s not there yet, but they were able to make plays, and even though they didn’t score to keep up with the Lions, they never quit. It’s a positive step, but the losses will eventually continue with this team.
  5. Washington Commanders (18) Record: 2-1 – Last week, there were questions about having 2-0 teams ranked below 1-1 teams, and I stated context is everything. The teams played against, how they won or lost, injuries, etc. The Commanders were 2-0 against two teams, combining for a 0-4 record entering Week 3. Thus, this beat down by the Buffalo Bills is a reality check on how far this team has to go. They can regroup and learn from the loss. Sam Howell had arguably his worst day as a pro with four interceptions, and the offensive line didn’t help as he ran for his life. This game should be a growing experience for the Commanders, and head coach Ron Rivera will look at it that way. New offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy will use this game to push his players; thus, a terrible beat down could be a positive experience in a season where the team hopes to compete for a playoff spot.

What the Hell, We Have No Clue or Playing for Draft Positions

  1. Minnesota Vikings (21) Record: 0-3 – on offense, this is the same high-powered team from last season, and it shows. Do you know what else shows? Poor pass protection and as good as QB Kirk Cousins is, costly interceptions, turnovers, or failed first downs happen because you can’t protect the quarterback. Thus forcing bad throws, tipped balls, fumbles, and failed first downs. While a high-powered offense can beat average teams, it will prove a death knell against contenders and elite teams. While the offense didn’t lose the game, the pass protection was a big reason Cousins sometimes ran for his life. Their red zone offense is struggling, too, epitomized by the right play call with 12 seconds only to see a catchable pass flubbed by their tight end and turn into an interception. This sloppy play is a product of a lack of discipline on this team, and that’s on the head coach, coaching staff, and veteran leadership. Cousins must man up and lead or find someone in that locker room who can. The coaching staff likely doesn’t care enough about discipline by assuming these young players are men and don’t need them harping that. Yet, they do. Finally, the rushing attack saw some light, and it may improve with Cam Akers now part of the team via a trade with the Rams. Here is a tidbit for fantasy owners: grab Akers or Alexander Mattison and see how it pans out. O’Connell realized this week you must have a rushing attack to help keep Cousins’ upright. To right the ship, this team must right the play calling on defense and offense and find a rushing attack. If not, head coach Kevin O’Connell may find himself out before the season’s end.
  2. Las Vegas Raiders (27) Record: 1-2 – while the Raiders were competitive, the play calling must improve, as must the rushing attack. Josh Jacobs must get in shape, as this team can’t win on the arm of Jimmy Garoppolo. His holdout and, thus, not getting into game shape is evident. Do not forget, the Steelers were the worst-ranked rush defense coming into the game. That said, the coaching quality of Josh McDaniels is always under question. In this case it’s justified. He should have gone for it after taking the penalty and the fresh downs. By not going for it, all he did was waste time, ergo, bad clock management.
  3. New York Giants (22) Record: 1-2 – the Giants are floundering! Another beat down by a top-tier Niners team, 30-10 (Dallas beat them 40-0 in Week One), and they almost lost to a team without a quarterback in the Arizona Cardinals. The current consensus is that the Giants are a bottom-tier team now. They could only garner 150 total offensive yards with only 29 rushing yards, and it’s apparent that they missed RB Saquon Barkley. There’s no guarantee he will come back in time for Week 4 from a high ankle sprain. Where is the defense? They’ve given up 40, 28, and 30 points, and that’s unacceptable. Losing to the Niners is nothing to have shame over, but you must be competitive if you believe your team is ready to take the next step and compete for a Super Bowl. Right now, the New York Giants are a joke!
  4. Arizona Cardinals (32) Record: 1-2 – last week, the Cardinals collapsed after stunning the favored Giants, and this analyst stated the defense is playing lights out, but the offense isn’t good enough. Maybe this team is coming together or wants to show the league not only can they compete, but they can also win. After two weeks, they did that against a Cowboys squad that is seen as elite. Between trickery and the Cowboys falling for the “trap game,” the Cardinals won a solid victory after squandering two leads in the season’s first two games. Maybe this team has a few more upsets to play, as they’ve shown to have heart and persistence. They’re a young team with a young, hungry coach, in Jonathan Gannon, who plays relentlessly and has brought that attitude he had as the Eagles defensive coordinator to the Cardinals. He has this team mentally prepared more than most NFL squads, including some top teams (see the Cowboys).
  5. Houston Texans (31) Record: 1-2 What a victory, especially over a Jaguars team that most, including this analyst, believes could be on the verge. C.J. Stroud? WOW! As stated last week, this kid has yet to throw an interception and will see more reps than he can handle to give him the experience to bring the Texans to prominence. Give credit to head coach DeMeco Ryans and his handling of the position and player. It also doesn’t hurt that he studies, studies, and studies. That’s likely a big reason for the upset win against a Jaguars team supposedly on the cusp. Arizona Cardinals quarterback “Little Man” Kyler Murray could learn a thing or three from Stroud’s discipline. This team will lose a lot, but if Stroud’s development continues, no one will care, and we could have a great one in the making. It’s too early to tell, but that could be the case here. This analyst always falls in love with students of the game at the position. I believe Peyton Manning is an overrated quarterback and not even the best of his generation, but he was a student of the game, and that was his greatest strength outside his PR and marketing team. That discipline can turn an average QB into a star and a stud into an elite player.
  6. Carolina Panthers (29) Record: 0-3 – Andy Dalton should be this team’s starter with a stat line of 34-of-58 for 361 yards and three touchdowns, but since they’re not competing for a Super Bowl, starting rookie Bryce Young is the correct move in this new NFL where development of any player is a forgotten foundational belief. This team should be playing better if we’re to believe in the greatness and grandeur of head coach Frank Reich. Why isn’t it? First, they don’t appear to have a rushing attack, and it takes time to rebuild when a team has been mismanaged for years by an inept front office and coaching staff that did not know how to handle NFL players. This season will be miserable for the Panthers, with few wins.
  7. Denver Broncos (26) Record: 0-3 – are we willing to give Sean Payton time? I believe everyone understands this team will lose, but allowing a team to amass 762 offensive yards and 70 points is beyond understanding. However, they let the Commanders come back last week when they were down 18. This team was horrific last year, and it will take one season alone just to reset this team’s foundation. Their defense has some solid names, but defensive coordinator Vance Joseph may not survive this season and, arguably, likely shouldn’t after allowing 70 points. No NFL defense should look or play as bad as the Broncos are.
  8. Chicago Bears (30) Record: 0-3 – between off-the-field issues with now former defensive coordinator Alan Williams, and QB Justin Fields caught trying to blame the coaching staff (partially true) for “robotic” play, it was a horrific week. Regardless, “Da Bears” are genuinely one of the worst teams in the league. Last week, I stated patience will wear thin with the fans and front office, but let me add that the front office is likely on the hot seat after ownership has seen three weeks of not poor play but ineptitude! Fandom and the mainstream media, including bigots like race-baiter DJ Dunson of Deadspin, will continue to defend Fields by claiming his critics are supremacists blowing their dog whistles. Bigots like Dunson are the norm in today’s mainstream media. The truth is Fields is entering his third season and is regressing. His play and decision-making have been atrocious, from not going through reads to completely missing open players. No matter how athletic, a quarterback who wins the Super Bowl understands, you must stand strong in the pocket and MAKE the tough throws. He can’t, nor has he after three years of play. That said, you win and lose as a team; much of this is on the coaching staff. This team appears to lack leadership from the coaching staff and players, including Fields (a knock on him coming out of college). Look for the fans to turn on the coaching staff and, in this case, the front office too.

There you have it! William Del Pilar’s Three NFL Power Rankings. Do you agree or not? Let us know.

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