The Way I See It – Biggest NFL Comeback in History, Ineptitude

In this The Way I See It, the biggest NFL comeback in history is reviewed, and the meaning of ineptitude.

  • Published on 1 year ago
The Way I See It - Biggest NFL Comeback in History, Meaning of Ineptitude, World Cup MVP

The Way I See It

In this The Way I See It, the biggest NFL comeback in history is reviewed, and the meaning of ineptitude.

Biggest NFL Comeback in History

When the phrase “biggest NFL comeback in history” gets uttered in my presence, I’m transported back to 1993. To be precise, January 3rd, 1993. Of course, that was the day of “The Comeback,” when the Bills overcame a 35-3 deficit to beat the Oilers 41-38. Significantly, the biggest NFL comeback in history occurred in a post-season contest. Awesome, right?

The reason my mind can easily transport to that day is a story unto itself. You see, my wedding anniversary is January 17th. In fact, January 17th 1993. Despite my impending nuptials and long-scheduled three-week vacation starting on January 4th, I was summoned to London for a week’s worth of business. Living in New York at the time, this was especially onerous, sending my fiancee into a tizzy. Why? Because she understands, then as now, the realities of working on Wall Street. When your client barks, you come running.

When I arrived at the airport, I went to the lounge and watched the game. Came time to board, I remember that the score was 35-3, Oilers. After the flight to London, I went to my hotel and checked in. In my room, I unpacked, turned on the television, and found ESPN. Convinced that the Oilers had easily won, I was shocked to learn the final score. After spending a week writing currency exchange algorithms (another great story) for big-time traders, I made my way home to get married.

I’m being honest when I say that “The Comeback” is the only way I remember my wedding anniversary date. In effect, the Oilers’ humiliation is my salvation. In other words, I get off the hook with my wife because I never forget our anniversary. It’s the perfect mental trick for avoiding marital discord.

Biggest NFL Comeback in History II

After this past Saturday, my system is shot to Hell. After the Colts imploded against the Vikings, blowing a 33-0 halftime lead, I am dead in the water. My brain can’t hold too much information at my advanced age. Not only do I have to update my internal trivia database for “What is the biggest NFL comeback in history?”, but I need to find a new way to remember my wedding anniversary.

I don’t want to talk about Kirk Cousins incredible day under center, nor the incredible resiliency of Justin Jefferson. Nor do I want to discuss the incredible 64-yard screen that Dalvin Cook single-handedly took to the house to tie the game. No, all I want to discuss is how the Vikings and Colts are forcing me to rewire my brain. Actually, I don’t want to discuss it at all because it’s driving me crazy.

Much gratitude to the NFL’s most experienced coach, Jeff Saturday, for knowing how to close out a game. Not.


Breaking News – Zach Wilson, QB New York Jets (

A new era of leadership beginning for QB Zach Wilson, aka The MILF Hunter! Can he lead the Jets to the promised land? He tells us.

Meaning of Ineptitude

The meaning of ineptitude is “the lack of skill or ability” (Oxford English dictionary). You could also infer the meaning of ineptitude by seeing a picture of Jets coach Robert Saleh. As much as I like the Jets’ head coach and think he is the right man for the job, his performance against the Lions was disappointing. The time management in the final minute of the game was atrocious. Trying to get into position for the game-tying field goal attempt, the Jets’ offense showed no sense of urgency. Their lackadaisical approach was made worse by their refusal to use their time-outs (they had all three). The result? A low percentage attempt from 58 yards, a miss.

In the old days, we’d be blaming the quarterback for this type of horrendous clock management. But this isn’t the age of Bart Starr and Johnny Unitas. It’s the age of analytics and the puppet QB, so let’s put the blame squarely on Saleh and his staff for this failure. Perhaps he needs to hire a “clock coach”, much like Broncos HC Nathaniel Hackett did earlier this season.

Meaning of Ineptitude II

Speaking of the meaning of ineptitude, here’s another example. Coaching immortal Bill Belichick may not be as inpet as Saleh was this past week, but he still needs to get called out a bit.

Belichick is a great, iconic coach but he’s reaching his limit now. Considering that the natural-born King of the Inept, Josh McDaniels, was doing everything in his power to blow yet another game, Belichick’s team found a unique path to its ineptitude.

With the game tied and three seconds left in regulation, the Great Coach called for a Rhamondre Stevenson run from his own 44 yard line. Stevenson ran for 23 yards, then had a stroke and thought he was at the 1982 Stanford-Cal game. As a result, he lateraled the ball to Jakobi Meyers, who must’ve had a sympathy stroke, because he tried to lateral the ball to Mac Jones. The ball never made it to Jones, however, because a different Jones– the Raiders’ Chandler Jones— picked the ball off, face-planted and trucked Mac Jones en route to a 48-yard TD.

I know what you’re thinking: Belichick didn’t call for the laterals on that play, it was his players improvising on the field. Perhaps, but it doesn’t matter. First, if you hire a defensive coordinator to call your offensive plays (Matt Patricia), you get what you deserve. Second, if players feel that they can try that nonsense on the field, then you’ve failed as a coach. Sorry not sorry, but this level of ineptitude needs to be called out, even if it’s the great Bill Belichik.

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