The Round Up – Gore the Terror, Kardashian the Powerful, Watson the Predator, Davidson the VaJayJay, and Battling for Gun Rights!

The Round Up talks Frank Gore the Terror, Kim Kardashian the Powerful, DeShaun Watson the Predator, Pete Davidson the Vajayjay, and battling for our gun rights!

  • Published on 2 years ago
The Round Up

The Round Up talks about Frank Gore the Terror, Kim Kardashian the Powerful, DeShaun Watson the Predator, Pete Davidson the Vajayjay, and battling for our gun rights!


Frank Gore Allegedly Involved In Dom. Violence Incident, Charged W/ Simple Assault (

  • It is true that the saying, “don’t meet your heroes,” holds true, because we are all human and imperfect.
  • Even so, you don’t abuse anyone, and if guilty, you must pay the price.
  • Ask Bill Cosby.

Roger Goodell: Deshaun Watson’s Behavior Was ‘Egregious,’ ‘Predatory’ – Sports Illustrated

  • #MeToo where are you? The battle has been handed to women sports reporters and pajama boys.
  • What happened to Alyssa Milano? Did Watson’s “Happy Endings” not constitute sexual assault? 🤦🏽‍♂️

Browns’ Jakeem Grant Sr. placed on IR for season with ruptured Achilles; surgery soon –

  • It begins. Everyone talks about how great an offensive line is, or how exceptional the defense is. At the start of the season, it doesn’t matter if it’s true or not since the NFL is an attrition game.
  • Teams that suffer few injuries or don’t lose their superstars tend to win championship games.
  • A new season of the “game of attrition” begins.

Cowboys to use RB Tony Pollard at slot receiver | Yardbarker

  • Fantasy football players should salivate over this news.
  • Avoid overvaluing him and drafting him too early.
  • Nonetheless, don’t overlook a two-way player for lineup slots.


Fired up! – CA Data Breach, 2nd Amendment, CA Law AB 1594 (Ep 06) (

  • The issues of the day get William Del Pilar FIRED UP! Everything is fair game for William.
    • We are joined by gun advocate Craig DeLuz. Was the California Data Breach deliberate? We revisit our fight for 2nd Amendment rights. We expose AB1594, a new law allowing anyone to sue gun manufacturers.


How Kim Kardashian Feels About Pete Davidson Going to Trauma Therapy Over Kanye West (

  • It’s like Davidson is a pajama boy vajayjay. He can dish it out, but not take it.
    • See Dan Crenshaw.
  • Hollywood swine are like this today.

Firearms Groups Sue Over California’s Ban on Marketing Guns to Minors – Times of San Diego

  • Gun control calls have not grown. It’s the same losers and politicians who support unconstitutional gun laws.
    • However, Democrats support porn in schools, teachers grooming children, and full-blown indoctrination over education that puts America at risk.
  • Despite an impotent Republican Party, gun advocates and activists have preserved Second Amendment rights!
    • Thanks for nothing, GOP!

New Information Shows Canada’s Ban On Unvaccinated Travelers Is Based On Politics, Not Science – OutKick

  • An authoritarian is never above creating false narratives that harm constituents but consolidate power.
    • Politicians will lie for power and wealth.

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