The Way I See It – Brandon Miller, Tiger, Richard Belzer

The Way I See It - Tiger Woods, Brandon Miller, Richard Belzer

The Way I See It

In this The Way I See It, Brandon Miller is your hook-up, Tiger Woods needs to pay for his misogyny, and RIP to a comedian’s comedian, Richard Belzer.

Brandon Miller is your Hook-Up

Have you guys heard of the fun times taking place down in ‘Bama? Apparently, some pretty cool stuff. Dig it: Michael Davis and Alabama basketball player Darius Miles face capital murder charges for the killing of Jamea Harris. But wait, there’s more! Alabama’s leading scorer, freshman Brandon Miller, admitted to delivering the murder weapon to Miles.

The University of Alabama, being a fine upstanding institution, has kicked Miles off the team. Miller, however, remains on the team. After all, Miller is a projected NBA lottery pick and the only chance the Tide has for a deep March Madness run. Morality is fine, but we’re talking about cold, hard cash here.

Why did Davis shoot Harris? Because she “disrespected” him, apparently by rejecting his advances. Miles and Davis’ honor was so impugned that Miles texted Miller to bring him a gun. Miller, following the time-honored and well-established legal doctrine of Fratres ante Meretrices (“Bros before Hoes”), delivered the murder weapon to his bros.

There is so much to be angry about in this story. I’m mad at the Alabama legal system, which has Miller’s admission of being a gun runner, yet can’t find a crime with which to charge the freshman. There’s anger at the University of Alabama, an alleged institution of higher learning that seems to prefer shielding criminals to losing games. I’m amazed that Miles feels that a perceived sexual rejection warrants a death sentence and that Miller decided the best way to help his friend wasn’t to talk him out of killing a young woman, but rather to facilitate it.

But most of all, I’m angry at a society that creates, fosters, and celebrates animals like Miles and Miller.

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Tiger Woods’ “Misogyny”

Feminists, male cucks, and the perpetually woke are all upset with Tiger Woods this week. Tiger has been convicted in the court of public idiocy of the crime of misogyny. Certainly, we all know that misogyny is a hanging offense; just ask any single woman over the age of 40 or a lesbian of any age.

After out-driving his playing partner Justin Thomas, Woods handed him a tampon. Men understand the joke/insult: “you’re weak, you play like a girl.” Among friends, it’s a friendly jibe; among competitors, it’s a form of intimidation. Among women and other humorless creatures, it’s apparently the culmination of thousands of years of patriarchal oppression.

tiger woods outrage

Let’s get something straight: men are better at sports than women. I don’t care if you choose individual competitions or team sports, men have always been the superior athletes, and always will be. It’s an undeniable fact of our existence. So when one man accuses another man of “playing like a girl”, it’s an insult to the other man, not to women.

Unfortunately, Woods apologized for the joke.

RIP Richard Belzer

Comedian and actor Richard Belzer passed away last week at the age of 78. Belzer was perhaps most famous for his portrayal of Det. John Munch. John Munch is perhaps the most iconic character in television history, having appeared in several distinct series:

  • Homicide: Life on the Street (NBC)
  • Law & Order (NBC)
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (NBC)
  • The X-Files (Fox)
  • The Beat (UPN)
  • Law & Order: Trial by Jury (NBC)
  • Arrested Development (Fox)
  • The Wire (HBO)

However, John Munch isn’t the only thing Belzer was known for. Long before he was an actor, Belzer was known as a “comedian’s comedian”. The Belz was not the most famous stand-up in the late 70s and early 80s, but he was someone every other stand-up knew and respected. Additionally, he became famous– and wealthy– after he sued Hulk Hogan in 1985 over an injury Hogan inflicted on Belzer during the taping of the latter’s show, Hot Properties.

Rest in peace, Belz.

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