The Round Up – Show Me the Money LIV, Baby Killer Warnock, Now a Grifter!

In this edition of the Round Up, we cover LIV Golf continually showing golfers “mo money,” pro-abortionist preacher Ralph Warnock grifting for $, and much more.

  • Published on 2 years ago
The Round Up

In this edition of the Round Up we cover LIV Golf continually showing golfers “mo money,” pro-abortionist preacher Ralph Warnock and grifting for dollars and much more.


Clay Travis: Bills’ Punter Matt Araiza Is Replaceable, Deshaun Watson Is Not (OutKick)

  • It’s always been this way. Bill Parcells and Jimmy Johnson, former NFL Super Bowl coaches, attest to this.
  • When Mike Tice released his punter, he said it was a message to his players. 🤦🏽‍♂️

Ernie Zampese of ‘Air Coryell’ Chargers, Cowboys, dies at 86 (

  • RIP to an offensive genius. Despite never receiving due credit publicly, Zampese was respected beyond measure within the league.
  • He and his family are in our thoughts.

Joaquin Niemann Heading To LIV Golf, Manager Confirms (Golf Monthly)

  • Signings will continue. Saudi Arabia is swimming in billions.
  • Their business dealings include PGA Tour sponsors.
  • Yet the PGA is highlighting LIV Golf’s Saudi Arabian funding to win public support against them. Hypocrisy, PGA?

SDSU coach Brady Hoke, AD leave walk out of conference amid questions about alleged rape by former players (

  • Duke Lacrosse vibe? Who knows?
  • Yet, in that case, it was a rush to judgment because of political correctness, race-hustling, and the mainstream media proving why they are called the Fake NewsMedia!
  • A big thank you to the Times of San Diego for their early coverage versus national media only jumping on board after an NFL player’s name emerged.


Fired up! – George Gascon Recall Flop, Reasons for Failure

  • Insiders Marc Ang and Karen Roseberry lay it all out, how the California Republican Party (CAGOP) and their elite incompetence in not submitting enough signatures to Recall Gascon.


Password Manager, LastPass Reports Breach, Says No Credentials Stolen (

  • It’s brutal, and they may say passwords weren’t affected, but then they’ll reveal otherwise down the road.
  • Change your master password. How long will it take these password managers to allow local storage?
  • Keeping the files local with people using multiple devices is challenging in their defense.

CNN Medical Analyst Says Masking Stunted Her Toddler’s Language Development—and Taught Her an Important Lesson about Tradeoffs (

  • Unlike this idiot, some of us actually read the data-packed articles the mainstream media censored.
  • The reports were out there when masks were first discussed. Then gradually, websites began removing content and censoring those who stated such.
    • Including YouTube.

GOP, Remember the Maxim! (

  • There is no doubt that the Republican Party has perfected “snatching defeat from the jaws of victory.”
  • The California Republican Party (CAGOP) lives this in California, the Brown Grumbler’s home state
    • This is why the GOP has lost California exponentially since 2010.

How Raphael Warnock Doubled His Income Since Joining the Senate – Washington Free Beacon

  • Political careers are the best legal grifts for conmen.
  • Remember, he chastised Kelly Loeffler for making money while in office.
  • This hypocrisy is beyond words.
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