The Round Up – Steroid Junkie Liver King, GOP Lies, more!

The Round Up

This holiday Round Up brings us truths that put many on the naughty list of Saint Nick, for various reasons, including GOP Lies, the Liver King, a proven steroid junkie, fake news media lies by leftist reporters, and more.

As we face vital issues in America, the Round Up is your answer for a world that moves fast. Having legitimate news stories as opposed to the mainstream media narrative is extremely important in understanding the truth.

These are stories that affect us and make us think and laugh too! There are also stories of poignancy, remembrance, and good old fun, because “laughter is still the best medicine!”

We aggregate from thousands of sources. Enjoy, enlighten, and educate yourselves about the reality of today’s America and the New World Order, or as one of our owners would say, “Live and learn.”


Sources – Project Kyler Murray to be ready for 2023 season (

No one is going to know anything concrete until the swelling reduces. A few issues. It’s no secret Murray has an attitude and doesn’t always like to work within the framework of the team. As a result, one shouldn’t expect the recovery process to go perfectly.

Also, what if there’s a new coach? Hence, a new playbook. He also must come back and gel with not only his receivers but as a running quarterback; getting in sync with his offensive line is just as important.

This injury really creates potential setbacks no one is talking about but should. The odds of another losing season are more significant than not. The odds of Murray becoming the bust many felt he would loom greater.

Sources – NFL teams spent $800M on fired coaches, and execs over past 5 years (

Look people, it’s their money. Consequently, if that’s what they want to do, so be it. However, with some teams, like the Cleveland Browns or New York Jets, losing is simply part of the culture and these costs are unavoidable. 🤦🏽‍♂️

The truth is that we, the fans, pay for this because of the bottom line? A head coach’s salary is just as impactful on the bottom line as a player’s. Consequently, we pay the price with higher ticket prices.


What happened to Christian Saulsberry? Christian’s Saulsberry contributions to football (

RIP Christian Saulsberry. Much love as you begin your next journey.

The world is full of bad people. Yet, leftists will blame the gun before the murderer. Furthermore, in some cases, they’ll defend the killer as a victim because society’s ills drove him to kill. 🤦🏽‍♂️

Medical Examiner Releases Cause of Death for Vikings’ Adam Zimmer (Sports Illustrated)

Tragically, yet pathetically sad. The fact Zimmer was working remotely probably meant being drunk almost 24/7. So, for an alcoholic, a dream come true. Yet, the reality happened. Nevertheless, it’s hard to believe no one was aware.

RIP, Adam, as you embark on your next journey, premature as it is. Moreover, we’re sorry your father wasn’t there for you.


The Liver King Lifts Weights In Middle of L.A. Traffic, Still on Steroids (

Who’s the real loser here? Is it the Liver King who becomes so arrogant after years of lying he gets caught? Maybe it’s those fools who bought into his lie of being all-natural?

Why do we say fools? Simple, those in that industry who are not professionals, but average everyday workout warriors know there’s no quick fix but want to believe there is. While they know the basics of building a body and what is natural versus what is not, they lose sight because the road toward their goal is challenging but worse? Steroids are prevalent in the industry, and most bodybuilding champions juice up – men and women. Thus, they rationalize their willingness to use steroids because those they look up to in that industry do the same.

Liver King was lying to them and playing on their insecurities and willingness to “need” to believe he was all-natural. Even when these sheep were told the truth, they would still deny it. Hence, we look at them no differently than we do leftist sheep.

Ultimately, the Liver King is a juiced-up loser, preying on those foolish enough to believe his lie. The only thing the Liver King is remorseful for is getting caught!

NFL World Thinks Longtime Quarterback Will Retire (The Spun)

Colt McCoy holds a clipboard, and outside of being the 12th man on an NBA bench, it’s the best gig in sports. Moreover, it’s arguably the safest job in the NFL.

It’s why McCoy lasted 15 years. The day no team seeks him out as a backup is when he retires. In the meantime, it’s an easy six-figure income!


Breaking News – Santa Claus, Beloved Philanthropist – (

Good old Saint Nick reveals some of the names on his famous “naughty and nice” Christmas list!


RNC commissions’ review’ of party tactics after disappointing midterm – POLITICO

The 2012 report changed nothing. The Republican Party knows what the problem is. Moreover, it’s how they’ve adapted to campaigning since the turn of the century. GOP campaigning tactics began changing in the 1990s as newer technologies began changing how to look at campaigns.

They all but abandoned traditional campaigning, whereas Democrats created a hybrid version of old-school campaigning and used tech to extend that reach. Accordingly, Democrats run campaigns with a business mentality that robber barons would envy.

The “consultant class” manages, strategizes, plans, and determines tactics for Republican Party candidates. They push tech, as a result they no longer care for traditional campaigning, which will always be successful. They directed their methods toward tracking reach and base large swaths of commissions on that. Hence, they get paid by reach, not if the candidate wins. That’s a massive difference in how candidates from the two major parties campaign. One campaigns to win and the other doesn’t realize that their consultants are campaigning to maximize their reach and revenue, regardless of if their GOP candidate wins.

This “review” won’t change anything because they’re not addressing the actual issue but creating issues that don’t exist. That ignores why we’re losing.

Mitch McConnell saw his re-election as the GOP leader in the senate without issue. Ronna Romney, aka Ronna McDaniels, will probably win her race to be the national chair. We expect Kevin McCarthy to win as Republican Party leader in the house. Nothing will change until the sheep stop re-electing these RINO elites. 


Ron DeSantis fires back at liberal media critics as Florida investigates COVID vaccine wrongdoing | Fox News

This is why we call it “fake news media.” There are Pulitzer Prize-rich stories here, but they don’t care. The mainstream media ideology and a willingness to lie to create false narratives rule them.

Instead of looking at the issue and investigating all angles, they take the ideology they believe in. Therefore, they use that to create “the angle” they want. An angle that allows them to create and tell us a false narrative but one that sheep can buy into.

So, that’s why they hate Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. He sees them for what they are. Consequently, instead of folding for promises of financial riches, he represents the people as he promised.

He’s fighting this bigotry, tribalism, and global elitism that seeks to enslave America and create a new feudal system with non-Americans telling us how to live. Moreover, who to pray to and where to send our kids for indoctrination.

Media’s deranged obsession with DeSantis — even before he declares for 2024 (

The mainstream media are creating lies and attacking Ron DeSantis with them. Regardless, they fail. That’s because DeSantis is a politician built up by the people, not the media. When that happens, it’s much more challenging to take that politician down.

His followers know and understand what “fake news” is. Therefore, they know that is the reporting they’ll see from a leftist media trying to do everything to destroy DeSantis’ future POTUS run. He won’t back down, and Florida is flourishing because of that.


Top Gun and Die Hard star Clarence Gilyard, 66, dies following battle with ‘long illness’ (

RIP Clarence. You led a quiet yet distinguished career, becoming a role model and teacher. Hence, much love as you begin your next journey.

Stuart Margolin, Star of ‘The Rockford Files,’ Dies at 82 (

Fame is fleeting, and most no longer know who Stuart Margolin is. Nevertheless, in his heyday, the fragmentation of entertainment did not exist as it does today. He was on top of the world.

What is most important about Margolin is his impact on his family. That’s all that matters. Much love, Stuart, as your journey continues.

Who Is Jake Flint? 5 Things About The Late Country Singer (Hollywood Life)

Can life be crueler? Not only did Jake Flint pass at 37, but on his wedding night. Moreover, the death certificate will be surreal. To have a marriage and death certificate on the same day screams “therapy!”

RIP, Jake, much love as you continue your journey.

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