Can Chase Oliver Unify Libertarians from Voting Donald Trump?

Fired up
Fired Up
Can Chase Oliver Unify Libertarians from Voting Donald Trump?

In this episode, William Del Pilar welcomes guest Tyler Collins, chair of the Libertarian Party of San Diego, to help explain the factional clashes in the LP National. The duo also discusses Chase Oliver’s campaign and the issues Oliver needs to address. Especially the sexual content and appropriateness of drag queen story hours and pride parades for children.

William Del Pilar, the “Conservative Latino,” offers a unique perspective on current issues and passionately discusses them. Nothing is off-limits when William gets on a roll, except for the poor devils caught in his cross-hairs.

Libertarian Party Convention CHAOS! | Free for All | Ep 20 mobile video link Rumble and Mobile users: click here to view video

00:00 Opening
04:42 The Libertarian Party’s Relationship with Donald Trump
06:37 The Mises Caucus vs. the Chase Oliver Wing
09:10 Issues with the Libertarian Convention
13:01 Chase Oliver’s Surprising Alliance with a Former Cop
50:25 The Immigration Debate
58:21 Campaign Funding and Support
01:03:39 The Push for Rank Choice Voting
01:19:03 Examining Social Issues and Their Impact on Oliver’s Campaign
01:35:34 Concerns Surrounding Drag Queen Story Hours and Pride Parades for Children
01:45:32 Potential Impact of Social Issues on the Libertarian Party
01:49:15 Perspectives on Immigration, Abortion, and Military Intervention

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