After my epiphany and before the Internet, I always assumed conservative minorities were few, but social media changed that. Conservative minority voices appear daily, and I realize I, we, are not alone. I see a growing movement. Albeit, slowly, but growing.

I have seen the underbelly of third-world countries, from life in the cities to life in the jungles. Despite the hardships those people face, they taught me and made me appreciate what I have. They’re hardworking, surviving to provide for their families, yet most will never get out of their vicious third-world poverty circle.

However, Americans can if they choose to. The difference is that simple. There are reasons legal and illegal immigrants flee to America. No, it’s not because of the free handouts but the opportunity to live the American dream. I see America as they do.

  • The lessons I learned were a blessing, and I realize we Americans squander more opportunities in a lifetime than those families will see in generations. We take for granted and don’t understand the opportunities this country gives us compared to others.

I want my fellow Americans to know what we have and not destroy it or waste it. If we do, we lose the “exceptionalism” of what separates us from the rest of the world.

Conservative minorities understand that. It’s why most try to help others survive, thrive, and prosper by teaching and showing them how. I saw this firsthand with my mother helping her family in Panama and immigrants. You may know them in history as “boat people.”

They were Vietnamese, escaping a war-torn land, looking for freedom and opportunity. Our government promised some this opportunity. In return for help during the “Vietnam War,” they’d get to come to America. Like many Afghans and Iraqis, betrayal awaited, and they left most behind.

Yet, the American dream kept them alive. Choosing to cross the open ocean wasn’t just storms and overcrowded boats they feared, but pirates who would board and rape the women and kill the men. Food and water running out, and more, but they persevered.

Once here and processed, my mother helped put them on the path to the American dream. Eventually, she took me to their new businesses like a proud mama bear, and I listened. You would think my mother was Jesus and carried them here while walking on water, the way they talked about her.

She would drive them to wherever they needed to go. Make sure they signed up for government services. They enrolled in the right classes, especially classes to learn English, which is ironic, considering my mother is the worst English speaker I’ve encountered. HA!

She was their guide and, in their eyes, someone noble and virtuous. You see, being new in a strange land, not knowing the language, can be the scariest proposition in anyone’s life. You feel isolated and alone, and she helped them through that. That wasn’t the end. Their kids were college-bound and became success stories themselves.

  • Kids today would say they’re living “large,” but I say they’re living the American dream.

That belief of helping others to help themselves differentiates us from those who teach us to be victims. That society owes us, and big government will take care of us. Those policies and beliefs do nothing to build a stronger individual, much less a stronger America.

Opportunity is all anyone owes us! A minority, poor, or working-class American’s chances of getting ahead are zero when we attribute failure to others. The greatest deterrent to growing as a person is not looking in the mirror and being a victim.

We strive to thrive, prosper, and grow for our families and future generations. We are proof of what makes the United States the greatest country in the world. To show what happens when we work hard and pursue it.

My volunteer experience includes being a bilingual teacher’s aide and interpreter, serving on boards of directors, and being a political activist. These experiences with my career choices drive my enthusiasm and passion. It’s the foundation of my belief life is a journey; make it an adventure!

Help Us Spread the Word

Please help us spread the word. Young and ambitious Americans. Older, experienced, and successful too. I invite those who lived when vile, evil people opposed Civil Rights to share their experiences. Share your heartbreaks and triumphs so we can learn, unite, and move forward. Those from different countries tell us what’s great about America and its opportunities.

To show the country that minorities and conservatism are not two separate entities. To show how libertarianism fits in all this. We will help unify a country from tearing itself apart through class warfare and racial politics. Every American, Latino, Black, Native American, Asian, European can share their perspectives on creating success.

I’m not rich, nor poor, but I am proud and living proof of what America and its opportunities can provide if you pursue them through hard work and the will to succeed. By demonstrating success through conservatism and libertarianism, minorities, the poor, and the working class can live the American dream.

Our Founders gave us American values and a government of the people by the people and for the people. Benjamin Franklin said it’s ours as long as we can keep it. That’s the battle we face. and our other sites will discuss how America is still the land of opportunity through the lens of sports, politics, and pop culture. To show how Americans with different cultures can unite to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. Look for articles, podcasts, videos, and any other medium to show we’re not victims and prove we can build that.

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