In this edition, the Round Up covers Florida Governor Ron DeSantis the Crusader, San Francisco 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo restructures his contract and much more.

  • Published on 2 years ago
The Round Up

In this edition, the Round Up covers Florida Governor Ron DeSantis the Crusader, San Francisco 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo restructuring his contract, and much more.


49ers, Jimmy Garoppolo, Agree to Restructured Deal, Per Reports (Sports Illustrated)

  • No matter what others say, renegotiating Jimmy Garoppolo’s contract wasn’t stunning.
    • Getting cut means he gets nothing, so now he’s the highest-paid backup.
  • Obviously, leftist sports media erred in assumptions and predictions.
    • This is an indictment of media ignorance. 🤦🏽‍♂️
  • As a result, trading him is much easier.

These are Todd Bowles’s Buccaneers, and the timing couldn’t be better (Sports Illustrated)

  • Todd Bowles has a championship roster, so it is do-or-die for him.
    • No more “but it’s the Jets…” excuses 🤦🏽‍♂️
    • He promised the Jets he would turn their program around but failed.
    • His firing was not about race, as many knowingly lied about, but about wins and losses.

Aaron Rodgers jabs Keith Olbermann during Joe Rogan podcast (

  • Whenever a pajama boy, vajayjay, writes, you know. 🤦🏽‍♂️
    • Check out yellow journalism and how it purposely creates a negative narrative toward Rodgers.

Raiders Fans Put A Prison Yard Beating On A Fellow Raiders Fan During Preseason Game (OutKick)

NFL stadiums are light on security, and that’s not conjecture; that’s a fact.

In today’s tribalistic society, this will get worse. Let’s not forget that vicious, life-threatening beatdowns tend to happen every 1-2 years across all sports.


Breaking News – LPGA Golf Star Paige Spiranac

  • LPGA golfer Paige Spiranac challenges the public with a few things to get off her chest. She’s not a lady you mess with!


DeSantis Suspends Four Broward County School Board Members (

  • DeSantis fights like a Democrat and takes no prisoners.
    • Facts and data back him up. It’s why the mainstream media hates him.
    • When he stops a press conference, he challenges the lie with a fact and demands proof. Leftist media can’t.
    • He takes away their narrative.

Star Trek’s Tasha Yar Returning To The Franchise (

  • Star Trek: The Next Generation was the last great Star Trek series.
    • Subscriptions to Paramount Plus are needed to watch a season-long reunion.
    • That’s a brilliant marketing move, but it won’t work.
    • The magic and viewers diminish with each Star Trek.
    • Right or wrong, it happens.

Is America on the verge of a new housing collapse? Mountain West and Sun Belt overvalued by 72% (Daily Mail Online)

  • The logic dictates that a homeowner, especially one who plans to move to a lower cost of living area, should sell high.
    • Then rent in the state they want to move to and wait.
  • It’s not rocket science, and those who ignored this will now pay a higher mortgage rate than their neighbors.

Student loan handout reaction: People ‘are getting rewarded for doing the least amount (Fox News)

  • The Brown Grumbler and most Latinos and Americans are outraged by this decision.
  • Dementia Joe will likely lose in court, and more minorities will switch to the Republican Party.

End of an era: NBC may stop prime time programming at 10 p.m. due to low ratings (TheBlaze)

  • TV networks are dying, as we’ve said.
  • Taking this step forward is another step.
  • Particularly as all network television and their parent companies have moved to streaming.
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