The Round Up – Leftists Attack, Stargate Geezers, Lying Politicians!

The Round Up

This Round Up brings us “When Democrat Plantation Leftists attack,” Stargate geezers, a bad or great reboot idea with actors in their 60s and 70s, and will politicians ever stop lying about guns?


Kyle Busch is reportedly down to two ‘front-runners’ to sign him for next season (

Being wanted and in demand is tremendous, and his pursuers are willing to pay. All race car drivers are Alpha males. Their time wears thin because sports is a business of alpha dogs, including NASCAR owners.

Until he stops winning, Busch will be okay.

Curt Schilling Blasts The Baseball Writers Who Vote On The Hall Of Fame (

Hub Arkush was an exceptionally kind boss who put personal views above professional ones.

He exposed how writers vote for athletes in the hall of fame. Sports Grumblings knew this, but it needed to be exposed.

For the same reason, leftist hacks won’t put Schilling in the HOF. The Democratic Plantation hates him.

Their role is to take action against anyone who opposes the plantation’s mantra, including black, brown, yellow, and red Americans.

It doesn’t matter how much someone achieves; they will destroy them.

NFL, and MLB, all vote the same. Schilling deserves a spot.

MLB to Vote on Rule Changes That Could Change Game Pace, per Reports (Sports Illustrated)

Many have predicted baseball’s demise. Maybe, but not soon.

The game still needs to be changed to make it more fan-friendly.

While purists complain, viewers are dwindling over the past twenty years. Watching baseball is boring for many.

Dan Le Batard uncomfortable with media invading Tom Brady’s life (

Le Batard’s a hypocrite. In the past, he never hesitated when pursuing conservatives for leftist love.

It sounds like he’s protecting a friend or a player he likes. In my experience of working with over 200 reporters over 10 years, they report poorly on coaches and players they don’t like and pump up those they do, protecting them and making excuses for them.


Top 50 2023 NBA Free Agents (Spotrac Research)

This article is probably more for NBA, fantasy basketball, Daily Fantasy analysts, or hardcore fans.

We’re talking off-season next year. For diehards, it’s never too early to look ahead.


Points on the Board – Queen Elizabeth RIP, Rams vs. Bills and Minimum Wage Debacles (Ep 43) (

The boys talk, minimum wage lies, the queen is dead, long live the king, who created the two-minute drill and your welcome world. The NFL reporting is exponentially better because of fantasy football.


Robert Telles arrested in killing of reporter Jeff German | Las Vegas Review-Journal (

It’s the so-called tolerant left. What an evil person! Worse? Mainstream media purposely ignored this story. Why?

Well, Telles is an elected Democrat. In a sick and sad irony, Sin City and German’s chronicling makes it a bit macabre.

Much love as you begin your next journey, Mr. German.

Exclusive: Stargate Reboot Movie Aiming To Get Original Actors Back (

These actors are in their 70s and 60s.

You have the popular series, as in many different ones.

Is it worth it? Is Hollywood so interested in making money? After the movie, the series expanded the universe and made it beloved. There would probably be an advantage to creating a new streaming series that would cost less and in a universe with an established foundation.

Over-the-hill actors such as James Spader, who lost his leading man look decades ago, don’t sound like a winning formula to us.

Queen death: Woke liberals waste no time in attacking monarch (Daily Mail Online)

These individuals represent racism, bigotry, and hate. It’s black supremacy.

Because of political correctness, we do not challenge their blatant racism towards whites. It’s not equality.

Ironically, they’re slaves to the masters they claim to hate while race-hustling for a check. Hypocrisy, anyone?

Law-Abiding Gun Owners Ignored By Media, Maligned By Politicians (ZeroHedge)

Data on good guys with guns, mass shootings, and assault weapons are flat-out lied about by politicians.

They do this to take our guns. You can see what happens when a nation takes away its citizens’ right to arm themselves. Take a look at what the police did in Australia. They brutally beat several of them with the government’s support, resulting in extended hospital stays and long-term injuries.


Exclusive: Aaron Paul Eyed To Replace Bruce Willis In New Die Hard Movie (

Paul’s a good actor but miscast physically. Unlike Willis, he is puny and not what you would call a “hunk.” The role suited Willis physically, and he was convincing. Paul is not.

 Despite the last Diehard flick being a dud, most of America and I have enjoyed the previous incarnations.

Jai Courtney, playing John McClain’s son, is physically fit for the role and can play the rit in a sequel.

King Charles Recognizes Prince Harry and Meghan Markle in His First Address After Queen Elizabeth’s Death (

Chuck is a hardcore leftist, and the moment he preaches, the debate on ending the monarchy will begin. Generally speaking, half of England is conservative.

Remember, it’s the monarch’s job to protect Christianity. England is a Christian nation, and the king is responsible for leading and preserving it. Tolerance is a given to other religions, but abandoning Christianity will mean the fall of the monarchy.

Hope it’s soon. It’s time the English woke up and stopped letting a bunch of elites leech off them to the tune of billions.

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