Who are the TOP NFL Quarterbacks for 2024? | Blindside Blitz, EP 08

The Blindside Blitz
The Blindside Blitz
Who are the TOP NFL Quarterbacks for 2024? | Blindside Blitz, EP 08

In this episode, Jim and Joe discuss their rankings of the top NFL quarterbacks for the upcoming season. They analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each quarterback and debate their placements on the list. They also consider factors such as team dynamics, offensive systems, and past performance.

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00:00:00 Opening
02:16 News Updates: Mike Tomlin’s Contract Extension and OTAs
04:35 Amari Cooper’s Absence from OTAs and the Impact on the Jets
07:25 Discussion on Christian McCaffrey’s Madden Cover
08:13 Ranking the Top Quarterbacks for the Upcoming Season
10:07 Debating the Rankings of Top Quarterbacks
28:23 Jim’s Rankings and the Placement of Aaron Rodgers
31:16 Joe’s Rankings: Placement of Patrick Mahomes and Lamar Jackson
32:39 The Importance of Quarterbacks’ Play-making Abilities
47:23 Lamar Jackson’s Running vs. Passing Skills
50:05 The Decline of Justin Herbert’s Production
58:03 Josh Allen’s Incomplete Skill Set
01:06:57 The Changing Offense
01:10:38 The Decline of Jalen Hurts
01:30:29 Love for Kyler Murray

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