OceanGate: Woke and Dead – 50-Year Old White Men Not Inspirational!

OceanGate Titan Submersible

Did OceanGate “go woke and die,” or was it more “go cheap and die” in their decision not to hire “50-year-old white guys”? Did they throw aside common sense for political correctness or not want to pay qualified men and women? Stockton Rush, the pilot of the imploded submersible Titan, spoke the following words on the podcast Unsung Science with David Pogue in November 2022.

  • “There’s a limit. At some point, safety just is pure waste. If you just want to be safe, don’t get out of bed, don’t get into your car, don’t do anything.” ~ Stockton Rush, OceanGate CEO, owner of the Titan submersible.


Stockton and his company didn’t care about warnings for the submersible and its safety issues. We’re talking about repeated warnings. Why? Was it money? Adventure? Libertarian beliefs? Likely a bit of all of that in their pursuit of maximizing profits.

Former director of marine operations for OceanGate, David Lochridge, sued in 2018, alleging that they wrongfully fired him for raising concerns about the Titan submersible sub.

Lochridge wasn’t the only individual, as another anonymous source raised similar issues. Even the talented filmmaker, James Cameron, an expert in maritime deep-sea submersible diving, stated that he knew this company and individual for the callousness of safety. However, the former co-owner does pushback.


In this era of “woke” ignorance and flat-out stupidity, Stockton gave an interview stating he would not hire “50-year-old white guys” because they were not “inspirational.” Many say he went “woke,” and that could be true. Still, the other issue is that hiring inexperienced, unqualified individuals with the belief that you could train them would be cheaper from a business perspective.

I don’t know about you, but if I’m a billionaire and I hear this, I’m saying, “no thanks,” to taking a trip with a bunch of “woke” kids, being led by a “woke” or greedy CEO when my life is on the line.

  • Ironically, the CEO is dead because he disregards safety and ignores “50-year-old white guys” trying to implement it better. They were likely let go because they were rocking the boat.

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OceanGate Future?

The company’s likely done as courts would allow lawsuits to go forward if there was negligence regardless of any waiver signed. Thus, you can expect the billionaire’s families to pursue legal remedies. As we’re talking maritime law, it’s tricky, but a word of warning.

Per Cameron, this is a highly regulated industry, but now, the United States, France, and other nations state they’ll investigate and do what? Take control of the industry? Despite this tragedy, when governments do that, they stifle growth and innovation. Here, the government is not our friend. Again, even Cameron says it’s already one of the most regulated industries and why these accidents are extremely rare.

The OceanGate Submersible Didn’t Know What Hit Them

Sadly, a 19-year-old whose life was beginning was onboard, and five lives ended. The only solace is that it happened so fast that they likely didn’t know what hit them. Albeit, they likely knew they were in danger as they were trying to resurface, per Cameron.

  • An implosion of that nature is so quick that the brain may not even have time to understand what is happening.


However, because these individuals were white and wealthy, many laughed and relished their deaths out of envy, jealousy, and indoctrinated hatred toward all things white.

The Tolerant Left

Those people, regardless of their color or culture, are the scum of the earth. Despicable swine. What’s worse? These responses are by hateful, so-called “tolerant” progressives who are happy because they are white and wealthy.

Yet, they’ll be the first ones screaming and demanding help if any of their loved ones are in an emergency. Then insist on compassion if anything would befall them. We live in a sick world where social media shows us who are tolerant, compassionate, and caring. It’s not progressives!

Tribalism Rearing its Ugly Head – Again!

This tribalism pushed by elites and politicians is destroying the fabric of humanity. Public schools that indoctrinate and don’t teach critical thinking create this uneducated, hateful belief system. Hate is a powerful emotion and easily manipulated, as we see with these progressive idiots!

Some say Stockton Rush was predatory in pursuing clients for these trips. The irony is that OceanGate will now become part of the legacy of the Titanic, including being used as a marketing tactic for other companies as they try to persuade the rich to take trips to the wreck site.

Davy Jones’s locker claims more lives as it always does. May God rest the souls of these five individuals as they now become part of the legacy of the Titanic. However, while this is another tale of caution, it will do nothing to stifle the human spirit of adventure, pushing the limits with exploration and furthering mankind’s evolution as a civilization.

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