The Way I See It – NFL Playoffs Weekend, Purdy Big Question

A look back at the NFL Playoffs weekend, the Niners have a Purdy big question to answer, Lamar Jackson looking out for #1, and more.

  • Published on 1 year ago
The Way I See It - NFL Playoffs Weekend, Purdy Big Question

The Way I See It

In this The Way I See It, a look back at the NFL Playoffs weekend, the Niners have a Purdy big question to answer, Lamar Jackson looking out for #1, and more.

NFL Playoffs Weekend

It’s the best time of the year: NFL Playoffs. I look forward to this time of year more than I look forward to sex, and I really look forward to sex. In addition to exciting games, anything can happen during the playoffs. And by “anything”, I mean things like the Chargers blowing a 27 point lead against the Jaguars. While having a plus-5 turnover ratio! Things like scrub QB Skylar Thompson bringing the Dolphins within a FG of the Bills, one of the teams presumed to have a good shot at the Lombardi trophy. Of course, there’s also the personal pleasure I got watching Tom Brady lose, even if it meant the Cowboys won.

I’m looking forward to this weekend, the Divisional round. Overall, I like the Chiefs, Bengals, Eagles and 49ers to advance to the Conference round. The biggest potential for an upset? The Giants. If Jalen Hurts isn’t back 100% or if he re-injures his shoulder, the G-men have a shot at pulling off a win.

Of course, if any of your friends ever come up to you claiming that the World Cup is the most exciting playoff in sports, remind them that soccer isn’t a real sport. And that you’re aware of their communist leanings.


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Breaking News! Newly-elected congressman George Santos (R) sets the record straight. In a matter of speaking, that is.

A Purdy Big Question

The 49ers’ QB Brock Purdy is a great story. Mr. Irrelevant, the last person taken in this past NFL Draft. Not only makes the team, but fate arranges for him to be the starter after injuries to Trey Lance and Jimmy Garoppolo. Purdy has shown incredible poise, and the Niners have a decent shot at making the Super Bowl with their rookie QB under center. Overall, an incredible story.

However, the Niners will have a problem next season. As well as they have played with Purdy under center, do they move on from Trey Lance? I’m thinking that they should. First, Purdy’s contract will be affordable for the next four seasons. Second, Lance hasn’t proven to anyone that he’s an NFL starter, let alone a franchise player. If GM John Lynch can accept that he might have made a mistake trading a ton of draft capital to acquire Lance, then he should try to unload Lance for anything he can get. Seriously. If some team is willing to take on Lance’s contract for a third-rounder, Lynch should do it. Then roll in 2023 and beyond with Purdy and Garappolo.

Harsh? Sure. But jettisoning Lance before any drama gets the chance to build in San Francisco seems to be the way to go.

Love for Lamar

I’ve been hearing too many people blaming Lamar Jackson for the Ravens’ early playoff exit. He should’ve sucked it up, he should’ve given his all for the team. Well, as a true libertarian I view people condemning Jackson as incredible hypocrites. Why should Jackson risk his health, and future earnings, for the Ravens? Especially when they refused to give him a new contract? Jackson has a 46-19 (.708) record for the Ravens. He won the MVP award in his sophomore season. Also, great character, good in the community. What else do the Ravens expect this kid to do to earn a new contract?

Do I think the Ravens should give Jackson a Deshaun Watson-type of contract? No. It’d be crazy to give a fully guaranteed contract to a player at high risk of injury. On the contrary, offer him the money he wants with the usual caveats regarding injury and roster incentives.

Consequently, many are saying that Jackson will not be on the Ravens next season. I tend to agree. I think we’ll see Jackson in a different uniform next season, and I’m happy for him.

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