The Round Up – Zach Wilson, Blown Knee? Lamar Jackson Guaranteed Contract? Tatis, Fat and Happy?

The Round Up update discusses Zach Wilson and his knee injury, Lamar Jackson and a guaranteed contract, and is Fernando Tatis fat and happy and no longer cares.

  • Published on 2 years ago
The Round Up

In this Round Up update, we discuss Zach Wilson and his knee injury, Lamar Jackson and his want for a guaranteed contract, and Fernando Tatis and his fat and happy life.


Early fear is that NY Jets QB Zach Wilson tore his ACL (

  • Usually, it’s an ACL tear during no-hit plays in football.
    • It was just a meniscus tear and bone bruise.
  • While serious, we’re looking at 2-4 weeks compared to a torn ACL.
    • A four-week healing time is likely.

Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins tests positive for COVID (

  • COVID guidelines have been updated by the CDC.
    • How quickly will they modify their policies to retain these players?
    • Players like these are at their peak as physical specimens and do not need a jab.
  • Vaccines don’t prevent the spread, and some reports show vaccinated people are worse off than unvaccinated people.
    • It’s still a debate.

Browns will consider Jimmy Garoppolo if Deshaun Watson’s 6-game suspension increases –

  • They’ll pay as they’re built for success now.
    • Leadership and playoff experience are essential. It won’t be cheap!
    • If not, there will be mediocrity and another lost season with Jacoby Brissett.

Carolina Panthers owner could pay over $82M to creditors for failed practice facility project | Yardbarker

  • What an exciting sight. David Tepper, the Panthers’ owner, was trying to get away without paying and leave half-built.
  • Local politicians may screw up, but this issue should and could have been resolved.
  • In truth, Tepper is closer to Washington Commanders owner Daniel Snyder than Clark Hunt, respected Kansas City Chiefs owner.

What is NFL Plus? Everything to know about the new streaming option for 2022 games | Sporting News

  • As this customer base grows, the NFL will be less likely to alienate its paying base with social justice nonsense.
    • That’s because if that happens, lost customers will be directly felt.
    • After taking a hit in viewership and sales in 2020, they learned a valuable lesson.

NFL Black Friday game on Amazon Prime coming by 2023 ‘at the latest’ (

  • This is Amazon Prime’s attempt at the ultimate marketing tool to drive sales.
  • In terms of expectations, the numbers are exponential.
    • However, how many will watch the game via streaming when these games are traditionally televised?

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross changes succession plan, will hand franchise to his daughter –

  • Regarding buying the team, the current succession plan is for Dolphins’ vice chairman Bruce Beal.
    • Has Beal lost his first right to buy?
  • Public knowledge differs from owners’ beliefs, including speculation in the article.
    • We hear what owners say, not what they actually believe.
  • How it plays out will be interesting.

NFL betting: As George Pickens preseason hype grows, so do OROY bets on him (

  • Betting on Pickens means you believe the Steelers quarterback problem will be resolved.
  • Right now, he’s showing all-world talent, but it’s only preseason.
    • Wait and see.

Lamar Jackson Contract: QB Wants Guaranteed Deal, More Than $230M (

  • These deals limit NFL teams’ championship chances.
    • More and more will follow DeShaun Watson’s lead.
    • Yet, the Cleveland Browns’ chances of winning it all aren’t as high as fans think.
  • Kyler Murray’s likely demise is another deal to watch as it likely implodes.
    • With Kirk Cousins added, these three deals may serve as a warning to other teams.
  • Yet, it may work for Jackson, so why not try it? 

Yankees & YES bending over backward for unvaxxed Paul O’Neill (

  • No matter what, society still treats the vaccinated differently than the jabbed.
    • Yet, these untested vaccines are still catching, spreading, and killing the jabbed due to weakened immune systems.
  • Untested refers to the process all vaccines undergo before being released.
    • The jab wasn’t subject to those rules as an emergency use authorization. 
  • The jabbed are catching, recatching, and spreading COVID, so maybe all this helps O’Neil? 

Fernando Tatis Jr. Is Suspended And Padres GM, Players Don’t Hold Back (

  • Getting generational-money contracts often leads to this.
  • They lose their drive to succeed when they’re fat and happy.
  • Since so much is tied to one player, they destroy a team’s potential to win it all.
  • Right now, it’s all about Tatis.


Points on the Board – Fantasy Football, NFL Camp Battles

  • Pioneers of the fantasy sports industry William Del Pilar and Big John team up to bring you Points on the Board, a show blending sports, politics, and pop culture that’ll make you think deeply and laugh out loud.
  • This episode: Del Pilar and Big John review some of the NFL training camp battles, some Fantasy Football 101, and bid farewell to a troika of legends.


California Wants you to Pay the state for using your Own Water | ZeroHedge

  • Socialist Democrats want to keep taxes high in a state where the middle class is fleeing.
  • Now they charge exorbitant fees to private landowners for water.
  • CAGOP is purposely impotent.
    • Thus, we must defend ourselves! Authoritarianism is like bullies who won’t stop until confronted.

Disney Under Fire For Endangering Kids With Disney+ (

  • In business, profit is all. Netflix learned “woke” isn’t profitable.
  • There is only one message for the viewer. Don’t like it? Subscribe to a new service!

Hogan continues to show signs he’s exploring a run for president in 2024 (

  • Mitt Romney and Songbird McCain gave millions of conservatives a reason to stay home.
  • Hogan is sucking stupidity’s teat.
    • He represents democrat-lite, which won’t convert Reagan Democrats looking for alternatives.

$25 Million in Federal Funding Awarded to Advance High-Speed Rail in Californial

  • Housing, cops, and homelessness could all be addressed with these funds. This boondoggle?
    • In addition to paying off donors, unions, and enriching socialist democrats, how many more billions will be spent?

Is Sydney Sweeney Out of Touch or Being Honest? (

  • Considering how out of touch she is, Marie Antoinette may be her ancestor.
    • She’s an ignorant idiot.
  • Actors earn exponentially more than average Americans.
    • She’s struggling to live within her means.

Anne Heche’s Sons React To Her Death With Touching Statement – Hollywood Life

  • You lived a tumultuous life with its ups and down, but you made an adventure out of the journey.
    • RIP, Ms. Heche. Your next journey awaits.

Low water levels at Lake Mead reveal more than just human remains – CBS News

  • This is a misleading article as California refuses to implement what needs to be done.
  • This includes a socialist-Democrat party governing this state for over 10 years, ignoring laws and propositions passed to improve our water supply.
  • In the leftist mainstream media, no article is complete without mentioning #ClimateChange.
    • Is anyone considering the possibility of population growth beyond expectations, including millions of illegal aliens flooding the state? 🤦🏽‍♂️

Ratings for Chris Cuomo’s weeks-old podcast sinking fast (

  • See how quickly it tanks when his News Nation show premieres!
  • His ratings show that Cuomo isn’t what he thinks compared to the competition.
  • The fact that he isn’t “in demand” speaks to how his peers view him. Quite low.

California teacher arrested for allegedly molesting students (

  • Schoolchildren are at risk from teacher pedophiles and groomers.
    • Cases are growing exponentially and are too numerous for anyone to deny it.
  • Sadly, it is likely that they support Democrat state senator Scott Wiener.
    • Many believe Wiener’s a pedophile since he supports and tries to pass laws to protect these sickos.
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