POTB Clip: Top 10 NFL Teams for Week 14 REVEALED! Who is #1?

Welcome to the NFL’s Powerhouses: Week 14’s Top 10 Teams. In this video, we’ll take a look at the 10 most successful teams in the NFL so far this season.

From the Baltimore Ravens to the Jacksonville Jaguars, there’s no doubt that this season has been a wild one. We’ll take a look at each team and see which ones are putting up the strongest performances. Make sure to tune in next week to see who makes it to the top spot!

POTB Clip: The NFL Powerhouses: Week 14's Top 10 Teams mobile video link Rumble and Mobile users: click here to view video

00:00 Opening
00:58 The Elites
02:33 Elitism is on the Radar
10:26 Above Average BUT Kinks to Work Out
15:01 Pretenders or Contenders

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