Fired Up – Tucker Carlson CONQUERS New Media

Fired up
Fired Up
Fired Up - Tucker Carlson CONQUERS New Media

William Del Pilar , the “Conservative Latino”, offers a unique perspective on current issues and passionately discusses them. Luckily, nothing is off-limits when William gets on a roll. Lucky, except for the poor devils he gets in his cross-hairs!

This episode: Del Pilar is joined by James Czerniawski, a Senior Policy Analyst at Americans for Prosperity, to discuss Tucker Carlson and the continued emergence of New Media. Will Carlson’s jump from mainstream media be remembered as the pivotal moment of New Media’s ascension?

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00:00 Opening
01:00 James Czerniawski, Sr. Policy Analyst at Americans for Prosperity
04:45 New media trailblazers
08:00 The important role of New Media in disseminating information
10:30 Tucker Carlson
15:00 Free Speech is a marathon, not a sprint
18:00 Mainstream bias helped launch the likes of Fox News and Rush Limbaugh
20:30 Twitter’s journey
30:45 The cost of poor online behavior is very low
37:15 Advertising: traditional vs. new media
41:15 Avoiding tribalism in New Media
44:45 California Journalism Preservation Act

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