Can the NFL SURVIVE? Trevor Lawrence Gets His Bag | EP 09

The Blindside Blitz
The Blindside Blitz
Can the NFL SURVIVE? Trevor Lawrence Gets His Bag | EP 09

In this episode, Jimmy and Joe discuss various NFL news topics, including Trevor Lawrence’s contract, T. Higgins’ future with the Bengals, the rising salaries of wide receivers, and the potential for rookie quarterback C.J. Stroud and defensive player Brian Burns to live up to the hype.

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Justin Jefferson Resets NFL WR Market; NFC Team Preview | EP 07 mobile video link Rumble and Mobile users: click here to view video

00:00 Opening
01:00 Trevor Lawrence’s Contract and Performance
08:02 The Future of Tee Higgins with the Bengals
16:25 The Reset of Wide Receiver Salaries
27:43 Brian Burns’ Impact on the Giants’ Defense
34:48 Jordan Love: Living Up to the Hype
37:40 Christian Wilkins: A Deadly Duo with Love
41:25 Marquise Brown: Still Waiting
44:13 Caleb Williams: Overcoming Rookie Challenges
45:07 Jaden Daniels: A Chance for Success
50:42 Marvin Harrison Jr.: The Jewel of the Offense
59:17 Players Who Should Have Been on the List

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