The Round Up – Dolphins’ Suspensions, Batgirl Killed, Netflix Cancels Woke

The Round Up

In this Round Up, the Miami Dolphins are caught tampering, the new Warner Brothers regime kills off the Batgirl, and Netflix sees the numbers and cancels Woke!

Sports Round Up

Iman Shumpert Arrested in Dallas Airport for Marijuana Possession – Sports Illustrated

  • It reminds us of Brittney Griner saying she didn’t realize she packed her hashish oil. Will the former NBA champion try that in court?
    • A worse problem is that leftist sheep defend these stars, believing that they are above the law. 🤦🏽‍♂️

Dolphins owner Stephen Ross gets suspension for violating tampering rules by contacting Tom Brady – Chicago Sun-Times (

  • All of them are terrible.
  • It was Brian Flores who purposely undermined his starting quarterback, more than once.
    • Former offensive coordinator Chan Gailey and former quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick know.
    • Undermining caused more losses than wins.
  • A terrible owner, Stephen Ross has never won a playoff game in 15 seasons.
    • What does he do? He tampers with Tom Brady and Sean Payton, he cheats.
  • No punishment has been meted out to Brady or Payton, which is the real question.
    • We know why! 🤦🏽‍♂️

Massachusetts Sports Betting: Bill Passed By Lawmakers, Finally (

  • What is the cost of all this?
    • Almost all gamblers lose money.
    • There are very few winners, and those who do can’t bet at many establishments because they are blacklisted.
  • In terms of politicians?
    • In the form of taxes, they only see dollar signs.
    • Cultural, individual, and financial costs are irrelevant to them.
  • Besides destroying families and making them poorer, it will also create a whole new world of addicts.

NFL Players Association files reply to NFL’s appeal of Deshaun Watson’s six-game suspension –

  • No, he’s not starting game one. Because the NFLPA accepted the six-game suspension publicly.
  • The purpose of this process is to add games to the punishment. It’s this they’re fighting against.
  • Those who believe they can win a federal lawsuit.
  • Maybe, but more likely the court will hear it and then tell both parties we don’t get involved in cases where parties have already agreed to arbitration. Unless something egregious has occurred, they don’t get involved in union-company issues.

Sports Grumblings Spotlight – Points on the Board Podcasts

Points on the Board – Fantasy Football, Juan Carlos Blanco (

  • Juan Carlos Blanco joins William Del Pilar, returning to his fantasy football roots, to discuss the FSGA Champions League draft, sleepers, busts, and strategies!
  • Sports Grumblings was founded by fantasy sports pioneers who helped commercialize the industry.
    • Now, as one of the few conservative sports companies fighting against “woke” media, we hope you will support and follow us.
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Politics, Pop Culture and Entertainment

Warner Bros. Discovery CEO Defends Cancelling DC’s Batgirl Movie (

  • By reading between the lines, it appears that the CEO is saying that the movie sucked. There’s no way around it.
  • Does the CEO think a complete financial loss by not releasing will save more money than even trying to stream it?
    • Marketing budgets are exorbitantly expensive, let’s not forget that.
  • To validate the new CEO’s beliefs and add insult to injury?
    • The film was deemed terrible by focus groups that watched and reviewed it.

Taliban are enforcing their rule with a vengeance, veteran correspondent warns (

  • As expected. Their vengeance is evident in the fact that they attacked and killed a dozen American soldiers during our retreat.
    • The fact that President Biden acceded to every demand, including leaving over $80 billion in arms behind, shows how bold they have become.
  • Neocon whores and politicians who never served and loved money over defeating the enemy are to blame for the Taliban’s return to power.
  • Despite being outnumbered in numbers, strategy, and tactics, the Taliban knew they could outlast weak American regimes – see Obama and Biden.
  • It’s why they won!

Another One Bites the Dust: Netflix Cancels Lesbian Vampire Show | Newsbusters

  • Hollywood and the ruling class are trying to sell us a world we don’t want.
    • We won’t watch something we don’t want. Therefore, there are no viewers. Therefore, cancellation is necessary.
  • What’s worse about all this?
    • Instead of taking responsibility or understanding what the public wants, the creator blames Netflix.
  • “Go woke up, go broke,” has become a cliché, but what else can you say?

Republican Party launching immigrant naturalization test program (

  • The GOP must do more than this to succeed. In addition to citizenship, we need to help them with language, education, and employment.
    • Creating a system to help them learn about their community and American values. Assimilation will allow them to become Americans.
  • This is something that many churches do. Our own, “Brown Grumbler,” as he calls himself, attests to this firsthand.
    • As a result, immigrants can become future conservatives and productive members of society.

Average American worker has lost $3,400 in annual wages under Biden thanks to inflation | Fox Business

  • For the 2022 elections, this is what we call Kitchen Politics, a result of inflation. Every Republican candidate should utilize this powerful campaign tool.
    • Taking a step further and finding out the exact numbers for specific industries in their districts would yield monumental results. Will they?
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