The Round Up – Surprising LSU Tigers, Britney Griner Moved, more.

In this double-sized Round Up, we talk the surprising LSU Tigers, the Russians moving Britney Griner, Alec Baldwin Sues Rust, Stacey Abrams lies again and more.

  • Published on 1 year ago
The Round Up

In this double-sized Round Up, we talk about the surprising LSU Tigers, the Russians moving Britney Griner, Alec Baldwin Sues Rust, Stacey Abrams’ lies again, and more.


Brian Kelly heading to SEC Championship Game in first year as LSU head coach (Yardbarker)

We didn’t see this coming. Many thought he wasn’t a good hire. Maybe a stopgap while they find their generational coach.

But he fits LSU’s winning formula. An excellent coach within a dominant program. Who would have thought?

Police provide update on Michigan-Michigan State tunnel incident (Yardbarker)

Jim Harbaugh (Michigan Wolverines) and Mel Tucker (Michigan State Spartans) are doing what should be done. Sadly, Alabama football and Nick Saban will not.

Saban will protect a punk like Jermaine Burton. In the end, Burton gets away with a criminal deed. Those who get away with criminal acts are more likely to repeat them.

It’s sad that Saban doesn’t care about anything but winning even if it hurts an innocent person. Saban is a bad human being!

Packers receivers reportedly unhappy with Aaron Rodgers (

People still don’t understand how a contract like Aaron Rodgers’ creates depth issues. These guys don’t even have enough money to bring in quality starters.

Green Bay’s chances of making it to the Super Bowl are over if they don’t have wide receivers, let alone depth. Yet hasn’t that been the case for years now?

Giants table contract talks with RB Saquon Barkley (Yardbarker)

In the midst of a contract year, players pour it on. It’s funny how a player suddenly shows off his talent when he has to. Sure, we’re exaggerating, but it’s true. That’s the data, sadly.

Barkley needs a massive season to show he’s worth holding onto. If he does, his demands likely won’t be worth the money. With the salary cap, it’s more difficult to do incentive-laden contracts, but it can be done, and that’s what players like him deserve.


Super-agent explains where Kyrie Irving went wrong (Yardbarker)

The NBA uses slave labor for merchandise, then dictates what is right and wrong for players. 🤦🏽‍♂️

Even though Kyrie Irving is antisemitic, the NBA gets a pass for slave labor! 🤦🏽‍♂️

It’s a terrible story with so many flaws, but it’s the mainstream media not digging into the bigger picture of who and what the NBA is that’s wrong.

Nets shift gears with head-coaching decision (Yardbarker)

Is Jacque Vaughn really a difference maker? Due to the asylum’s inmate-run nature, and its owner’s only interest in profiting from slave labor in China, it seems unlikely.

The past few years have been nothing but a disgrace, embarrassment, and soap opera drama for this team.


Brittney Griner Being Moved To Penal Colony Used For Exiling Prisoners (

This shows how problematic the US-Russian relationship is due to the Ukraine-Russian War. Still, expect a blockbuster trade of bad guys back to Russia for the WNBA star.

Russia has a plan here. Because Griner deliberately brought drugs into Russia and was caught, we have no case to stand on, so we’ll give up the farm to get her back.

Americans are left behind in foreign countries for a progressive symbol that is guilty; this is who and what the Democratic Party has become.

‘Killer Sally’: The True Story Behind Netflix Documentary (

It’s a riveting series. This is a three-episode series worth watching. Initially, you are on Sally’s side, but then you hear of her own violence. Then you wonder. Also, there is support for the murdered husband.

It’s not clear what’s true. In her jury trial, we find out what society said and ruled. Worth a binge.

NASCAR world reacts to Joey Logano winning Cup Series championship (

This is Joey Logano’s second win, which cements his dominance. A little late, but congratulations to NASCAR’s newest star.

Historically, NASCAR has produced several dynasties. Is Logano on his way?

ESPN+ subscriptions increase to 24.3 million (

The story is out of context. According to the Brown Grumbler, he subscribes to Hulu+. He received an email about a price increase. The email also states he’ll receive ESPN+ and Disney+.

That’s where these numbers come from. ESPN+ isn’t growing like they want shareholders to believe. Subscribers are being forced to pay. As of yet, the Brown Grumbler has not installed ESPN+.

Minutes watched and apps installed will be the true indicators. Deceptive and garbage numbers.


Breaking News – Zion Williamson, New Orleans Pelicans (

In this exclusive Sports Grumblings press conference, Zion Williamson admits he has no clue why he keeps getting injured.


Woke Fail: Disney Begins Layoffs, Hiring Freeze, and Limiting Employee Travel as Stock Crashes (

Disney executives and their fellow ideological progressives will not mention how much they earn while killing jobs, hiring foreigners, and intentionally ignoring qualified Americans to reduce employee salaries.

The fake news media ignores layoffs from progressive corporations while focusing on non-progressive corporations.

Benjamin Netanyahu addresses cheering supporters as he looks set to return for a THIRD time as PM (Daily Mail Online)

Despite flying under the radar, this election matters.

Benjamin Netanyahu is polarizing and popular. Known as a man’s man and a warrior. As a result, he’ll always be supported.

He’s conservative and our only Middle East ally with a backbone

Stacey Abrams derailed by neglect of Black Georgians, ‘obvious national ambitions’: (Fox News)

It wasn’t a particularly successful run for Stacey Abrams. She lied too much.

In addition, most don’t realize that rematches between the same two candidates in the following election cycle favor the winner.

Challengers usually lose again, and by wider margins, as here.

Alec Baldwin sues ‘Rust’ crew members for handing him loaded gun (

Alec Baldwin is right; someone gave him the gun and checks should’ve been performed before he received it. Despite this, he lied about pulling the trigger and then went on a well-rehearsed campaign.

The desperate man will destroy anyone to save himself. Unfortunately, that’s typical Hollywood progressive scum today.


What The New Silent Hill Movie Can Do To Succeed (

Due to the atmosphere and suspense, the first two games became world-renowned. The chances of getting this adaptation right are slim to none since Silent Hill 2 is based on psychology and is shrouded in fog for scare effects.

Nights are also pitch-black, and any adaptation struggles with that too. In the end, it comes down to writing and directing. A video game made into a hit movie is never impossible if they get that right.

‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ Can’t Recover from Star’s Absence (Hollywood in Toto)

This is a critic, not your average viewer, and often their critiques don’t match up with fans’. For those wondering, it would have been better to replace T’Challa with another actor.

We do not have retired Clark Kents or Bruce Wayne’s. The decision was political and wrong. As T’Challa is the Black Panther and always will be, Hollywood will undo this.

‘God’s Country’ Captures Woke Overreach to Near Perfection (Hollywood in Toto)

Why isn’t entertainment crushing it anymore? Entertainment shows progressive failures best. Go woke, go broke. Not every time, but a lot!

Top Gun is the most popular movie while Disney’s Lightyear tanks? It’s simple! To avoid progressive backlash, Disney had to push leftist beliefs. Leftism isn’t as critical as keeping them off their backs. Sufferers? The people.

We can win these fights. How? Do not support movies like Lightyear, which caused the “woke” movie to bomb. You’re welcome.


Kevin Conroy Defined Batman For All Those That Followed (GameSpot)

Kevin, RIP. We’ll get another talented voice; we always do, but to be recognized in a genre few people are in shows your reputation and character.

Much love as you begin your next journey Mr. Conroy.

HBO Cancels ‘Westworld’ in Shock Decision – The Hollywood Reporter

As a series, it turned into crap. Let’s be real. A show as expensive as Westworld will get canceled when fans stop watching. Season one alone cost $100 million!

Hopefully the showrunners who didn’t properly manage the train wreck, yet got all the accolades, won’t ruin the Fallout video game adaptation.

Doctor Who Theories That Could Explain David Tennant’s Return (

Dr. Who has been a staple for children and adults alike. A classic justice versus evil battle where the righteous side does not use guns. Yet, it was never woke.

Since 2013, it’s been woke! Ratings have declined every season since. That’s probably why we’re getting David Tennant back temporarily before we get another woke doctor. Actor Ncuti Gatwa.

A smart move by the showrunner, but if there’s one classic progressive argument here, it’s cultural appropriation. Irony!

As a child, our own Brown Grumbler watched Dr. Who, but stopped in 2013 when it went full-blown woke.

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