The Top 10 UFC Fighters of All-Time

Royce Gracie

From legendary grapplers to devastating strikers, our ranking of the Top 10 UFC Fighters of All-Time reveals the MMA greats who shaped the sport. Dive into their storied careers, thrilling fights, and unforgettable moments that solidified their place in combat sports history. Records shown are for UFC fights only.

The Top 10 UFC Fighters

  1. Jon Jones (21-1-0, 1 NC, 11 Title Defenses)
    Jon Jones is a complex figure in the world of MMA. He was the Light Heavyweight champion for eight years and had an undefeated record. Specifically, his exceptional fighting skills and adaptability make him one of the greatest fighters ever. However, his legacy is also marred by doping violations and personal issues.
  2. Georges St-Pierre (20-2-0, 9 Title Defenses)
    Georges St-Pierre’s greatness as a champion stemmed from his unmatched versatility and adaptability. Additionally, he possessed elite striking, wrestling, and submission skills, allowing him to dominate opponents in any area they ventured.
  3. Khabib Nurmagomedov (13-0-0, 3 Title Defenses)
    A great fighter who retired too soon. Despite his perfect UFC record, he can’t be ranked much higher due to his truncated career.
  4. Demetrious Johnson (15-2-1, 11 Title Defenses)
    “Mighty Mouse’s” elusive movement, precise striking, and diverse takedowns made him a nightmare for opponents, subsequently etching him in history as a dominant and skilled champion.
  5. Anderson Silva (17-7-0, 1 NC, 10 Title Defenses)
    Starting his UFC career with a 16-0 start, his career suddenly fell off a cliff. Consequently, Silva posted a poor 1-7 (1 NC) record over his last nine UFC bouts, tarnishing an otherwise stellar career.
  6. Daniel Cormier (11-3-0, 1 NC, 4 Title Defenses)
    Cormier’s claim to greatness as a champion lies in his double-champion status (Light Heavyweight & Heavyweight), showcasing versatility across weight classes. Also, he combined powerful wrestling and relentless pressure with improved striking to dominate opponents.
  7. José Aldo (13-7-0, 7 Title Defenses)
    Aldo’s greatness as a champion is cemented by his unbeatable reign as Featherweight champion for seven years (2009-2015). Specifically, he displayed devastating Muay Thai striking, lightning-fast kicks, and impregnable takedown defense, becoming a nightmare for any challenger.
  8. Royce Gracie (11-1-1, 1 Title Defense)
    Royce Gracie is a legendary UFC champion who revolutionized MMA by showcasing Brazilian Jujitsu and proving grappling’s effectiveness against larger strikers. Specifically, he won three tournaments in the early, brutal UFC events and ushered in a new era of MMA, solidifying his place in history as a pioneer of the sport.
  9. Stipe Miocic (14-4-0, 4 Title Defenses)
    Miocic’s legacy as a champion rests on his dominance in the Heavyweight division, showcasing exceptional boxing, wrestling, and knockout power. Also, he defeated powerful champions like Fabricio Werdum and Junior dos Santos, etching his name in history as a well-rounded and resilient force in the heavyweight ranks.
  10. Randy Couture (16-8-0, 3 Title Defenses)
    Couture, a UFC pioneer, held titles in two weight classes, fought in 16 title matches and was the oldest champion at 43. Consequently, his wrestling skills, ground-and-pound dominance, longevity, and adaptability inspired generations of fighters.

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