The Round Up – Racism in Commentary, Libertarian In-Fighting, more

The Round Up tackles libertarian in-fighting, accusations of racism, Bernie Sanders, a Punt God in hot water, and more.

  • Published on 2 years ago
The Round Up- Racism in Commentary, Bernie Sanders, Libertarian In-Fighting

The Round Up tackles libertarian in-fighting, accusations of racism, Bernie Sanders, a Punt God in hot water, and more.


Stephen A, Ryan Clark Don’t Want White People to Commenting On Players Throwing Helmets
Apparently the ESPN commentators took offense at colleague Adam Schefter referring to Rams DL Aaron Donald swinging a helmet at Bengals players to as “assault” as well as former NFL OL Geoff Schwartz saying:

Fights happen. We know that and accept it. However, swinging a helmet is out of control and dangerous. He should be suspended.”

Guess we need to have a society where races are separated and only allowed to deal with only with their own kind… right, Stephen A. Smith and Ryan Clark?

Bills Matt Araiza accused in gang-rape lawsuit
The alleged incident is disturbing. We should withhold judgment until the case plays out (including to see if any indictments get issued but if true, the “Punt God” and accomplices should be behind bars. For a long time.


Del Pilar and Big John review some of the NFL training camp battles, some Fantasy Football 101, and bid farewell to a troika of legends.


Bernie Sanders still doesn’t understand economics
Is it really that tough to understand the difference between PRIVATE debt forgiveness and PUBLIC debt forgiveness? Guess it must be, because Bernie is damn near 100 years old and he keeps repeating the same nonsense over and over. Banks forgiving debt is not the same as government forgiving debt, for two reasons:

a) the money it lent in the first place was stolen from the taxpayers, and
b) the debt forgiven will be stolen from the taxpayers

Talk about a double-dip!

New Hampshire Libertarian Party being run by children
When something is wrong, it’s wrong– even if done by a party you support. This week, the LP of NH tweeted a photo of a distraught Meghan McCain crying over her father’s coffin, with the caption “Happy Holidays”.

Many prominent libertarians, including 2020 VPOTUS candidate Spike Cohen and former Rep. Justin Amash condemned the tweet as being inappropriate, while others (mainly from the recently ascendant Mises Caucus) like Dave Smith, defended the tweet.

What’s the Point?

What was the point of the tweet? It doesn’t advance the libertarian ideology, and from a political perspective it appeals to a narrow swath of LP voters. It will not draw in any new voters, it won’t sway either Republican or Democrat apostates to the LP. Guys like Cohen and Amash– whom Smith admits defended the Mises Caucus from the “old guard” within the LP– saw this for what it was: a horrible miscalculation.

Did the LPNH change its tone, perhaps issue an apology? Of course not. In a clear sign that the teenagers running social media have once again broken into the adults’ liquor cabinet, the LPNH tweeted:

“If you’re a war pig, we’re going to roast you. If you break bread with war pigs, pander to them, or even cry at their funerals, the fire pit is big enough for you too.”

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