Minorities and all Americans, regardless of race, color, or creed, have fewer opportunities than I do today because of an oppressive government stifling entrepreneurs across the country. We had a brief respite when Donald Trump became president, as America enjoyed an economic boom and the lowest unemployment rate in our history. Love him or hate him, those two statements are fact.

Yet, today, entrepreneurism and minority business growth are struggling because of a Democrat Party with support from RINO (Republican in Name Only) Republicans. When started, it was no picnic in the park either.

Social Media: Creating the Greatest Cultural and Racial Divide since the Civil War!

Social media is now part of our lives, but did you know we had BBS, CompuServe, and AOL before the Internet? AOL took it to another level, creating a massive social network. When you logged on to AOL, you were logging onto the largest social network at the time. We have always had social media online. It didn’t start with Twitter and Facebook.

Next came the commercialization of the Internet, which led to an explosion of new ideas, changing old industries, creating new ones, and transforming B2B and B2C relations. That gave us,, and culture-specific sites. Then came Friendster, Myspace, and now we have Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more new ones still sprouting.

Twitter brought cultural and racial politics to a new level – both good and bad. Large-scale social media allows us to follow and socialize easily with like-minded individuals in real-time. The bad side to this is tribalism. That’s when you’re only loyal to one’s tribe or group.

In politics, it’s ideology first. Ignore the bad of your tribe and rationalize it away while continuing a battle of hate toward opponents. The Democrat Party, using “Alinsky tactics,” has mastered this and, with the help of the mainstream media and current tech giants, “own” most Republicans.

  • Yet, there’s been a rapid rise in a voice muffled by decades of lies and revisionist history yet growing in strength, the conservative minority.

That’s what got me involved in politics. It started when I understood the news media’s bias. I’d always known it was there, but the news media no longer hid their ideology and disdain for Republicans and conservatives after the presidential election of 2000 and their failed attempt to overturn it. I saw it in the beat reporters we hired. I saw it everywhere.

Despite what we want to believe, we ingrain politics in every aspect of our lives. We may not see it, but it’s there.

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