Ukraine Propaganda

Ukraine propaganda is such that if you even ask questions about the Ukraine-Russia war and how we got here, you’re viewed as a puppet of Vladimir Putin.  As one way to coerce and make people believe lies, one would expect the Russians to promote propaganda. History corroborates this. Propaganda is also a key element of uplift or demoralization of the people, depending on who is doing it. Can anyone forget “Tokyo Rose,” spreading false information and propaganda for the Japanese? However, our side also engages in this tactic. Even my libertarian partner at Sports Grumblings agrees.


Due to technology and its immediate real-time reach, social media is a cesspool of propaganda lies right now, and it’s exponentially worse than anything in history. These lies are not just coming from the Russian government.

At present, there is a social media war between politicians, the elites, the media, and Democrats and leftists pushing the narrative; if you don’t support Biden’s policy positions or a potential conflict with Russia, you’re a Putin puppet.

I say a potential war because we believe cyber-attacks aren’t an attack on a nation when, in fact, they are, and some can see those attacks as an “act of war.”


Most Americans are war-weary, and to see the current regime pushing actions that could get us closer to war has taken its toll. People seem to have forgotten that we’ve been in a police-action (unsanctioned wars) state since at least 2000 around the world. Thousands of men and women have died.

Ineptitude reached its peak with the summer 2021 Afghanistan evacuation. False assumptions, poor planning, and putting ideology first, regardless of the danger. Why did the Biden regime want the evacuation efforts to coincide with 9/11? It was propaganda, of course, but 13 Americans died because of this.

  • The only de-escalation came between 2016-2020 under President Trump. You know, the president they said would likely be the catalyst for WWIII. Talk about propaganda!


Again, if you disagree with this administration, they– the mainstream media, elites, neocons, neoliberals, and their sheep– will try to shame you as a Putin supporter. History shows us that propaganda can turn the masses against anyone and silence them, such as in Hitler’s Germany. We see that happening here. Sure, we’re seeing the blatant Russian propaganda, but the West has been just as bad.


Adam Kinzinger, an outgoing RINO (Republican in Name Only) congressional representative from Illinois who dreams of being a senator and then making a run for POTUS and is beholden to donors, not constituents, is promoting the “Ghost of Kyiv” propaganda.

The Ghost of Kyiv are reports of a Ukrainian fighter pilot who shot down six Russian planes during the current invasion of Ukraine. It turns out this is false, yet one of our own, Kinzinger, is pushing it as true. While we may want to believe it, it’s still propaganda.propaganda-ghost-of-kyiv

  • Kinzinger is on the 1/6 congressional joke of a house committee, thinking he can separate propaganda from truth. Are we in trouble!

Newspapers are pushing the story too, yet stating it’s unconfirmed. Obviously, this propaganda is a means to support the Ukrainians. Truth: most Americans and I support them. However, being a student of history, especially seeing two dictators in action in Panama, Omar Torrijos and Manuel Noriega, I never trust the government, and neither should you.

  • “The most terrifying words in the English language are: I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.” ~ Ronald Reagan, 40th U.S. President

Let’s add the mainstream media to that. Their job is to bring us facts and they don’t. We’ve seen that with the “Russia Hoax,” the science or ignoring of it, with the mask mandates, and many other examples.


Let’s not forget the great propaganda the mainstream media enacted to defend Obama and blame a video approximately 200 people had seen to falsely state that caused the Benghazi attack. Does anyone remember his gun-running operation? Propaganda is everywhere, including the run-up by the Bush administration as a precursor to attack Iraq. It happens on both sides.

Even when not true, that doesn’t stop propaganda. Regarding Ukraine and the ghost of Kyiv, the New York Post had a quote from someone on social media to justify the lie:

  • “‘True or not, this is EXACTLY the kind of inspiring story the resistance needs right now,’ one user said.”

Even when they know it’s propaganda, they push it because it’s needed? Propaganda is how politicians gain support to start, prolong or push a conflict further along for many reasons. Once the masses buy the lies, it’s hard for political opponents to vote against the people’s will, regardless of if brought on by propaganda.

This tactic was used against the Democrats in the early portion of Bush 43s incursion into Afghanistan, then Iraq. Whether 9/11 or weapons of mass destruction, they made us see enemies everywhere, and they used that to rally support for their goals.


I admit this one got to me. You see, in real life, everyone wants to be a hero. As young boys, we fantasize about the hero and his sacrifice. To hear an audio of the Russian Navy telling 13 Ukrainian soldiers to surrender on the tiny landmass of Zmiinyi Island or risk attack is the stuff of legends.

When the Ukrainians softly say, “This is it,” and then to listen to a woman gently speak, backing him up, with their last response being “Go f*** yourself,” is the perfect Hollywood tale.

  • The truth? It’s a lie, as even the Ukrainian government states they’re likely prisoners, and it wasn’t 13 but 87 men and women.


If you listen to the mainstream media, America’s greatest military hero is Lt. Colonel Alexander S. Vindman, of Ukrainian descent; a man caught lying more than once. Those who served in the military know his type, and we don’t like him. They’re ticket punchers, the political soldier. Willing to say and do anything while throwing anyone under the bus to further their career. That’s Vindman.

  • Hey, if you toe the company line and make conservatives out to be racists, he’s all right in the eyes of Democrats and the mainstream media. Damn the truth!

Supposedly, his contacts told him Putin fired his top general, thus creating a trend on Twitter and creating the perception of Ukrainians thwarting and possibly even winning this war. Showing the Russians second-guessing themselves and making it look like Putin is running scared. Well, it turns out he’s wrong.Propaganda

The general attended a meeting with Putin the next day. Why tweet propaganda? He likely knew this wasn’t true, as he was the only one reporting it. So why? There’s a reason he did this, and it’s likely the first of a series of propaganda messaging he’ll give to help create and generate greater support for Ukraine than what’s happening now. It is that simple – step one, followed by step two, etc.

  • The header is an inside joke for those wondering – a tribute to the late great Rush Limbaugh.


Right now, the rage storming social media and inept governors and bureaucrats is to remove Russian vodka from store shelves. People, let me remind you how our economy works. The vodka on the shelves is already on the tab of the store owner or distributor. Russians have already collected their money, so the only people you’re hurting are those small mom-and-pop business owners who’ve paid for it or are on the hook to pay for it.

If they want to dump it, it’s their rightful choice but to virtue signal that we all must show our support for Ukraine by bullying stores into doing this is ignorant and stupid, yet typical of those demanding it. Typical because it doesn’t affect their pocketbook.

  • Wouldn’t it be better to sell the vodka and maybe use the proceeds to help the displaced Ukrainians who’ll need it?Propaganda

Things that make you go, hmm. Not really; these are things that validate the stupidity and selfishness of the average naïve sheep.

It doesn’t end there, as this image, a tweet, shows the absolute disgust of what propaganda can accomplish. Making innocent Americans of Russian descent or Russians in America targets.

Why destroy the business of someone just because of their descent? They aren’t involved. That’s what happens when you create a mob mentality through propaganda!


What you see happening right now is ironic. The government, elites, and mainstream media use ignorant sheep to attempt to destroy anyone who questions them. We’re traitors if we ask questions.

The absurdity is that these same people correctly questioned every aspect of Afghanistan and Iraq simply because the administration was a different political party before propaganda forced them to abandon their ideology and back Bush early on. Trust me; it pains me to say “correctly” as a conservatarian, but never forget, truth trumps all regardless of our beliefs.

Sadly, politicians have never been about right and wrong, righteous and unrighteous, but ideology, leading to power and enrichment. Using a tragedy to further their gains as an independent thinker should make you think about the current Ukraine crisis. That doesn’t mean you can’t support Ukraine, as I and most Americans do.

  • However, the question that you, I and all Americans must ask is, “How did we get here?”

Like him or not, that’s what Tucker Carlson is doing, and his competitors, neocons, and others are vilifying him as a Putin puppet for it.


Carlson’s show is the only show I watch that’s political. I gave up on all the rest. Mind you; I used to watch CNN and MSNBC and other shows that some consider leftist. I then went to FOX News and now rarely watch that outside of Tucker Carlson Tonight. I watch it because he goes after both Democrats and Republicans and ratings or not is the closest we have to unbiased truth in journalism today.

You see, he’s been laying out what got us to this point – the politics of our government, European nations, NATO, and its expansion, with how we’re all tied to Russian energy. The tactical build-up of Russia as our de facto enemy while ignoring and even defending China. The hypocrisy and agendas ignored or deflected by the government and media are not a few but many.

By doing that, he’s showing the unvarnished truth. Yet too many have never even watched the show, calling him a traitor and Putin stooge. Hate is a powerful emotion. That’s how propaganda works. The mob mentality attacks without even knowing why they’re attacking. Like rabid dogs.

Myself? I pray and hope the Ukrainians survive and not become a Russian satellite again. Yet, I’ve had my fill of propaganda, whether it be the Vietnam War, Panama, Iraq, regardless of which Bush was president, Afghanistan, Ukraine in 2014, or Ukraine in 2022.

  • We deserve the truth to make our own decisions, and manipulation need not apply.


Many Democrats, leftists, and mainstream media called President Bush (43) a war criminal who should be on trial for invading Iraq, a sovereign nation. Right or wrong, they’re now stating the opposite. They’ve become a mouthpiece for the Biden Regime pushing for cyber warfare and even troop involvement.

While a few nutjobs support sending troops in various capacities or having NATO act, luckily, most don’t.

  • Again, cyber warfare can be seen as an attack on a sovereign nation if we go after Russia, and many scholars and legal analysts could and would consider it an “act of war.”

Yet, if we question any of this, they’re telling us we’re not patriotic and traitors, simply for wanting all the facts versus blind allegiance. Just because you’re not physically attacking is no longer an excuse to say it’s not an “act of war.” Despite sanctions which are not an “act of war,” we’re rightfully on the sidelines right now.


On Fox News Sunday, Condoleezza Rice agreed with the host, Harris Faulkner, who stated when you invade a nation, it’s a “war crime.” Rice nodded her head in agreement and explained how it’s against all principles of international law and states we must throw the book at Russia now.

Need I remind you, the United States of America, led by George Bush and his team of Dick Cheney, Rice, and others, invaded a sovereign nation. Whether or not we agree, we do what we accuse others of and get away with it because of propaganda. The Iraq invasion was “righteous” in most American minds; thus, it was okay. Yet, does that exclude us from what Faulkner said and Rice agreed with? I’m just asking the question.

If you think I’m siding with Russia and that their invasion of a sovereign nation is righteous because America did it, you’re wrong. Again, I saw two dictators in action, so I will always question and want proof of whatever actions our government wants to do and needs Americans’ support. You should too.

Since 2000, I’ve seen our media blatantly lie and use propaganda and not data to defend and then attempt to destroy presidencies. Rice proves the hypocrisy of governments, the news media, and elites in bureaucracy. They get away with it by using half-truths and lies twisted in propaganda. Weapons of mass destruction, anyone? Maybe they were there, but when we looked, they weren’t.

  • That forces the question, “Were they ever there, and if not, why invade?

My point is simple, my fellow Americans. Think for yourself, demand proof, and hold your politicians accountable. It could save your son’s or daughter’s lives one day. Just ask Gold Star families who lost loved ones in the Middle East, Vietnam, Afghanistan, and too many non-sanctioned wars, to name a few.

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